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  1. Xrave

    [Steam] Little Nightmares (free till Jan 17)

    Bandai Namco Entertainment is offering a copy of Little Nightmares (PC Digital Download Code) for free if you sign up via the pop-up window offer page by January 17th. Code can be redeemed on Steam and must be redeemed by February 17th 11:59pm PST. Note: codes will be delivered via email within...
  2. Xrave

    [Ubisoft Connect] PC copy of Anno 1701 History Edition, Starlink: Battle for Atlas Digital Edition and Trials Rising Standard Edition (until 12/20)

    Ubisoft is hosting their Ubisoft's Happy Holidays Daily Gifts Offers for Free when you login and claim your free content. Daily gifts valid from December 14 through December 18, everyday. Note, must login to your Ubisoft account to acquire offer, otherwise, you may sign up for free. [Expired]...
  3. Xrave

    Cyberpunk 2077 for $26.69

    Slickdeals For PC version: You can install Hola VPN addon/extension to your browser (it's free), change your country to a Russia server and buy the game directly on the Russia GOG Store. You can scroll down to the bottom of the store to change the language to English and currency to USD. You...
  4. Xrave

    [GOG] The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut (free until ??)

    Get your DRM free copy if you download their app
  5. Xrave

    [GoG] Butcher (freel till Nov 18)
  6. Xrave

    [Steam] NiGHTS Into Dreams (still alive!)

    Sega's title called NiGHTS Into Dreams is available for free as part of the Japanese game maker’s 60th Anniversary Celebration. You can grab that by venturing to and signing up for a newsletter. It doesn't say how long it's available but supposedly it's still working now as of 10/22.
  7. Xrave

    Bluetooth earbuds with ATPX Low Latency

    Looking for recommendations if anyone knows of something that has the following: Separate earbuds APTX Low Latency support Microphone Preferred support for: Mono/stereo mode (use either earbud separately) Fins so it stays in your ear Noise cancelation Water resistant The APTX Low Latency...
  8. Xrave

    God's Trigger [Epic Store] (free from 8/20 to 8/27)

    Get it while you can 8/20 - 8/27
  9. Xrave

    Enter The Gungeon: A Farewell to Arms [Epic Store] (free from 8/20 to 8/27)

    Get it while you can. 8/20 - 8/27
  10. Xrave

    Quake III [Bethseda launcher] (free from 8/17 to 8/20)

    Make an account, download the launcher, game shows up in your account and is free to keep as long as you download before the deal ends. Free from 8/17 noon EDT until 8/20 noon EDT.
  11. Xrave

    Quake II [Bethesda launcher] (free from 8/12 to 8/15)

    Make an account, download the launcher, game shows up in your account and is free to keep as long as you download before the deal ends. Free from 8/12 noon EDT until 8/15 noon EDT.
  12. Xrave

    [Microsoft store] American Pool (Free till July 8)

    Not sure why it costs $85, but for a day it is free (edit: the extended the free period for 5 more days)
  13. Xrave

    Intentional filter?

    It seems is getting removed, without the underscores: As a result it broke all the image links in the space porn thread. Is this filtering intentional?
  14. Xrave

    Trying to determine FAH issue or hardware issue

    Recently got a EVGA 1070 and tried FAH with 375.63 and kept crashing, found the Nvidia drivers have a problem with FAH. Put on 373.06 and avoided the crashing; was able to fold work units like a champ. However when I tried overnight folding I would come back to a black screen/hanging system...
  15. Xrave

    free looping benchmark

    Anyone have any suggestions for a free benchmark that can be set to endlessly loop? 3DMark and Unigen both have looping modes...if you pay for it. I do have AOTS, but I don't think there is a way to get the benchmark to loop.
  16. Xrave

    EVGA 1070

    I've decided to go with an EVGA due to the warranty coverages, and specifically I'm looking at the 08G-P4-6173-KR. I'm also considering the 08G-P4-6178-KR for the liquid cooler. A few quick sanity checks. Wanted to double check these EVGA cards are sufficient/not a throttled version of a...
  17. Xrave

    LGA 1151 cooler recommendation

    Looking to get a 6600 and was thinking to get my first foray into water cooling by doing one of the self contained coolers, like the Corsair H60 or H55. Is there a good recommendation for a similar price point ($75ish) if not the H60/55? I'm assuming these starter, self contained coolers are...
  18. Xrave

    Quiet but powerful gaming rig suggestion

    I've been out of the computer building area for 5+ years, so I'm not up to date on the best hardware revisions, etc. Could use some help. One thing I would like to try and do is do a build that is quiet...the wife already complains about the noise of my old Shuttle build I'm currently using...
  19. Xrave

    Need FPS recommendations for the Wii

    My cousin is 14 and I was planning on getting him a FPS for the Wii as that seems to be his genre of choice. However that genre is very limited on the Wii and he already has COD: Black Ops, World at War, and MW3. Anyone have any other suggestions? I really have no clue which other FPSs...
  20. Xrave

    Single slot active cooling video card

    I have a Shuttle build that is using a passively cooled card, that although nice and quiet, is overheating when playing more graphically intense games. Does anyone have any recommendations on powerful, single slot, actively cooled video card that can fit nicely in a Shuttle system? My Skyrim...
  21. Xrave

    Small cooling solutions for a Shuttle

    I have a passively cooled card in a Shuttle that can sometimes overheat and reset the computer if I use it too long. What I'm looking for is a small 40 or 60 mm fan that I can mount inside the Shuttle case that can be controlled by a 3.5" bay fan controller. The fan and controller can be...
  22. Xrave

    Need a good (quiet) card for a Shuttle

    I'm using a Shuttle PC and have a passively cooled 4850 HD (dual slot). However I'm getting overheating issues when doing games for about an hour or so. Any recommendations on good gaming cards that are quiet (passively cooled a plus)? Would prefer single slot to give the card more room to...
  23. Xrave

    Searching for a particular card

    Anyone have suggestions on the best single slot passively cooled card available on the market? Can't seem to find much good information on what is available.
  24. Xrave

    PS3 vs Wii I got a good laugh :D
  25. Xrave

    Unfamiliar with Shuttle SFF PSUs

    Looking at building my first Shuttle machine, but I'm not too familiar with the PSU capabilities and heat issues that come with a Shuttle. At the moment I'm looking at: Seagate 500GB LG HD-DVD/Blu-ray combo drive 2GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale The mains...
  26. Xrave

    Best passive video card

    I've been looking around without much success, but I'm trying to find the most powerful passively cooled video card on the market (that would also fit/work in a Shuttle SFF). I've seen reference to the Sparkle 8800GT Passive, but I don't even know if that's available (at least I'm not finding...
  27. Xrave

    LittleBigPlanet fan?

    A few new trailers out from the Sony's Gamer Day 2008. The new trailers show a good view of what's actually happening in the game with an interview from one of the developers. Lets just say never ending content and always new things to do! Can't wait for the game to come out (supposedly...
  28. Xrave

    Anyone who beat Xcom Apocalypse remember it reallllly well?

    So I'm stuck on the mission where you invade the alien building that makes the UFOs...and I've destroyed every "big-disc-UFO-making-thing" on the map, however I don't get the message that the building is disabled allowing me to exit without losing. Is there some secondary mission I need to...
  29. Xrave

    Liberty City map powered by Google Maps

    Kotaku has an article about how Google made a map for Liberty City along with user editable locations for missions, ATMs, etc (strip clubs...). Link straight to the map:
  30. Xrave

    Spore on iPhone

    Some pictures of Spore running on an iPhone; developed using the new iPhone SDK. Now just release it on PC so I can play it.
  31. Xrave

    Free Large Pizza for 2/29 Birthdays at Papa John's

    Papa John's is helping those with the unfortunate birthday of 2/29 by offering a free large one-topping Papa's Perfect Pan pizza on Leap Day. Enter promo code LEAPDAY when placing your order. Supposedly they check your ID when they deliver the pizza.
  32. Xrave

    Up to 41% off refurb Macs

    The Apple Store has refurbished iMacs, MacBook Pros, Mac Mini, and Mac Pros on Clearance with Free Shipping. All refurbished computers from The Apple Store carry the same 1-year warranty as new units. Some models are out of stock at the moment, but according to the SD thread Apple restocks...
  33. Xrave

    Lite-On Blu-Ray 4x BD-ROM / 12x DVD+/-RW Drive $159 has the Lite-On DH-401S-08 Blu-Ray 4x BD-ROM / 12x DVD+/-RW Drive for $150 + $9 shipping = $159 shipped.
  34. Xrave

    Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Gold Edition for PC $20

    Repeat of: Mods can delete. Amazon has Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Gold Edition for PC for $20. Shipping is Free with Amazon Prime or if you spend $25 or more.
  35. Xrave

    Free download of Undertow on Xbox Live

    XBox Live offering a free download of Undertow, starting today Jan 23 through Jan 27 for all XBox Live subscribers.
  36. Xrave

    Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC 30" monitor for $1049

    Dell Home has the Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC 30 inch Wide-Screen Black Flat Panel Monitor for $1049 with free shipping. Viewable Size 30 inches (30-inch viewable image size) Pixel Pitch 0.2505mm Response Time (Typical) 12ms Preset Display Area Horizontal - 641.28mm...
  37. Xrave

    Family Guy Freakin Party Pack Box Set $75

    Amazon has Family Guy Freakin Party Pack Box Set for $75 with Free Shipping. Includes: Family Guy Volume 1 (4 DISCS) Family Guy Volume 2 (3 DISCS) Family Guy Volume 3 (3 DISCS) Family Guy Volume 4 (3 DISCS) Family Guy Volume 5 (3 DISCS) Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin (1 DISC)...
  38. Xrave

    Inspiron 530 Desktop with 22" Samsung Widescreen Monitor and a $100 gift card = $541

    Dell EPP has a new $350 off $999+ desktops coupon SB395C9SQKSKC2 available stackable with 15% off coupons. Inspiron 530 Desktop: Request your 15% off coupon here Click here for Windows XP or here for Windows Vista Select the following options (or any other combination to reach $999 or...
  39. Xrave

    The Godfather Collection $33 has the Godfather Collection (1972-1990) for $33 with free shipping. Includes The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Godfather Part III plus a bonus disc containing over three hours of exclusive features.
  40. Xrave

    Onkyo HT-S894 5.1 Home Theater for $400

    TigerDirect has Onkyo HT-S894 5.1 Home Theater system for $400 with free shipping and no rebates. Specs: HT-R640 5.1 Channel A/V Surround Sound Receiver DV-SP404 HD-Conversion DVD Player with DivX Support (has 1x HDMI out) HTP-640 5.1 Speaker Package SKW-540 Bass Reflex Powered Subwoofer...