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    overclocking e6800. are my settings for fsb and ram 1:1?

    ok the e6800 has a multiplier of 9 fsb of 1066 i want to take the e6800 to 3.6ghz so.. so i set it 400x9=3.6ghz now for my ram.. i would just have to increase it to 400 as well right? so 400x4=1600mhz fsb? let me know if i'm right. thanks
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    Please recommend me a server motherboard for this processor Xeon x3210

    The processor that I'll be using is the Intel Xeon X3210 Kentsfield 2.13GHz. Thanks!
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    How much money can I get for this system? I got someone buying it for 350.00

    Do you think its fair? overcharging or undercharging? AMD X2 4400+ 2.2ghz @ 2.74ghz SOCKET 939 Biostar Ultra-Tseries Nvidia 6100 <--- crappy i know 2x512mb Patriot RAM 250GB Sata hard drive Samsuing 16x DVD-+R lightscribe Antec 450 Watt PSU Antec Sonata Case
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    Buying my Ram tonite I need your suggestions for my E8400. Have plans to hit 4-4.5ghz

    Here is what I got sitting in my room 1. Intel E8400 2. DFI Blood Iron P35 3. OCZ StealthXstream 600W PSU I WANT to at least Hit 4.0ghz. Since I have a multiplier of 9 I would need to have my fsb at 445mhz. I can either go with DDr2-800 and overclock the ram or get DDR2-1000 and...
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    exposed pipe heatsink

    check it out. some of you may have seen this but this is my first time coming across such an idea of leaving the heat pipe exposed allowing direct contact with the cpu's heat spreader.
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    Take the Best Heatsink on the market today vs a entry level watercooling system

    I'm a complete n00b when it comes to watercooling. I've been a fan of air cooling for years but now i think its about that time to jump to the deeper side of things and experience what watercooling is like. so far i'm pleased with air cooling i've got some strong oclocking numbers in the...
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    This article was writtenin 2002 but its still a pretty funny read on thermalpaste

    haha check it out. i'm sure some of you probably have seen this or read this by now. the guy tests with different types of thermal compound that existed back in 2002. he also tests with toothpaste and other funny products.
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    E8400: MSI P35 Platinum comes in 2 versions. DDR3 and DDR2 whats the diffference?

    My processor is the E8400 The MSI P35 Platinum mobo comes in two flavors. One is offered to run ddr3 and the othe rin ddr2. Will performance be a big difference? Should I go with DDR3 to have better upgrading ability in the future? If you guys had your favorite motherboard but offered in...
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    E8400 Motherboard Recomendation (MSI P35 Platinum vs. Gigabyte GA-p35-DS3L) MSI P35 Platinum with 504fsb. Thats not bad at all. Between the two, which motherboard would you guys go with? I've read that the MSI is a bit harder to tweak though. Let me know what you guys think I want to invest in a pretty...
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    Whats the current dominating northbridge chipset?

    I dont know much about the Northbridge chipset but I do know that it handles the communication between cpu, ram, pci bus, xpci bus and etc. in order to make an overclocking experience worth while, which northbridge chipset should i take into consideration and which chipset should i try and...
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    the E8400 feel into my hands (kinda).

    Tonight I was strolling through microcenter to buy a laptop hard drive. I was looking for a 7200 RPM drive and all of a sudden boom what was laying on a the floor was two folded up 20 dollar bills. "SCORE" i said! I picked it up and stashed it in my pocket and continued on my way. Then I...
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    what type of illuminated keyboard do you have.

    i need your recommendation for a keyboard that lights up. i cant simply walk into a Best buy and find the keyboard since some of them are only found online. so if any of you guys have first hand experience with any illuminating keyboards just write out the brand and model and i'll look into it...
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    Gears of War (PC) VS. Gears of War (Xbox 360)

    Sorry didn't know where to post this thread at but I was wondering on which system will gears of war look better. I played Gears of War before on my Samsung 1080i TV and the picture is amazing. Not being too much of a gamer on the PC side do you think it will make a dramatic difference once I...
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    GeForce 6500.. time for an upgrade?

    Rarely do I play games but I have this geForce 6500 that I purchased off newegg a little over a year ago. the card runs fine but after playing crysis and gears of war on my friends computer I'm thinking i might be interested in getting a better video card. i know the 8800GTs are probably my...
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    whats faster USB Flash drive or Compact Flash or SD cards?

    I am going to be reading and writing data all the time. Do you guys know what has a higher speed of read and write between USB thumbdrives vs compactflash or SD cards? Thanks
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    $99.99 sony fw900 24" widescreen crt

    hey i found one for 99.99 bucks. should i pruchase it? or should i not waste my money? i have a 23" apple cinema display now. will i see any improvements in color quality?
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    why is that ps3 cost 600 and blu ray players cost 700+

    so i guess the ps3 would be more bang for buck? i mean the image quality out of both would be identical right?
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    Has anyone tried to build their own peltier coolers?

    do you just sandwich one of these guys between your cpu and heatsink?
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    coolit freezone water cooler

    I have read that this thing is pretty effective. It can get CPUs down to 10C sounds pretty tempting but it carries a heavy price tagg 399.99 do you guys think its worth it?
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    Holy Crap! look at the eyebrows on this intel guy

    Intel Guy in a booth this guy has some gnaarly brows
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    any software to test memory?

    im running orthos to test the CPU but is there a software that i can test the memory?
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    Any difference in performance with Vista 32 and Vista 64?

    shouldnt they both run equally the same? or would Vista 64 be faster?
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    I heart Artic Silver 4 life

    my overclocked e6600 idel temps were 49C-51C and load temps were as high as 67C with a stock cooler and stock themeral compound. Im not use to getting high temps since i always had AMD chips and my current AMD rigs rougly idles around 27C and Loads at 41C lastnight i removed the CPU...
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    can i change my ram timings if im already at 1:1?

    abit F-i90hd E6600-2.4ghz @3.0ghz and 1.3365V Gskillz DDR2-800 @ DDR2-667 1.90V with stock 5-5-5-15 timings I have an abit motherboard using an E6600 proc. I oced the prco to 3.0ghz using the default voltages supplied by the motherboard. My ram was orginally DDR2-800, I dropped the speed...
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    Hiper vs Xion power supply

    which one would you guys go for?
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    CAD 3d rendering: what video card should i use?

    i dont know much about the other video cards maybe someone can help me out a bit.
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    where cani find 99% alcohol isopropyl to clean off thermal paste?

    i tried my local pharamcy but all they had was 70%
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    any of you guys know of any good heatsink round up reviews?

    i have done some searches and found a few but maybe some of you prob have better websites than the ones i have found. anyway im looking heat sink reviews for the e6600. thanks
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    you know what scares me everytime?

    you guys ever sit in front of a toaster waiting for your bread to pop out? you realize its coming any second so you brace yourself for that moment so you won't jump? but when it does pop out you still get a little startled by it? or how about when you have an open computer case with all those...
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    what does it mean to run ram 1:1

    my ram by default does 1.8v-2.0v at 5-5-5-15 when overclocking i read a lot people saying 1:1 what does that mean?
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    Help: E6600 overclocked keeps freezing.

    bus: 344x9= 3096mhz rated fsb=1333mhz ram voltage: 1.90V cpu voltage: 1.365V timings: 5-5-5-15 temps: 47C idle, 65C Load anything i can do to stop it from doing that?
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    my E6600 turns off for now reason.

    this is the 6th time it has done this. its been running for about 8 hours now and ill be browsing the internet or loading some files onto the hard drive and the computer just shuts down. any ideas???
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    how long do i have to wait to overclock the e6600?

    its 2:30am i just got done putting this system together. should i wait a few days before overclocking? or can i start now? here is my set up F-i90HD abit mobotherboard Gskill Ram DD2-6400 E6600 ok thats basically it.
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    STock E6600 temps too high??

    im not use to seeing stock temps this high. my E6600 is running 49C Idel my X2 4400+ runs at 33C idel overclocked @2.74ghz is this something i should worry about? cuz if i do overclock the e6600 i'll probably have sky rocketing temps. what do you guys think? maybe i need to bake in the...
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    apple g5 has a total of 8 cores now.

    seriously what do you need 8 cores for? i have only 2 and im like satisfied with it as is. I wonder what 8 cores feel like.
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    quick! which memory is better for overclocking i'm ordering from newegg now.

    corsair xms 67.99 gskill 74.99 Gskill 54.99 goal is to hit 3.2ghz on E6600 using fatality mobo
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    Printer: Has anyone attempt to refill their own ink cartridge?

    Is it easy as it sounds? Is there a certain website to get good deals on refil kits? Thanks KF1975
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    Need cheap keyboard with mouse ball

    Hey Im looking for a black keyboard with a trackball combined into one. The ones I've seen on the internet run 39.99+ Im just looking for one at dirt prices
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    i didnt ddr3 was going to be out?

    i found this picture somewhere. it felt like we were barely with ddr2 on fourth to ddr3?
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    conroe e6600 users ---- how fast can you guys rip and encode?

    i was testing my e6600 vs my 4400x2 and they pretty much come to par when burning a dvd. well my 4400 is overclocked and i havent overclocked the e6600 yet but do you guys think it makes a difference wheni t comes down to the encoding portion? can any of you guys tell me how fast can you guys...