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    Help with boot problems.

    Hey guys, recently I rebuilt my computer because I was having issues with CPU temps. I also bought a antec 920 to install when I rebuilt it. Ever since I did this I have been having booting problems. The computer only has these problems when it has been turned off overnight, whereas if I just...
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    BenQ V2400W Power button problem.

    The power button on the monitor has been faulty since day 1, but it was never such a big deal. All the other buttons work perfectly. The button itself is a touch sensor (I believe) and it wont turn off when I put my finger on it/press it. I used to have to rub my fingers together then touch the...
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    Overclocking on a 780i

    Hey, I need some help overclocking my CPU on my XFX 780i. I was going to change the FSB to 400 and the CPU multiplier to 7.5, but in the BIOS it says it only goes up to 7. Now I have no clue how to update the BIOS. My "friend" was trying to tell me how, by mounting the ISO file to disk and...