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    10GB Network Speed Tweaking

    Can anyone suggest 10GB tweaking for best media file transfer speeds between a Windows 10 Workstation and a OmniOS, Napp-it server? I have the below: Client Windows 10 pro for Worksations version 20H2, 19042.746 (Asrok Phamtom Gamin X, Ryzen 9 3900X, 32GB ram) 3 x 14tb WD hdd's in Single...
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    Napp-it and OmniOS HDD Upgrade

    Do I need to consider anything else while upgrading my HDD's from 24 x 2tb to 6 x 14tb in my NAS, I am going to perform the following: My windows 10 PC is the backup with windows 10 storage spaces using 3 x 14tb and ReFS file system, I will be reformatting the Windows backup first as when I...
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    Ultra Wide Curved Display Recommendation.

    Can someone recommend a monitor between 32" and 35" 3440 x 1440 ideally without a big bezel, support PIP and PBP, with two or more display ports and at around 500 with not a too big stand, hopefully adjustable, I am prepared to pay a little more exceptional quality or durability. my usage is as...
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    Which Battery for APC UPS

    Can anyone recommend which UPS would be best for the APC Smart-UPS 1500 as per below, the Panasonic model is prices $10.00 more than the Lucas model:
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    Where was your AMD Ryzen 3000 made?

    I have just received the Ryzen 9 3900x bought in Europe, I live in the UK and on the processor it has made in Malaysia, all the Ryzen 3000 videos or photos I have seen say made in China. Where are these CPU made? I know they've been diffused in the USA & Tawai but it looks like some were made...
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    10gb Switch and Intel x540-t2

    I have just added a switch Netgear xs708t 10gb switch and connected my PC and the OmniOS NAS via an intel x540-t2 on each. I can see that the NAS connection on the switch is green and looks like working although I haven't tried to transfer anything to it yet as I can't get the Windows PC to...
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    OmniOS installation on M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 SSD

    Do I need to do anything to the Corsair MP510 480GB NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 SSD before installing OmniOS on it, I am getting do drive has been selected when choosing the NVMe to install OmniOS r151030.
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    LSI 9211 8i vs 9207 8i vs Intel RES2SV240

    I wonder which option would be better to use with OmniOS for 24 drive ZFS server: I have already got an IBM M1015 flashed to IT LSI 9211 8i, should I get the intel RES2SV240 6gbs expander card to go with it or: Get another two IBM M1015 or: Get three LSI 9207 8i Cost wise the cheapest option...
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    Illumos OmniOS Hardware support List.

    I have purchased new hardware to replace my current NAS build and stupid me, haven't considered the Illumos OmniOS hardware supported gear. I have been probing around but haven't found a deffinitive list, my new hardware is as bellow, the NAS wil be used for home NAS file serving mainly for...
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    EPYC CPU for a NAS

    I know this cpu is probably an overkill for a NAS but my system is way due for an upgrade and I bought the below parts for the new proper server build, all this to fit in a Norco 24 bay case, current system is based on a Abit X38 motherboard and an Intel Q6600 cpu (hardly server class hardware)...
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    Asrock EPYCD8 & 24 HDD's

    Will it be OK to connect 8 drives via the onboard mini SAS hd of the and the other 16 drives via 2 x IMB M1015, for a HBA 8 drives per vdev ZFS2 OmniOS NAS... Or is it best to get a third IBM M1015 and connect all 24 drives via the IBM's? motherboard: Asrock EPYCD8
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    HP SAS 12GB Expander

    Hi, Can anyone tell me whether the HP SAS 12GB Expander card is supported in Omnios and windows: HP AEC-83605/HP2 36 Ports 12GB SAS Expansion Board 761879-001
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    Upgrade recommendation

    I am currently running the below NAS system and would like to upgrade file transfer speed between my PC and the NAS, the NAS in mainly used for home media storage: Abit ix38 Quad GT motherboard Intel Q6600 8 gb ram PCI 1 graphics (yes, this is correct not PCIE) M1015 hba adaptor flashed to it...
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    OmniOs Server does not Power Off

    I wonder if anyone knows how to fix this issue, I am using a Simerec IR Receiver to turn the OmniOs server on and off, turning on is not a problem, however, when I send the signal to turm off, I ge the below message on screen but the server does not go off: NAS poweroff initianted by login on...
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    Does Illumos (OmniOS) support WOL?

    Does illumos support WOL, it looks like the Simerec ir I was using has died, I have changed my bios settings and enabled "Wake on onboard lan" but I guess I need to enable the wake on lan on the adaptor as well but not sure how to do that in Omnios. I had a quick look around under network in...
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    10 Gb Connection

    I have purchased two Intel X540 T2 and connected my windows 10 pc and the Omnios 101526 NAS, I have updated the drivers on the windows PC, I left the one in the NAS as is as I don't know how to update these. I have given both static addresses, enabled and Jumbo frames, I have connected both...
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    ZFS Pool Upgrade

    After updating omniosce from r101524 to r101526 and napp-it from 18.01 feb 02/2018 to 18/01 arp 02/2018 I am getting the below, should I upgrade both my pools? rpool and my NAS pool? which version will this become after the upgrade? I beleive I am on version 5000 currently. zpool status pool...
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    Tty.c: loadable library and perl binaries are mismatched

    Any idea why I get the below when I use Napp-it on Omnios after updating omniosce from 151024 to 151026? Do I need to update Napp-it now ffor it to work? Tty.c: loadable library and perl binaries are mismatched (got handshake key 9e00080, needed 9e40080)
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    Updating Omnios from r151024 to r151026

    I wonder if anyone encountered anything like this issue, I am trying to update from Omniosce from r151024 to r151026 and have the below error: when I enter pkg unset-publisher omnios, I get the below pkg unset-publisher removal failed for 'omnios'Unknow publisher and when I input: pkg...
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    NAS Server not Brodcasting via SMB

    I have been trying to fix this issue like for a couple of months, I had given up, until now, I have got a NAS server running OmniOs and I can't access it via it's host name on windows 10, via IP address is working fine however. I have recently got an Nvidia shield and the NAS server does not...
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    Emby or Plex on LX Zones on OmniOS

    Does anyone know of a tutorial or step by step on how to install either Emby or Plex media servers on LX Zones on OmniOS? I would prefer to install Emby as it does not need internet access to play media stored locally. Many thanks for all your help.
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    How to format ZFS Disks & Create a New Pool.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction of how to format ZFS disks with data already on that I can no longer access and create a new pool, I will be using Napp-it to perform the pool creation. Also which is quicker and better supported, OmniOS ce or Solaris 11.3 minimal? Many thanks.
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    How to upgrade from Nexenta to OmniOS?

    Hi all, Really strange, I couldn't login on the HardForum site, the user name was not recognised, I had to re-register, is there a way to change my current name to my old user name? Anyway, that's not why I am here, currently I am still running Nexenta on my home NAS using an old internal HDD...