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    From OCZ Vertex 2 (2010 model) to Samsung 850 EVO, worth it?

    Hi, Quick question, im considering this upgrade and, from everywhere I'm reading, the performance boost is quite significant but Im wondering still about real world performance versus my current and if any new tech is on the horizon. Any suggestions? For my "perspective" on good performance...
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    Best way to distribute an Access 2007 db front-end to corporate users?

    Hello all, A quick question: I need to distribute an Access 2007 db front-end to corporate users. This .accdr front-end file connects to another .accdb file located in one of our servers. The front-end is Chronos.accdr The back-end is Chronos_RemoteDB.accdb Now, here lies the problem...
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    Suggestions on Internal Bay Card Reader

    Hi guys, Not entirely sure if this is the correct place for this, sorry if its not. Anyone got any suggestion for a good internal bay card reader? Newegg has a 20% off on those right now. I'm mainly interested in being able to read MicroSD cards on it, but Im not sure if such a card...
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    5850 Stable OC but VPU recovery with flash

    Hello, I have the following doubt. Im running my xfx 5850 at 900/1150 and its stable on every game I throw at it. But, whenever I'm still OCed and watch a youtube video, the damn thing causes a vpu recovery. Is this a problem with my OC or is it just flash being stupid? Tordek
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    Help on upgrade choices

    Hi guys/gals, Here's the deal, my current setup is: Notes Proc and Mobo are on it's way from Newegg right now. This is a gaming rig that drives a 1920x1080 display. (I know I could probably aim for more resolution but I'm more than comfortable with the current one) And I'm wondering these 2...
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    Help me troubleshoot this problem

    Computer Specs: Phenom 2 X2 @ 3.8GHz Asus M478TD-EVO Mainboard 8gb 4x2g DDR3 1600 Ram (Gskill and SuperTalent) @ 7-7-7-20 2T XFX Radeon H5850 @ stock speeds WD Raptor 74gb (newest edition) 2tb WD Green OCZ 700W Power Supply Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Problem: Random Lockups while under some stress...
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    So how bad is it...

    That I'm running the following on this 400w PSU: Phenom II x2 @ 3.8Ghz 1.45v asus mobo 8gb (4 x 2gb) ddr3 ram @ 7-7-7-27 amd hd5850 65gb 10k velociraptor 1.5tb wd caviar green asus dvd-rw 4x 120mm case fans 1x 240mm case fan :) (I actually had to disconnect the dvd-rw drive to...
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    Refreshing My Programming Knowledge

    Guys/Gals, I'll be taking an assessment test for a job interview soon. The details are explained in this quote: (bolded the important part) My question is, does anyone know a good reference site to refresh my programming skills. I want to mostly work my answers in the 2nd set in pseudo code...
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    Raid 0 with one sata300 and one sata150 drive, any performance loss? (2 74gb Raptors)

    Need a little help here. From what I know, no single drive (outside of SDDs) isnt able to fill the sata150 bus, but my knowledge of Raid environment is very limited, so here is my question: Would putting one 74gb sata150 raptor and a 74g sata300 raptor in Raid 0 suffer any performance losses...
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    Ati Crossfire Performance (Dual X16 vs X16/X4)

    Here's a question for you guys: Say I'm choosing between these 2 motherboards: Motherboard A has Dual X16 PCI-E slots for crossfire and its supported from the chipset reference design. (Think AMD 790FX or similars link) Motherboard B has 1 X16 and 1 X4 PCI-E slots for crossfire and the...
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    Gaming/Entertainment Rig

    Current Wishlist: (Nov. 30, 2009) Wishlist LINK Case COOLER MASTER Centurion 590 RC-590-KKN1-GP Black SECC / ABS ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - $ 49.99 Originally was Antec 300. Changed to current because of suggestions and more space. Power Supply (PSU) Antec TruePower New TP-550...
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    Sager NP9262 vs Dell XPS1730

    SAGER NP9262 - ~ 100GB 7200RPM (Serial-ATA 150) - ~Combo 8x8x6x4x Dual Layer DVD +/-R/RW 5x DVD-RAM 24x CD-R/RW Drive w/Softwares - ~ $100 OFF SPECIAL 4,096MB DDR2 800 (2 SODIMMS) Dual Channel Memory (For use with Vista 64-Bit Only) - 512MB PCI-Express nVidia GeForce 8800GTX DX10 (User...
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    Winamp Alternatives?

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    OEM XP pro spanish license on english OEM XP pro?

    A new toshiba laptop I bought came with a preinstalled oem copy of windows XP professional in spanish. Since i've always liked my os in english, do i have to buy a new license or the COA label in the back of the laptop will work on an xp pro english oem install/activation?
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    Installing XP from hard drive?

    Is this possible...? I have this laptops at work that have no other drive than a usb floppy which boots and no usb cdrom we have tried so far has been able to boot up... thx
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    USB Port Replicator: Parallel port question.

    I'm an EE student and I bought a laptop without parallel or serial ports...Big mistake there... I need those two ports to either program Microchip PICs or Altera's CPLDs and FPGAs (basically programmable integrated circuits...) There are usb options on the programmer hardware market, but my...
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    problem connecting to a certain web domain...

    I have this wierd problem people: I can't connecto the following domain and all of its subdomains ie. Its the website of my university. I get this message (the typical...) from firefox: Unable to connect Firefox can't establish a connection to...
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    910gml vid card upgradability...?

    My new laptop (toshiba) has the following chipset Mobile Intel(R) 82915GM/GMS/910GML Express Chipset family How do i know the best graphic card i could get to update the graphics on it? I current have the typical intel graphics accelerator...
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    opera and google. doesnt firefox already do this... and for free...?
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    difference between these ram sticks...

    corsair regular corsair value select the price for the first is double the price of the second. They seem the same... Are timings involved in this? I haven't...
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    Vid Card set as unknown on device manager?

    Recently I made a switch from 6600 agp to 9800 pro agp, and this happened... there doesnt seem to be any problems in 3d games, but its unsetting nonetheless... First, i uninstalled the 6600 and the drivers, i ran driver cleaner full clean, then connected the 9800pro and tried to...
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    ps/2 vs usb keyboard and mouse.

    Any difference?. I just made the switch to usb and aside from missing my 2 usb ports, everything seems ok...
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    gpedit help

    Hear ye [H]ard brothers and sisters I have a problem. One computer in a network i tried to fix has some type of group policy set that disables folder creation in c: Any idea which group policy is, i've searched and it seems none is set to enabled... thx
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    NOD32 detects Win32/Tool.TPE.A, what is it?

    I can't find the description of this virus anywhere? When I look up on google it only brings up 20 results all pointing to Eset home or affiliates and no description. In Eset Homepage the only info available about this virus is that it is supported in one of the latest database updates...
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    DAP 7.5 and Adware?

    On it says "spyware free". But it doenst necesarily include adware right?
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    Folding and Internet Bandwidth

    I'm on a extremely limited bandwith 16Kb/s up&down. How much bandwidth does folding for, say Proteins, need? I'm in the process to get a free box and join the [H]orde...
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    The Bard's Tale Geforce Slowdown Fix

    Taken from IGN Boards. To make the hex changes use HexWorkshop or a program in its likehood. Any troubles PM me, i've already done this and it works.
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    Wanna see some [H]ard Case Fan Deployment?

    An idea which seems stable... (hopefully) yes... those are rubber bands...
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    6600 cuts the borders of my video on fullscreen overlay, why?

    I have dual screen display (so to speak). I Primary Display is a CRT and my secondary is my TV. The problem is that my PNY 6600 cuts an inch or so of the borders of all my videos as they show on the TV. I have no idea why, or how to fix this.... Any clues on this? thx
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    Electronics Supplies Store at Montreal or/and Canada?

    Im traveling on vacations to both cities and i have the urge to get some electronic supplies from there. I live in Ecuador and you can't get any good electronic elements down here. Thx in advance
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    QuackViper is back thru MajorGeeks!!!!??!

    wtf... Why would they mirror something like that...? I can only wonder at the amount of email the webmaster will get once people start blaming MajorGeeks for that guide borking their machine...
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    PIC Microcontroller Proyect Ideas.

    Any of you guys have any links or ideas for proyects involving this type of microcontrollers. Preferably using 16f84 or 16f877. I just got a position as research assistant in my university and i want to build something good on my first assignment. Thx
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    Dell Inspiron XPS Gen2 at $2249

    here's the link dont know if this is a good deal or not. But the offer ends today
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    MS Antispyware problem...

    I have this problem that the ms antispyware realtime protection is not getting enabled. Has anyone else had the same problem?
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    Ways an ISP could cap Bittorrent?

    My general connection speed is bad. 128kbps up / 128 kbps down. Nothing to be proud of there. And my torrent download upload speeds always were around 15kbps up / 13 kbps down. My client is azureus That was a week ago. Now I cant get any speed at all. I left a torrent up all night and it only...
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    program for limiting bandwidth app by app

    Hello. Any of you guys know of a program that allows bandwidth limiting by app. I have a very limited down speed 128k, with no way to improve it... And i want to limit azureus, ares and firefox bandwidth... I know that ares and azureus have options for this but for some reason they dont...
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    Deal on NEC FP950, i think, gimme a hand here

    I am offered a second hand CRT NEC MULTISYNC FP950 flatscreen 19" for $100. The monitor plastic edges are kinda damaged but the display seems fine. Aside from a 2 almost impercetible horizontal black lines. What do you think? Side note: I live in Ecuador, South America. Here your typical...
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    I just saw an ad that states that netscape (the ISP) has this web acceleration thing that makes you browse faster. Im just wondering if anyone knows how are they supposedly going to do this? How do they make my browsing faster that is?
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    Help me anylizing this dump.

    This dump was obtained from windows xp sp2 intall. Please help me understand what it means... Just rename it to .dmp, please.
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    DIY s-video cable

    I need to make a long s-video cable and i live somewhere where there are no long s-video cables for sale.... I have 2 small of s-video cables that i can use for parts but im pretty much at a loss from what to do about joining them? I have to physically join them, cant use female-female...