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    Embargo date

    I know its early but was wondering if anyone has a line on when the review embargo will get lifted for the 6000 series.
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    Anyone have experience with mydigitalssd?

    Thinking on picking up a mydigitalssd 480gb varient. Slightly cheaper than a samsung 960 and 970 evo for the same storage size. Reviewers can only give me benchmarks as I want real use cases.
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    6950 to 6970 flash issue

    I have a PowerColor 6950 reference card that I've had flashed to a 6970 for over a year or so more and it has worked flawlessly. Recently I picked up a new i5 3570k and msi 77a gd55 mobo. Toss it in and for some reason when its on the flashed bios it doesn't seem to want to work. Flip the switch...
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    6950 HDMI Audio

    Bought an 6950 card a few weeks ago. I'm using one dvi output for my main display and an hdmi output for my 40 inch LCD 2nd display which i extend my desktop onto. Everything works fine video wise but when I boot windows or something is changing the default audio device from my VIA chipset to...
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    i7 860 multi

    I was just playing around in the bios on my new setup and noticed my i7 860 can use the x22 mutli even tho i thought they were tech i got a 870 for the price of a 860. Was wondering if anyone else noticed this.
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    HR-03 fan recommendations

    Just got an x1950xt...leaf blower is load as hell so looking into getting a hr-03 from thermalright. just wondering what fan you guys suggest using on it. so far i got my eyes set on a silverstone 92mm fan. HR-03 Silverstone fan Also considering this one vantec steath any other good...
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    xp-90 and temps

    got an xp-90 a week or so ago and i got a question about my temps. Using stock hsf i was hitting 51c on the OC as load temp and 35cish range as idle. Now with the xp-90 w/ panaflo fan i am getting 33-35c idle and 48-51c load. Was curious about this cause shouldnt it be a lot lower then that over...