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  1. kcmastrpc

    trading a 3g hd7970 for gtx 680 2gb

    The only reason I'm making this trade is because a) i don't care about bitcoin, and b) i want to use 3d vision with my 144hz asus monitor. my only question is whether or not the 2gb of ram will hurt my performance on a 1080p monitor. (i know for regular gaming, it doesn't matter).
  2. kcmastrpc

    Medela On-The-Go Breast Pump thanks for looking =D
  3. kcmastrpc

    650w XFX pro psu

    Will I have enough juice to power the rig in my sig if I upgrade to 2x 660TI cards. I'm tired of my computer sounding like a jet engine so I'm looking at some quieter solutions.
  4. kcmastrpc

    macpro 08 (e5462), only 1600ppd?

    i finally got the f@h increase client running. i'm computing gromacs2 units - and getting 1600ppd. that seems kind of low, yes? or did they change how ppd were calculated? all 8 cores are cooking and the two processes are using between 600-700% cpu (i do other stuff on this computer at work).
  5. kcmastrpc

    Just grabbed a 2008 mac pro

    See title.. It's been upgraded to 10gb of ram, and has a couple extra hard drives but the video card that came stock with it is garbage (I'll still use it though for a 3rd and 4th display). I have a powercolor ax5770 1gb (it has a DVI, VGA, and HDMI port on it). I've been gallivanting around...
  6. kcmastrpc

    so before i blow up another power supply

    i'm on a tight budget.. i'd love to order a 800w corsair and be done with it but i just need some reassurance. here's the scoop... had an older enermax 625w on my main rig (see sig) - seemed to work fine. one night while i wasn't even gaming (i have a computer repair side business and i had...
  7. kcmastrpc

    1055t vs x2 560

    Now before the obvious is stated this x2 560 DOES unlock to 4 cores. This will primarly be a gaming CPU, not alot of transcoding or multi-threaded apps are going to be utilized. I can currently get my 1055t up to 3.8ghz stable. It's pretty chill to, Prime95 can't get it over 58C. Now my...
  8. kcmastrpc

    msi p67a-c43 insane TMPIN1 @ 127c

    i've gone from OC to stock on my CPU / GPU to try and figure out wtf. I've always noticed TMPIN1 getting kind of warm, but this is ridiculous. After I installed a Shaman on my 6970, my case temps went up but not terribly however TMPIN1 went nuts i5-2500k @ 3.3ghz msi p67a-c43 8gb Gskill X 1600...
  9. kcmastrpc

    which accelero cooler to buy for my 6970

    so i got this brand new 6970 card and i really don't like my card cooking at 90C. The card I have is the XFX HD-697A-CN Ver 1.2 The problem I'm having is determining which Accelero cooler is compatible with this version of my card. There is the Accelero XTREME Plus and XTREME Plus II. They...
  10. kcmastrpc

    6970 and the 8pin pci-e connector

    I have a quick question - I have an Enermax 650w with 2 12V rails (the 2 pci-e connectors are 6-pin and I tested them, all 3 yellow lines show 12v). The card arrives tomorrow but the 6-pin to 8-pin adapter (wtf @ 20bucks on newegg btw) won't be here till next week. Will I be able to run the...
  11. kcmastrpc

    server 2008 CAL question

    i have a dual-proc server with 12gb ofr ram and a legit license of Server 2008 Enterprise - the key came with our reseller package (or something). The only thing this server is doing is running a web app for our backup service and the raid5 to support it - so I just want to give it more stuff to...
  12. kcmastrpc

    HIS Support

    So I am on week 7 without a RMA card returned to me. They won't answer my emails now either. Here's the story, I sent them a early 5870 that went NV/NP on me (btw, i don't fold/bitmine/etc, just game) - fast forward 4 weeks, they email me telling me they don't have that particular model so...