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    AMD at CES 2021 @ 10am CST

    In Steve’s defense his analysis is pretty solid for a Tech Tuber. I mean we are a long ways away from the days of well research written articles on that explain technical concepts. Those days are long gone.
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    ASUS officially increases graphics cards and motherboards pricing

    Prices are always sticky on the up side, never on the downside. Prices don’t go down until there is demand destruction. But they quickly rise when demand > supply. Cutting gas taxes does not make prices go down in marginal situations, it just distributes the revenue to different sources. While...
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    Nvidia Geforce Event

    192 bit bus = 6 memory chips = 3/6/12 GB size 256 bit bus = 8 memory chips = 4/8/16 GB size 320 bit bus = 10 memory chips = 5/10/20 GB size 352 bit bus = 11 memory chips = 5.5/11/22 GB size Memory size is more a function of the bandwidth needed to saturate the core and not the size of the frame...
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    ASUS officially increases graphics cards and motherboards pricing

    It’s called inflation. Real inflation not the fake number they lie and tell us it is. Half of all the dollars in circulation were printed in 2020. During November 2020, year-over-year (YOY) growth in the money supply was at 37.08 percent. That’s unchanged from October’s rate, and up from...
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    ASUS officially increases graphics cards and motherboards pricing

    Why upgrade within a generation?
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    AMD at CES 2021 @ 10am CST

    Well 12 bigger than 10 so better right??? /s Was expecting a TR announcement but I guess if you can’t make enough consumer stuff and intel is not competing in HEDT why introduce it yet...
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    Are we going to see good Intel processors anymore?

    Exactly. If TSMC had spare capacity AMD would be booking it for more Waffers for PS5, XBox, GPU or CPU. Honestly these companies (team green, red and blue) are not competing with each other. They are competing with historical demand caused by lockdowns driving working from home and at home...
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    Is 10gb VRAM really enough for 1440p?

    Exactly. The games that have been sited as using more than 10 GB of VRAM at 4K perform better on a 3080 than they do on a 6800xt. If they actually were running into not having enough VRAM that would NOT be the case. Instead what we see is that the 6800 cards over perform at 1080-1440 and...
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    Is 10gb VRAM really enough for 1440p?

    Sooo the 3080 does not have enough VRAM for 4K but out performs the 6800xt at 4K. Congrats on the gold stat in mental gymnastics! :) 10 gigs is enough for 4K gaming right now. It might be an issue near the end of life of the cards in 2024... likely will still not be an issue because the...
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    Current state of PhysX? Is it well and truly dead?

    It’s a shame that ray tracing can’t use a 2nd GPU just for ray tracing and let the first card do the rasterization. That was the idea back in the day with a dedicated PPU.
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    Fusion energy device sets a record by running for 20 seconds

    Still waiting for the GM275...
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    Intel Expands 10nm Manufacturing Capacity

    WCCF tech had this same article. I have a feeling this was a sponsored article or a press release dressed up as an article. At least tech power up labeled it a press release. As far as I can tell WCCF did not.
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    How to spot a horrible review from a top YT'r

    I like the depth of GN, but Steve can be a little too sure of himself at times. Wendell is great but does not put out enough content. Don’t particularly care for the daily news that they do with the crew. Might be better as a Podcast. Linus is fine for what he does. HUB is the perfect mix for...
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    Sony removes Cyberpunk from the PS playstore

    Same. I have not run into any scripting issues or anything that stops the game from progressing. Game is fun and runs fun on my 3 generation old GFX card. (1080ti)
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    Sony removes Cyberpunk from the PS playstore

    My experience with PC has been great. On par with GTA IV, GTA 5 or RDRII at release. Three system in the house 7700k with 1070, 9700k with 1080ti and 5900x with a 1080ti. All running on 1080p monitors. Game looks great have not encountered any game breaking bugs. The worst bugs I’ve encountered...
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    Fractal Design Meshify 2 simple mod

    Nice! Note this case claims 420mm radiator compatibility, but will not fit a Liquid Freezer II 420. The radiator is too wide and hits the motherboard I/O header. :(
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    PSU too old?

    Sorry for thread necro. My first thing to check would be that the 6+2 is completely plugged in. The problems you describe sound like a lose 2 pin.
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    How long do you trust your PSU?

    Yes. No one else did that kind of real world real problem testing.
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    worth upgrading 7820x to 5900x?

    I think you answered your question. :) I upgraded from a i7700k to a 5900x and love it, however if the the 7820x is still working for you then don’t upgrade just to upgrade. You might be able to wait till Zen 3+ or Zen4 on AM5 with DDR5 is a thing.
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    This Copy Of Super Mario Bros 3 Just Broke A World Record As Most Expensive Game Ever Sold

    Scalpers selling an old game for an incredible mark up! This is outrageous. We should never buy above MSRP ($49.99) ever. It only encourages more of these auctions! /s
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    Intel: AMD Is Throttling Ryzen Performance When Running On Battery

    Exactly my thought. Every laptop I have e ever own has downclocked when on battery. Some have even lowered the brightness of the display and other similar power conservation features.
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    Scalper group says it has ‘no regrets’ over reselling 3,500 Playstation 5 consoles

    If they were priced at $800 their likely would not be a shortage and we wouldn’t have to worry about scalpers... would that be better?
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    Scalper group says it has ‘no regrets’ over reselling 3,500 Playstation 5 consoles

    A PS5 is not a need, it’s a want. This is arbitrage. People who have more money than time are trading money to have earlier access to the PS5. People who have time and technical know how are trading those commodities for early access in exchange for a profit.
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    Rise and Fall of the [H] team

    w00t! I am number 14! :)
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    2500k mobo is dying after eight years. What's the new bang-for-the-buck CPU?

    I will echo 3600 with a 450B. If you want to stick with Intel or you want the absolute best single thread performance the 9700KF can be had for 349$ At Newegg right now with a $20 coupon.
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    Ryzen 3600x voltage - weird?

    This might be helpful.
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    Ryzen 3600x voltage - weird?

    Interesting! I wondered why the boost clocks in all the reviews were lower than the published boost clock. At first I chalked it up to the wraith cooler being good, but not great. Then I saw some 360mm custom water coolers having the same issue. I wonder why this was not talked about more...
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    Zen 2 Review Summary

    All reviews that I read were done on Win10 1903 that should have all specter type mitigation patches in place. Gamers Nexus and Anand Tech
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    Zen 2 Review Summary

    Back in the day if you had 25% OC headroom vs 5% OC headroom that was a good sign because it was a predictor of future higher clocked SKU. Nowadays their is rarely 5% of OC headroom. If AMD has more frequency headroom they would have released faster chips.
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    Microcenter Special event for ryzen launch

    7/7 in EST 7/7 in CST Time for bed
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    NVIDIA confirms next-gen GPUs will be based on 7nm, coming 2020

    I have a source that has told me that after 7+ nm launches in 2020 Nvidia will be working on a 5 nm node launch for 2022. /s
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    Ryzen 1950x heats up my entire room, what can I do?

    Try this with 5000 watts of graphics cards mining... :)
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    Truth? Lie? 5.2 16 core crushes 9980xe

    I would be shocked if it is real and done on ambient air temperature cooling.
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    Ryzen 3 3700x vs 3800x

    I’ve learned a lot reading some of the above comments. In my personal experience chips that can OC the best are typically the same chips that are stable at lower voltages. IE a chip that is spec 4.2 ghz at 1.4 volts that is rock solid at 1.15 volts is more likely to be able to hit 5 ghz at 1.45...
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    Intel Ice Lake (10th gen/10nm) - desktop processors not until 2020?

    I wonder if comet lake will still use the ring bus.
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    Who is looking to upgrade to Zen2

    While trace lengths will be more difficult with PCIE 5.0, they should not get any more difficult with PCIE 6.0. With PCIE 6 they are moving away from only two states. (0 or 1) to four states like some high high end switches do. 01 10 00 11 This will allow them to double the bandwidth while...
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    Are all modern video cards still Win7 compadible?

    Could you just run a windows 7 VM in Win10?