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    When are we going to get beyond 5tb in the 2.5inch form factor - what is the hold up?

    We got 5tb 2.5inch drives in 2016. We now have easily available 3.5inch consumer drives at 14tb, nothing exotic. Feels like we should have got 6tb 2.5inch in 2019, and should at least have seen product announcements for 8tb by now... Where did it all go wrong?
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    Are there any technical advantages to the new type-C front panel connector standard?

    i.e. will it always provide a performance floor above that which could be assumed on previous USB 3.x motherboard headers? e.g. assumes a minimum data-rate of 10Gbps (rather than the possibility of supplying only 5Gbps) e.g. assumes a minimum power delivery of 18W (rather than the possibility...
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    Can I run an EPS 2x 8pin m/b on an EPS 1x 8pin PSU?

    I bought a 650W Seasonic Prime Ultra Platinum for £100 (a bargain). Intending to use it on an MSI x570 Tomahawk m/b (when released). Realised afterwards the 650W model only has one EPS 8pin CPU power connector, and the x570 Tomahawk has two EPS 8pin CPU power connectors...! Is this a problem...
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    Does Renoir suffer from Zen2 RNG hardware bug?

    or has this hardware flaw been fixed similar to the improvements seen in zen+?
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    Ryzen 4000 APU's in Jan - Does that mean B550 in Jan too?

    Hi all, We know we're about to receive a new Zen2/Vega derived APU produced on 7nm. It will be announced at CES. I have some questions for which I know we don't have answers - but I want your considered opinion: 1. If it is announced in Jan at CES2020 - do we expect immediate availability, or...
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    Who will win as the next mainstream wired networking standard? 2.5Gbe or 5Gbe...

    Deliberately filed this here rather than in Networking, as the question is about generic to the millions of; motherboards sold, best-buy PC's on sale, and free fibre routers given away on contract. For the last decade at least EVERYTHING has been 1Gbe, but we finally moving beyond that now...
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    Clonezilla - Disk-Image clone - Didn't ask for the bootloader. Problem?

    Hi there, Using the latest stable clonezilla to clone my Win7 64bit boot drive (from a Samsung NVME drive), using the disk to image function. I selected an external USB drive and used the Simple mode. I was using a techradar guide from 2017 and noticed afterward that it specified I should say...
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    Most stable Vega64 (that will fit in a FT05)?

    Just about to send back a Gigabyte Windforce Vega64 because it wasn't stable: Hard locked with fans going nuts after an hour of Valley benchmark. Locked after leaving Warhammer2 on the campaign map overnight. These are not problems my six year old MSI 7970 Lightning Edition card suffers from...
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    sapphire rx vega64 in a silverstone ft05 case - will it fit?

    yes, the specs reported give me 2mm of play, but in practical terms of finagling it into place, will i be able to get it in? or will i just end up returning it? no case-modding.
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    We have 14nm Vega until the mid-2019 arrival of Navi on 7nm - How about a "Gigahertz Edition" redo?

    Remember the 7970? Remember the 7970 Gigahertz Edition that cam about a year later? Effectively the same chip, same pcb, same vrm setup, simply some better core/mem clocks resulting from improved yield...
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    Does Freesync(2) work with non-Eyefinity multi-screen?

    I have three 24" monitors in eyefinity, i like wide. I really want a 21:9 freesync monitor, but I'd still like to have a pair of 4:3 19" dvi monitors flanking either side. Does this non-Eyefinity multi-screen have any impact on the main screens ability to run games full-screen with Eyefinity...
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    Non-reference RX Vega 64 - When?

    And will they stick to the RRP (providing they are not factory OC'ed boutique SKU's)?
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    Eyefinity on Vega - using three 2005-2010 era Dell DVI monitors?

    I've run Eyefinity with three Dell DVI monitors since 2010, originally with a 2GB Sapphire 5870, and since 2012 with a MSI Lightning 7970. I had to choose carefully in 2012 to get a 7970 that had two DVI ports, as well as a Displayport to use with an ACTIVE dp>dvi converter. I am now in the...
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    Installing Win7 on a 960evo - "no signed device drivers" found on USB stick - help?

    Hi there, As per the title: I have the samsung NVME driver on a USB stick, the Win7 installer can see the stick and the other driver subfolders on the stick (nvme driver on root). But, the installer finds nothing on the stick on a scan, and displays no driver on a manual search, and recognises...
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    Is the HDMI 2.0a 18Gb/s cap game-over for users wanting a UHD Premium capable PC for gaming?

    HDMI 2.0b is not capable of displaying 4k at 60Hz with 10bit colour and 4:4:4 chroma (or even 4:2:2 for that matter): HDR10 (10bit) seems to be standard for console HDR, and while one PC game has apparently said it will do Dolby...