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  1. StormClaw

    Are we going to see good Intel processors anymore?

    Guys, I've been out of the loop re: processors. So i see that Intel is taking a beating now (both in hardware and in stock prices) for some reason and AMD are selling like hot cakes and seem to be a much better choice (performance / price wise) than Intel. Now, i've been an Intel customer for...
  2. StormClaw

    US Regulator gives green light for banks to use Blockchains and stablecoins for settlements Are miners about to go crazy again and buy out every card available? :( Also, this...
  3. StormClaw

    are there gonna be 3090Ti ?

    I just read nVidia is releasing 3070, 3080, 3090 Anyone knows if there are going to be making 3090Ti ? I'm completely out of the loop.
  4. StormClaw

    Windows 10 keeps waking up. Can't figure out why.

    It wakes up from sleep right away, after i put it to sleep. This is all i can get out of it: Any idea how to figure out what's waking it from sleep?
  5. StormClaw

    Any good 2560 x 1600 monitors out there?

    I've had a Dell 30" 2560 x 1600 for 15 years not and love it The font size is just right for some reason. Newer monitors have font size too small for me :< Is there anything more recent, with g-synch maybe?
  6. StormClaw

    is there a Hybrid cooler for Titan V ?

    Is there a ready-made hybrid cooler that i can slap on a Titan V ? I dont want to fuck around building custom watercooling for it. Thanks.
  7. StormClaw

    When are the new "secure" processors coming out?

    You now, the ones that re not vulnerable to Spectre or Meltdown ? Have they announced anything yet? So for driveby post. I scanned 2 first pages and couldn't find anything. I i go for a new PC, i want a proper chip in it (not vulnerable or handicapped) Thanks in advance for the answers.
  8. StormClaw

    My TitanX got fried for no apparent reason

    EDIT UPDATE: It turns out that it was the AIO watercooler that leaked. Deepcool Captain 360. After 1 year the water pump degraded and dripped coolant onto the top card. nVidia is not to blame. I've had two Titan X cards for about a year now. Never OCd them or did anything weird. They seen...
  9. StormClaw

    Updating nVidia drivers screws up my desktop

    Every time nVidia releases new drivers and i run an update, it scrambles my carefully arranged desktop icons in Windows. So i have to re-arrange them every time and it pisses me the F off. Is there a fix for that?
  10. StormClaw

    Optimizeing fan airflow

    Here's my worklog for optimizing Airflow in my case. Your feedback is welcome.
  11. StormClaw

    Best drive encryption software? (that can do this)

    What is the best Encryption software out there that lets you customize boot screen message? For example, make it look like the PC is broken: TrueCrypt used to have it. But the successor VeraCrypt - for some reason doesn't want to install on my Dell Notebook. (doesn't pass the initial boot...
  12. StormClaw

    1080Ti vs TitanXP ?

    I've been out of the loop. How does 1080Ti fare against TitanXP? What are the differences in make?
  13. StormClaw

    What does high refresh rate mean? (100hz-144hz)

    What's the main pro of hi-refresh rate? Greatly reduced motion blur?
  14. StormClaw

    How to do multiple display setup?

    I have: - 34" Ultrawide for Gaming - 49"KS8500 for work (fantastic) I wan to place them side by side and game on the 34" and work on the 49" How is that achieved? Any windows 10 settings? If i duplicate the screen on both displays, won't the video card tank during gameplay? Thanks.
  15. StormClaw

    49 KS8000 setup - help please.

    Guys, how do you properly set it up for PC use? When I select the HDMI UHD Color mode ON - the Game Mode is greyed out (off) Is there some thread/post/article on how to properly calibrate KS8000 for PC/PC-gaming use? Exactly for KS8000/KS8500 model, because other guides are written for...
  16. StormClaw

    Okay, i'm confused as hell (re: resolution)

    Help me understand this: 43" display at 4k 49" display at 4k Icons and text are supposed to look bigger at the 49" display, right? If not, then why? We got same resolution but bigger screen area = things should look bigger. No?
  17. StormClaw

    Can you guys post photos of your 40" and 49" displays at 4K ?

    I'm really looking for a larger screen as current PC monitors are too small for me. At 3800 x 1444 things on the screen are too small for me to see (i have to strain eyes or sit close. I don't want to use scaling cause it's glitchy and sucks). So I want a bigger display area and run it at 4K...
  18. StormClaw

    Buy Sony 49" X800D or not?

    Ok, so i want a big 4K monitor (the 24"-34" are too small for me in 4k resolution, can't see shit) Questions: 1. is X800D the best one right now since it doesn't have PWM flickering (like samsungs have) 2. how likely that we will see some better TVs for monitor use in 2017? (i checked the...
  19. StormClaw

    What's the European model of Sony X800D ?

    I'm searching and can't find XBR49X800D Must be a different model number. Any idea?
  20. StormClaw

    Are all PS4 PRO have these issues?

    I wanted to pull the trigger on the PRO, but now i'm not so sure. Are all PROs are like that?
  21. StormClaw

    Planing to buy PS4 Pro. What else to buy with it?

    - never owned a console before - hate FPS games and like 3rd person games like Ninja Gaiden - want the best looking graphics Is PS4 Pro a good choice for that? What else do I need to buy to go with it? Like some upgraded/better controller or some other handy gadget? Thanks. (I already own a...
  22. StormClaw

    How can I find tech specs of Dell 3007wfp ?

    Bough it in 2006 and love it to death. How can I find out PPI specs of this display?
  23. StormClaw

    So i got two Titan X Pascals. What to play?

    I got two titans in SLI. Please suggest me something with great looking graphics to play. I've been out of gaming loop for a long time. Don't care what the genere is, as long as it looks awesome. TIA
  24. StormClaw

    Windows10 explorer customization (removing uneeded crap)

    Guys, is there any way to remove thiese folders that I never use? The are just taking up space and get in the way:
  25. StormClaw

    Waterkooling Titan X Pascal with EKWB parts.

    Guys, I am tired of waiting for an all in one Hybrid kit from EVGA for Titan X Pascal, so I want to build a custom cooling setup for the video card. I'm already using a CPU Hybrid cooler from Corsair, so i need to watercool the Titan card separately. I don't want any comlicated loops. I'm very...
  26. StormClaw

    Aftermarket coolers for Titan XP?

    Guys, are there any decent custom closed-loop cooling systems (Hybrids) for Titan X Pascal? I'm completely out of touch with modern tech.
  27. StormClaw

    Any complete kits for cable management/sleeving ?

    Guys, i want to buy a complete kit for cable management/sleeving etc. Want to make everything look tidy and black. Are there any kits that come with complete package of everything i would need? I'm have no idea how to buy everything separately. Here's to give you an idea of how I want the...
  28. StormClaw

    2-WAY SLI, PCI 2x8 or 2x16 - does it matter?

    Going for 2-way SLI with 1080s for the new 6700K build. Does it matter if they work at 2x8 or 2x16 PCI lanes? Naturally i'd rather go for 2x16 just because.. but there are no LGA1151 motherboards that support it currently. There is an upcoming EVGA Classified MB: Should I wait for it or...
  29. StormClaw

    Something similar to HALF X ?

    HALF X has an awesome cooling design, but the case is fugly as hell. Is there anything similar but aesthetically more pleasing? So far i've found Corsair 900d.
  30. StormClaw

    How many lanes (sticks) for 6700k, 2 or 4 ?

    I'm not up to speed on the 6700k / Z170 For best performance, should I get 2 sticks of ram or 4 sticks? 2 x 16GB or 4x 8GB ?
  31. StormClaw

    Can Titan X Pascal fully power Ultrawide? (3440x1440)

    Thinking of upgrading both monitor and video card. Would a Titan X Pascal fully power an Ultrawide 3440x1440 display at 100hz ? Obviously looking for 60+ FPS, nothing less.
  32. StormClaw

    I want 30" 1600p at 100+Hz

    I tried 27" and it turns out that anything less than 30" is too small for me. I want a 30" at 2560x1600 with 100+ Hz and Gsync. Any idea if there is anything like that on the horizon?
  33. StormClaw

    What ype of panel is best for productivity / office work?

    What is absolutely the best panel type (or suggest a 24"-27" model right away) for productivity / office work / graphics design? Need best possible clarity, minimal eye strain, etc. Games are absolutely not needed.
  34. StormClaw

    ViewSonic XG2703-GS - too good to be true?

    I mean, look at the specs. The only way to make it better would be to make 30" 1600p Or is it just me an it's nothing special? Are there any better displays?
  35. StormClaw

    Is higher refresh rate better for the eyes? Like 120hz > 60Hz ?

    As the title says, is higher refresh rate easier in the eyes? (makes them tire less)
  36. StormClaw

    Do these displays have the same height? 3440x1440 vs 2560x1440

    1440 is the display's height, correct? So 3440x1440 will be exactly the same height as the 2560x1440 one? It's just 3440x1440 will be much wider? And I getting this right?
  37. StormClaw

    NVMe Samsung 950 isn't being detected by Windows 8

    fixed. please disregard.
  38. StormClaw

    What is the best 40", 4k display currently?

    I liek the high Hz and Gsync bells and whistles of the gaming monitors, but the small size puts me off. I've been working on a 2560x1600 Dell 30" for the past ten years and dont want to scale down to something like Acer 34X. So, what is the best 40" 4k display right now? And would the new 2 x...
  39. StormClaw

    4k display with 16:9 resolution, Gsync and and 34"+ ? Does such a thing exist?

    I want a big 4k display, 34"+ but I want it in normal aspec 16:9 I also want a gsyc and 100Hz Am I asking too much? I like the Acer Predator, but the wide screen puts me off because I also need productivity. Alternatively, are there any 16:9 + Gsync + 100Hz+ but at 2560x1600p ?
  40. StormClaw

    Smartphone charging

    Guys, I wanted to sort somethign out: Does the amount of time your phone has power depend on how slow/fast you charge it? I have 2 charging devices: - one is very fast Anker Quick Charge 3.0 - the other one is stock (came with samsung S7 endge) but much slower So the question is, if I use...