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    My PC changed user accounts

    So I have my computer in the bedroom and we have a family pc in another room. I was the only user on mine and my son, daughter, and wife each have an account on the family pc. So I hop on mine and the user that pops up is my son's account. He is no longer living here(marine corps) so I haven't...
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    How Do I Set Boot Priority On Dell After M.2 Add In

    I bought a Dell Inspiron 5575 laptop with a 1TB spin drive. I added an M.2 drive and cloned the spin drive on the M.2. I can manually boot from either drive but if i let the laptop boot on its own it goes to the spin drive everytime. i cant seem to figure out how to manually set it to boot...
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    NVME suddenly vanished

    got home from work and my pc is not seeing the nvme card. windows is on it so it is asking for a boot drive, not shown in bios. i was going to try and update the bios but i think it wont help. not sure if i should bring it to a shop or call it dead? it is giving me a single beep so that means...
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    issue with new network

    So i setup an Asus RTN66U router with an HP 1800 24 port switch. Ive got 2 PC's,xbox,cablebox, and wii(wireless). So about every 5 minutes or so, it seems I lose connection. Its very apparant when I play BF3 cause it will close the game and say connection with server timed out. My...
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    haf 932 fan question

    Just built a gaming rig in this case(slightly older version). I have the top fan and front fan on the power supply and the rear fan on the MB. The top fan seems to be moving too slow. I am worried when I am playing for a while it will need to go faster. How should I have hooked up the...
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    moving router

    I have Cox Communications. I am about to move my modem from the living room to a dedicated closet. Also going from a 4 port switch to 24 port. I have a new router waiting in the closet along with the 24 port switch. I have ran all the wiring myself.:eek: Questions: Do I need to call the...
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    Black Friday Gaming Build

    Is it a good time to purchase components around Black Friday? 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming mostly and web browsing. BF3 mostly. I tend to buy only new and big titles. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $2000...
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    UD5H bios updating problem--Qflash

    Im trying to update to F7 bios and ive got my thumb drive with the file on it. When i go to the Qflash screen i cannot select Update from Drive. its like my enter button and my double left click will not work to select it. Should i try @bios instead?
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    how should i configure upgrade

    I have built only one PC, which is the one i am upgrading. It is the one and only PC we have so it serves 4 people. Basically im not sure what to do with the SSD's . Right now i have an OCZ 128Gb(c drive) which is full. It has the OS, games and music. I do have a storage drive but i cant seem...
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    cat 6 separator

    I bought some cat 6 riser wire from HD and it doesnt have the separator in the wire like my other cat 6 wire does. Is it ok to use?
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    catv distribution

    I was hoping someone could tell me what and how i should distribute my Belden 7951A cable. Ive got the service line coming in from Cox Communications then im assuming i will need to branch that line into 2 lines-- one feeding my modem then one feeding some type of splitter. i ran 2 coax...
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    network closet power?

    trying to setup a simple network closet. gonna have a 24 port switch, router, and modem. should i buy a backup power thingy or just a surge protector power strip? thanks
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    EA livechat

    I had a post in the BF3 thread but i think it got lost. Recently i had some viruses get removed because i couldnt turn my firewall on and what not. Not sure if its related to this. But all is well now except BF3 hangs at the 'joining server' in the browser. I have disabled both my firewall...
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    need more memory amd

    Ive got 4GB with my AMD X4 955 and ive got a Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P motherboard. the mb manual says it can support up to 16GB. support for DDR3 1666(O.C)/1333/1066 I was thinking of taking out my 2x2gb sticks and putting in 2x4 gb for a total of 8gb. i have downloaded the memory support...
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    hp switches

    so im looking at getting the HP Procurve 24 port switches and im wondering if i can go with the 1410 or if i should get the 1910? It will be for my home network which will include 2 PC's , 2 xbox's, a wii, couple Bluray players, probly TV's in the future. I will eventually have a small...
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    screen area question

    Excuse my ignorance but i am going from a 22'' 16x10 to 24'' 16x9. So i have about the same vertical area but my width will increase. Does that mean the image of a game(BF3) will be stretched or will i actually see more of the battlezone?
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    back up power/conditioner questions

    1. My wife wants a computer in her hobby room which has a couple small sewing machines. If i put a PC on the same circuit as these sewing machines, will i have a problem as far as motors messing with the electricity? I am not concerned about tripping the breaker, my main concern is hurting...
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    compatability issues (sound & video)

    Im having an issue with a asus xonar essence stx sound card and a HD 5850 video card. does anyone know of any issues with this and if i change to a gtx 470 will it go away? basically i get no video with the sound card installed. i found this thread on the subject...
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    Essence STX with 5850 problems

    I bought this sound card recently from someone on here and im having some trouble. After installing the sound card i get no video and my 5850 fan is wide open. any suggestions? Im running Win 7 64
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    Solid Copper RG6 for me?

    I was hoping to get some advice if i need to run RG6 quad shielded solid copper or copper clad steel. I have cox HD cable tv and cox high speed internet. i will be running 2 drops in a few rooms in my house and each wont be very far(less than 60 ft each). so far i have seen (internet...
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    moving game files

    I need to move a couple of games (CoD WaW & CoD 4 MW) from one hard drive to another. Specifically i mean the files that hold all the user info. I need to copy these files and save them then uninstall the games, then install them on the other drive and replace the user files with the old ones...
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    SSD questions

    Thinking about going SSD to replace 74GB Raptor. Do i need to make sure my motherboard is 'fast enough' or do i not have to worry about that? I cant figure out what is the difference on these...
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    problems after sleep

    Ive got W7 64 bit. When my computer is awaken from sleep mode, every now and then i will have a black screen. Everything sounds and looks like it is on(Hard drive spins, fans on), but i have a black screen. I hit my reset button on my case(Antec 902) 2 times and then it does a disk check...
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    flashing black screen on BFBC2

    I was wondering if any other people were experiencing their screens flashing to black while playing BFBC2. Doesnt do it all the time but every now and then. My Specs are AMD 955 BE CPU GTX 260 216 4 GB Ram My screen is a HP 22'' 1680x1050. I think the video quality is on high...
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    what upgrade for me

    I will probably be wanting a nehalem in about 8 months but i would like to upgreade my existing setup. I have never built a pc before, i bought from a local shop. I have: AMD Opteron 165 at stock settings MSI K8 neo platinum ( i think ) 2 GB DDR memory, not sure what speed EVGA...