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    16GB+ of RAM club

    dannnng! what does that feel like?! hahah i got sun servers at my work with 32GB but to have 16GB on a personal desktop now thats amazing.
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    Cop Investigated Over YouTube Video

    exactly what i said.
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    overclocking e6800. are my settings for fsb and ram 1:1?

    ok the e6800 has a multiplier of 9 fsb of 1066 i want to take the e6800 to 3.6ghz so.. so i set it 400x9=3.6ghz now for my ram.. i would just have to increase it to 400 as well right? so 400x4=1600mhz fsb? let me know if i'm right. thanks
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    Please recommend me a server motherboard for this processor Xeon x3210

    The processor that I'll be using is the Intel Xeon X3210 Kentsfield 2.13GHz. Thanks!
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    Microsoft Seeing Xbox Shortages in U.S.

    thats how i feel about sony.
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    Microsoft Seeing Xbox Shortages in U.S.

    you are by far, the biggest XBOX360 fanboy I have ever met in my life. WOW.
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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    a;right finally got done setting up my system and i'm running perfectly stable 1:1 ratio Gigabyte GA-p35-ds3L <---- cheap board performs extermely well. Highly recommended! E8400 @ 4.0ghz EASILY! Crucial 2x1gb DDR2-1777
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    Kingwin Revolution RVT-12025/OEM Xigmatek HDT-S1283 deserves more attention.

    go with xigmatek. its the same EXACT thing but cheaper. they are made by the same company anyway. i bought 2 from xigmatek. the vertical and the horizontal heat sink. both are in direct contact (COPPER PIPE + CPU heat spreader)
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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    i dont pay for pretty, i pay for the BANG! check out my foogly mobo that can clock 4.0 oh well handles the job well though
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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    wow heat sink city why can't my mobo look this pretty? oh wait i forgot, i spent only 89 bucks on a gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l that can clock at 4.0ghz
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    Lets talk socket 754...

    i just sold my socket 754 and a motherboard for 90 bucks. hahahaha i guess some guy needed a 754 set up bad. i got so many damn heat sinks laying around everywhere so i gave the guy a brand new big typhoon heat sink
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    e8400 and what kind of memory is best for it?

    haha oops my bad. actually i didnt even read the guys post. i just read his title and assumed i knew what he wanted. but for me ddr2-1066 is the way to goo.
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    Is my friend an idiot?

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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    all of them have temp reading problems.
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    e8400 and what kind of memory is best for it?

    I got crucial ballistics ddr2-1066 and E8400.
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    Looks like Intel is in some hot water!

    haha very interesting.
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    My 4400+ or my memory

    i went home last night and tried to hit 2.9ghz and my computer kept crashing. overall, i say you are one lucky man to have that proc to be able to hit that speed. but like you said, SO CLOSE!!! i would spazz out if i couldn't reach that 3.0ghz hot spot. Check your hypertransport, is it set to...
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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    i should get my mobo in today. Gigabyte GA-p35-DS3L I'll post my stats after i get home and run a few test.
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    My 4400+ or my memory

    what are you temps?
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    My 4400+ or my memory

    i got a socket 939 hitting 2.74 for the past 2 years stable but man if i was hitting 2.96ghz i would try and squeeze an additional 40mhz to hit the 3ghz. so close!
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    My 4400+ or my memory

    hmMm... timings are loose. if you have a friend, i would barrow ddr2-800 and see if you can push the ram a bit higher. you will know in a few minutes if it will boot but the problem is maintaining stability. is your goal to hit 3.0ghz?
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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    no i don't think so. i think the p35 chip set existed before any 45mm came to the market. for instance... if you have an old gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l revision 1 board. you need to update the bios to f8a in order for it to recognize.
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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    yeah i dont now whats going on with the blood iron. heard good and bad. but i know for sure I have read enough reviews about the ga-p35-ds3l board running ddr-1066 and e8400 perfectly fine out of the box. + i wont feel so bad when a better board comes around a year from now when i need to...
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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    I dont know maybe it was just that specific blood iron. I've read on other forums ocing on the blood iron gave decent results but i had a hard time keeping the blood iron running stable. When I compared my results to others, it was a little short of my expectations. as long as the gigabyte...
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    My 4400+ or my memory

    post more info! cpu voltage ram voltage ram timings nb voltage
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    120 mm fan suggestions need

    scythe fans are great an all but waaaay too pricey. there are several different versions of s-flexes that push out different CFMs. I've seen them ranging anywhere from 14.99-29.99. when i play games our watch movies I either have head phones on max or my 5.1 system up really high so theres no...
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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    Ok after three weeks of owning the E8400 I have went through 1) motherboard already BloodIron (which i returned). I was thinking about getting the DFI Dark board but I decided not to. However, I am getting a Gigabyte GA-p35-ds3L tomorrow. Here is my set up: cpu: E8400 3.0ghz planning to...
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    Das Keyboard!

    ohh pff if you want a high quality build. go with the RAZER tarantula. i love the way the keys feel. after using it for 3 weeks a logitech g15 feels cheaply made to me.
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    Das Keyboard!

    dont be fooled. i took an 8 dollar logitech keyboard and sanded down all the #s and keys and put it back together in about one hour. the last time i checked das keyboard cost around 89 bucks or something.
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    Newbie Saying Hello

    welcome aboard n00b. haha just kidding.
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    Gigabyte Motherboard RMA process?

    gigabyte is located about 30 mins away from me. I would drive there if you live in the southern california area and beat their asses if you dont see a return in about 3 weeks.
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    Overcloking a sure deal or a necessary risk?

    your friends - THUMBS DOWN OVERCLOCK Q6600 - THUMBS UP but dont getme wrong overclocking does shorten the life of the proc but seriously who gives a shit when we all buy new comupters or do upgrades every few year(s)
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    Q6600 or E8400?

    i'm with the e8400. high clock speed is the shhhhiiet!
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    Best Motheboard to pair with e8400

    DFI Blood Iron, or DFI Dark. Both good boards
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    can anyone beat these temps?

    oh well in thaaaat case. pffffffft go update your bios and see if you get better readings. not even something like a 400 dollar cooling system can get it that low.
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    can anyone beat these temps?

    what type of heat sink are you using? i believe him (if he has a really good cooling method)
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    Nice cheap mobo?

    gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l -89 shipped. nice overclocker. a winner in my book of budget.
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    I'm not a fan of the whole motherboard layout and design

    8 years of building computers? man you should be thankful we're able to do so much yet you're crying about PCI cards connected to SATA cables. :mad:x100000
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    I'm not a fan of the whole motherboard layout and design

    1. hahaha're the only person that wants to work backwards. about 50 years ago computers were the size of living rooms. hows that for not being frigile and big? 2. orthogonal seems to be the best way to fit on a board where you ahve to connect your video inputs. and just to let you...
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    Lapping the Thermal Right Ultra-120 Extreme... Help

    you can lap it anyway you want. some people perfer to lock down the heatsink in a vice and lap it using a flat surface. i perfer laying a thick glass down on a flat surface. then tape sand paper onto the glass with the rough part facing up. then let your heatsink rest on the glass/sandpaper and...