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    Snapchat Now Selling Replays

    ^^^^^^^ Now you're on to something!
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    All Delta Pilots Will All Be Using A Surface 2

    THIS!!! :p :p :p
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    Warm: Bioshock & Bioshock 2 for $4.99

    YMMV Even with GFWL, I hear these were good games & never got around to playing them
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    Directron Hot Deals 9/5

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    Leisure Suit Larry Sleazes His Way Onto iOS

    I had that & strip poker on my Commodore 64 ...Ah the good 'ol days 40x80 columns
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    GTX Titan BSOD 116/TDR Crashing

    R M A
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    XFX One video card (5450) for 14.99 free shipping

    its still OOS
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    Gates: Microsoft Bob Will Make A Comeback

    JARVIS Now thats what we want!!!
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    Game Demos Cut Sales In Half

    Lo Wang Shadow Warrior......pretty sure :D
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    is there a way I can start a tread about this...

    is there a way I can start a tread about this??
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    Ten Years Ago Today: [H] Wedding

    mmmmmm cake
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    Radeon HD 7990 versus GeForce GTX TITAN Review @ [H]

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    MicroCenter 2500K $159 IN Store only

    I have a 2500K NIB I will let go for 160 send me a PM
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    HTC EVO V 4G $129.99 hot, hot, hot.

    Ruzzle is fun
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    Radeon 7870 Tahiti(aka 7930) for $220(after MiR) and free Sleeping Dogs(awww)

    I wonder how the OC Ghz edition stacks up to these
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    [Hot] Sapphire Radeon 7870 GHz Ed. 2GB - $195 AR

    I got my card on Monday, haven't really left my computer since. The card is awesome, and I wanted to wait 2-3 days before posting to see if I would have the same issue as others have. The problem has never surfaced. The SKU was 11199-19-20G. I think the card is a heck of a value, if...
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    [Hot] Sapphire Radeon 7870 GHz Ed. 2GB - $195 AR

    Thank OP in 4 one
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    Warm/Hot Zotac GTX680 $399

    Hmmm, this^^^^^ Or the Radeon 7970 3GB in this forum Decisions, Decisions
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    [warm]XFX Double D FX797GTDFC Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition 3GB $419

    I was looking at the Twin Frozer @ Amazon for 165, but this gets a well deserved look . . . . .:D checking new video card fund thru online banking . . . . :( (justifying purchase in my head) . . . . .:p
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    Hotline Miami is $5(again! Gamefly steam code), buy you fools!

    N 4 1 Thanks OP. Only downside is no OPTIONS menu, but for $5 I wont complain. Driving OST tho :p
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    A Short History Of The GIF

    That was pretty cool
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    Borderlands 2 $25 @ Amazon starting at 17:10 PST on 11/22 Here's a link, for those of us who like those things . .
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    Intel core i5 2500K $99 [MicroCenter]

    I was there, they are busy as f*ck
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    Intel core i5 2500K $99 [MicroCenter]

    I was at the MC in Dallas. I refreshed my phone in the store @ 10:15am and it said that they were sold out. The guy that worked there said most were reserved by website (about 5) Still, one helluva deal
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    Intel core i5 2500K $99 [MicroCenter]

    I got 1. I wanted a 2700k but, I think this will work nicely
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    Intel core i5 2500K $99 [MicroCenter]

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    Intel core i5 2500K $99 [MicroCenter]

    Im on my way to the Dallas location and will wait til the door open @ 10am
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    iPad Mini Line Standers Should Be Punched In The Throat

    I'm perfectly happy with my Samsung Galaxy Tab
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    Greatest Plane Crash Rescue Ever

    That was so Fresh!! <No trees were harmed in the making of this film>
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    BNet service Unavailable Error Code:73 Da F*ck?!
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    MC in store i5 3570k $169 3770k $269

    lol, THIS! ^
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    Cheap Special 6Ft HDMI 1.49 Free ship.

    System is unable to apply discounts to the following items in your shopping cart: 193-350-001 Merax 6 Feet High Speed HDMI Cable Male to Male Digital A/V Cable, 30 AWG Cable, Gold... Possible reasons: - The coupon code is invalid or has expired - You have redeemed the coupon code in your...