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    slxvdhse.dll WTF is that!

    Man I'm stumped an old friend had me take a look at his computer this evening and on Start up he gets a warning box labeled Rundll and it says slxvdhse.dll is missing. I looked everywhere for this thing and there is no info on it. Has anyone seen this ??????? Everything seems to work OK
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    OK what the latest? Blow in or Suck out CPU cooler

    Been gone a while and just built another box. What is the general consensus. I generally use a Thermalright XP90 or 120.
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    My reserected Shuttle SV24

    A friend brought this to me 3 years ago, it was DOA. This winter with nothing to do I finally replaced the CPU and the thing fired right up. There was a pound of dust in the box. Did some mods to it Running a 1GHz PIII, 585 Mb Ram, 100 Gb Hard drive, Combo CD/RW DVD, Win 2K system, put a 92mm...
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    XP 90 questions

    Which way have you mounted your XP 90, I have the tubes at the top on my Asus P4C800-E. The HS will fit either way. The Thermalright's info is not very clear on how to mount it.
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    IE and Sound Card interference

    This has been driving me crazy lately. I have had this system running now for over a year and have had no problems untill recently. I recently upgrade JukeBox to 8.2, using an Acoustic Edge Sound Card, Win2k sp2, Abit BE7, 2.4 Gz Northwood, 748 mb of ram. This sound distortion occurs while...