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    *** Electronics FAQ ***

    Flecom damn man it's been a long time on this board. I just got back to building a rig and was surprised to see you still at
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    Lian Li PC-73SLB Build.

    I have had at least 4 of those old Lian Li's they built a great case
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    slxvdhse.dll WTF is that!

    I did, I used Norton and found some missing dll and replaced them. Used Hijack This and didn't find anything out of the ordinary.....hmmm
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    slxvdhse.dll WTF is that!

    Man I'm stumped an old friend had me take a look at his computer this evening and on Start up he gets a warning box labeled Rundll and it says slxvdhse.dll is missing. I looked everywhere for this thing and there is no info on it. Has anyone seen this ??????? Everything seems to work OK
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    Why did XP make me reactivate?

    If I remember correctly a video card of all things will trigger a reactivation on XP...
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    My friend's XP computer is plagued by some virus/malware... cant get rid of it

    I had NOD 32 installed and that damn software VirusSoft Ransomware got thru and installed itself on my wife's computer. Had to run Spybot in Safe Mode to clean it out. Thanks Eset for the $58.00 I spent on your software......
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    My Lenovo S10-2 won't boot after a 2GB RAM upgrade...

    Recently bought a Lenovo G550 and wanted to use 4gb instaed of the 3gb arrangement. Got some DDR3 GSkill and slapped it in. Got the same result as you did. Opened it back up and took out the Ram and reinstalled it and it has worked ever since. Try doing that...
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    Windows 7 Pro - Full $29.99 for students Ends 1/05/10

    Here's my story today regarding Office Pro. I asked one of my fellow teachers that teaches an evening class at a local university to Dload Office for me and I would reimburse him for the costs. So today at lunch we grabbed a 4Gb jump drive, popped it into one of the office computers and...
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    Office XP and win7

    Yes it will but there is a patch that you should download to let it work... After installing it Win 7 gave me a notice that I need to dload the patch.
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    OK what the latest? Blow in or Suck out CPU cooler

    Been gone a while and just built another box. What is the general consensus. I generally use a Thermalright XP90 or 120.
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    My reserected Shuttle SV24

    8.2 years with [H]OCP Jeebus
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    bad capacitors?

    Damn, would you believe I comment to a post regarding bad caps and you guessed I go to school (I teach Auto Shop) and start using an old AMD 1.5 Ghz on a Soyo Black Dragon MB. As I upgrade at home my old stuff usually ends up at school. What ya know, I was using the box to run an Auto Enginuity...
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    bad capacitors?

    Used to be a dude on the web that would bag up all the caps a Mboard would need to replace or repair a particular brand. This was a BIG problem a few years ago...
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    My reserected Shuttle SV24

    A friend brought this to me 3 years ago, it was DOA. This winter with nothing to do I finally replaced the CPU and the thing fired right up. There was a pound of dust in the box. Did some mods to it Running a 1GHz PIII, 585 Mb Ram, 100 Gb Hard drive, Combo CD/RW DVD, Win 2K system, put a 92mm...
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    Hot? Netgear Print Server $9.99 AR

    Isn't that Atlanta "YALL" :D
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    [H]ard Sff Club

    Jeebus! I'll bet I'll be the oldest member with the oldest SFF, I just reserrected an SV24 Shuttle. :p A buddy gave it to me years ago because it was dead. :eek: I fixed it So I want in this here club. :D
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    Lian Li PC-V1000 Ideas

    Not to hijack this man's thread but where did you get those silver (alum) drive covers? I have 3 Lian Li cases I wantem......nobodys gottem :(
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    Drill bit sizes

    Dood, wait till they spec a "letter drill bit" that's gonna fry your noodle. There are fractional drill bits 1/4 3/8 1/2, there are letter drill bits that follow wire sizes 1-80, and there are letter drill bits A-Z and then there are Metric drill bits. Gottem all :D
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    What kind of computer did you have when you were a lil'kid?

    What year did the etch-a-sketch come out? Computer when I was a kid? Ahh, it would have to be the Eniac <sp> as I was born in 1947 :eek: :D
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    How do I make threaded Screw Holes ? (please read)

    Allright, here goes. There is a special punch made to do what you are asking about. It looks like a regular center puch except that it has a ring of metal about 3/8 of an inch from the point. I don't know if it is available in 6/32 size or not. What it does, it punches a hole in thin sheet metal...
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    $25 (After Coupon) Lian-Li ripoff

    It's tomorrow and here are the the pix of the fan replacements 92mm in front and a 92 mm in the back.
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    $25 (After Coupon) Lian-Li ripoff

    I put a 92 in the back where the 80 used to be, cut out the perforated AL. The front fits two 92's very well. I also cut away all the interfering AL. Came out looking great. Maybe tomorrow I will put a picture of it.
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    $25 (After Coupon) Lian-Li ripoff

    My early 4611 didn't have that cross brace. I also used to take off the motherboard to backplane too without any problems. I didn't on the last case.
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    $25 (After Coupon) Lian-Li ripoff

    I had to go and buy one as I could pass the deal up. I have several of these Skyhwak 4610 cases. I remember spending quite a bit when they first came out.My original 4610 came as brushed aluminum finish. The latest one has a painted aluminum finish. The front panel is AL and has plastic inserts...
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    Crooked Holesaw

    I drilled it incrementally to 1" then with a boring bar in my lathe started cutting .060 per pass. Holes saws do not like to cut real deep, they can if you keep it well lubed, but AL likes to build up and jam. I use carbide replaceable tooling and one tool bit cut the hole from start to finish...
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    Crooked Holesaw

    Always Back up your material with plywood, note all the clamps!
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    Crooked Holesaw

    OK OK Here is what I use for blow holes in AL and Plastic. You better have a good drill Press (slow speed) and lots of clamps. If this thing tears something loose it's scruuud.
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    Crooked Holesaw

    Dood what are you making????????? Your not working for Marwan are you (24HRs) :D
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    Crooked Holesaw

    Jason, Here's your block with the 4" hole. It took 2hrs to bore it out. No way with a hole saw! Hey
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    ITT You Help Me Fix My Butchered Lian-Li

    Ok, here's my shot at it. If you have a store in your area that has aluminum sheet. Get a piece cut to cover the bad area. You may be able to get creative with the plate and do a flame job or sunburst. Cut your blowwhole in that plate also and epoxy or superglue it over the bad area. Another...
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    Black Aluminum Lian Li Imitation @ 34.99!

    The Skyhawk csaes I have used(3) all had removable Power Supply plates so you could mount them any way you want. You can't beat the price.
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    You had to load some driver software for the wireless device that is connected to your computer. Win 98 is not really savvy about wireless so you are going to have to launch the wireless device software, it should then ask you for you SSID and your wep pass phrase.
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    Are you using WEP, if so enter the Hexidecimal password into the WIN 98 box. You might be trying to use the ASCII code and it doesn't want it that way.......I spent 2 long days with that oversight.
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    Is It Stolen??

    This thread went from "how can I tell if it was stolen" to how can I hide the fact that iit is stolen. Come on dood. What comes around goes around... What dod you pay for the thing 50 bucks? Our school just lost 28 notebooks in a charging cart, second time in a month. Receiving stolen property...
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    Copper Plating a Case Chassis

    As for copper plating look up the word "verdigris" look at the old copper bronze statues that are all green and ugly.......Pass
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    Crooked Holesaw

    If you live in Northern Cal I could bore it for you as I have full machine shop in my garage. :D
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    Problem with DSL line

    Is your router a WiFi, Cable'DSL router? Microwaves operate at the same freq as WiFi 2.4ghz. It could be getting throught the Wifi part to the router part.
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    Crooked Holesaw

    Dood, you want to put a 4 inch through a 1 inch piece of aluminum the is 4.5 inches sq. Whew that's asking a hell of a lot out of a hole saw and a drill press. Find someone with a lathe and have him bore the hole. Cutting a 4" hole is a lot of metal to cut. You better have one awesome slow...
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    Best heatsink/fan combo for Socket A

    What he said !
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    lian li faceplate clip?

    Silver PC's has had them. Do a search for Lian Li Parts, Google is your friend