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    Dead: Newegg - Ryzen 7 1700. $158 Minor sale. Base price on the 1700 has dropped to $170 now.
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    Updated: MSI Blower style Vega56 $320, $290 after MIB (still gets 3 game bundle)
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    First impressions on Vive Wireless on Gen 1 HMD

    Pros: Very simple install, very simple software setup. Apart from initial hiccup (having to reinstall SteamVR), it just...worked. Easy to swap out cables. Very comfortable to wear, once all installed. Cons: Because of how large the headset mod is, if you wear over-the-ear headphones and not...
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    PowerColor Red Dragon Vega56, $380 after MIR at NE Free shipping $400 at check out with $20 MIR game 3-pack eligible Newegg seems to be rotating through the...
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    $900 1080ti in stock at Newegg

    Hoping this is the start of a more permanent price correction...
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    Newegg deal of the day stuff

    I know the 7800X isn't in vogue anymore, but this seems like a pretty good deal for a CPU/MB 7800X with X299 MB for $500.
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    $400 Fury X clearance sale on Newegg

    Shell Shocker Deal. Exclusive Jaw Dropping Savings on PC Components and Electronics - Just wanted to get it out there, if some folks were watching for it. Certain models of 980ti have also been occasionally dropping to $400 also.
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    Current data for old card

    So, since there will be/are folks floating around wondering how their AMD 7XXX cards are stacking up these days, I decided to torture my son's PC and see if it can provide some lower end reference for some of the longer holdouts. Test card 7870/2GB @ 1175/1200, I don't have all the current...