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    4K off iGPU plus gaming from 1080 Ti SLI?

    the Intel HD630 gfx in my i7 7700k cpu states 4K Support, I have both a Mango 42”4K monitor and a new Alienware 34” 1440. If I want to use both monitors - Alienware for gaming and Wasabi for browsing/video etc is my best bet to enable the iGPU and plug in the 4k there? Or run both off the SLI cards?
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    1st Intel build from AMD

    So I want to try to find some BF deals to build my first Intel gaming rig. My system now: AMD FX 8370 R9 290x MSI 990FX Gaming mobo 16GB G.Skil DDR3 1866 Intel 750 series PCIe 400GB SSD Thermaltake Element case w/Antec 650w PSU My desire is to not bottleneck anything by going PCIe Gen3...