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    New phone .. Pixel 4a 5g !

    I've never seen it that low either, kirbyrj, and I've been shopping around a bit. Best I have seen (and still current) is a 4a (no 5G) for 299.99 from Best Buy. I'm still limping along on an OG Pixel. Overall still performs well but beginning to see some things start to decline.
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    LG 48CX

    I've been following along with this thread. I'm trying to convince my brother to get one of these for the living room we share and that he games on with PS4. I just saw upcoming sale on these posted on slickdeals...
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    Last Epoch

    Hmmm...always interested in a new ARPG and would certainly throw some money at an upcoming addition to the genre. BUT..the first review on Steam (applekwisp) is pretty indepth and they seem to understand the genre. I do not like the starting price, nor the fact there are microtransactions...
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    32” LG 32QN650-B 2560x1440 QHD IPS HDR10 75hz FreeSync Monitor $239 /w code

    I've been poking around trying to figure out similar. It seems this one is IPS vs other panel type (VA), and this one is 75Hz vs 144Hz.
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    32” LG 32QN650-B 2560x1440 QHD IPS HDR10 75hz FreeSync Monitor $239 /w code

    I missed the blurb with the code at first too, but it still is working. Very tempted. "$239 + free s/h w/ code BSL22" Savings: $57.99 Coupon: BSL22...
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    Gods will Fall

    Sid Meier's Pirates crossed with Torchlight....hmmm. Fond of both but pay to play either in 2021?!
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    Terminator: Resistance

    Pulling the trigger on this finally. 40% off looks like the lowest it's been offered and seems to have some more content since release. I'm bored with Division 2, so this should entertain me for a while.
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    **It's DEAD, Jim** Logitech MX518 $19.99 / G203 Lightsync $14.99 and more on sale at Best Buy

    The new one feels almost exactly like the OG. I had both plugged in and kept swapping back-and-forth whilst surfing the net and also playing some quick games on Kongregate (as a quick way to test some gaming). The laser is definitely more sensitive on the new version, if you raise the DPI with...
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    **It's DEAD, Jim** Logitech MX518 $19.99 / G203 Lightsync $14.99 and more on sale at Best Buy

    Scored a used OG MX518 on Ebay for under $30, but just bought one of these new ones as a back up. I will test them out side-by-side to see how the new one stacks up against to original.
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    Inland Professional 1TB 3D QLC NAND PCIe Gen 3 x4 NVMe M.2 Internal SSD $89.99

    Learned something new there. Thanks for pointing out the difference between the Professional and Premium.
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    Inland Professional 1TB 3D QLC NAND PCIe Gen 3 x4 NVMe M.2 Internal SSD $89.99

    Back down to 99.99! Original post updated...
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    Smokin' Hot Deal: Microcenter Inland SSD 1TB $89.99 + TAX Down below $100, at $96.99
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    The Ascent (Cyberpunk ARPG)

    Agreed. This definitely piques my interest. I will have to keep an eye on this as they continue to develop it.
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    Inland Professional 1TB 3D QLC NAND PCIe Gen 3 x4 NVMe M.2 Internal SSD $89.99

    I saw this on an ad today, and was going to post in the previous thread, but that was locked down. Back down to 89.99...
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    The Division 2

    Ah...I thought the patch was already released. I guess it helps to read the release date of April 21st...DOH. I will have to try it again today or tomorrow.
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    Budget Gaming Laptop Suggestions ($500-$800?)

    They have some other lists for different price points. I just selected the $600, as it was roughly the middle of your price range. If you can afford to shoot for the 800 mark you will get a better machine with more features. Also check Dell (or other manufacturers) refurbs. That's what I...
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    The Division 2

    $hit is still broken. I just went there and still cannot get up over the canisters to gain entry.
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    Budget Gaming Laptop Suggestions ($500-$800?)
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    The Division 2

    I was just trying to gain access to Angel of Mercy contaminated area. Even watched some YT videos to try to get in, but I lost patience after about five minutes, and went off to clear some CPs.
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    Weirdest issue with "UPLAY" i've ever experienced! HELP!!

    I'm not sure this will help or apply to your situation, but had some issues with Division 2 recently: Recommended verifying files (right click on Division 2 in UPlay GUI), which found some corrupted files, and corrected them. Games is back to normal graphically.
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    Coronavirus : Folding@home takes the challenge, needs your help.

    Just joined FAH & [H}ardOCP (33) team. Happy to help out when I can. I'm currently only assigned a CPU based WU. No GPU WU at the moment. Oops. Just got assigned Project14580 on the GPU side. Will keep an eye on how this works.
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    The Division 2

    New patch has the graphics glitching out. Buildings flickering in/out, then complete black slanted planes from ground to sky. Sometimes its fine then I got into a firefight and everything goes crazy and cannot see targets. Everything was tip-top prior to this new patch. 👎 Searched to see if...
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    The Division 2

    I played a bit last night after the patch finished downloading. I had a few cocktails in the system but enemy AI seemed beefed up to me and stomped me pretty hard. Also noticed the gear has different attributes and what seems like one attribute that may level up with use or is it just showing...
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    The Division 2

    This. I love checking out random alleys or underground parking to find random chests. In the beginning I came across those locked fence doors and was thinking, "oh you must get a key later on, to access these". Meanwhile I'm standing there holding a 7.62 MK17...Doh!
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    The Division 2

    I'm pretty sure donating the equipment does have an effect. I spent a good amount of time leveling the Theater camp up and then the patrols were better armed, more aggressive (still probably agree their AI is not on par with enemy), and more patrols. Also I would come across patrols actively...
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    The Division 2

    $3wave agent here. This is a damn good game; almost addictive. I don't usually go after this type of game but I'm having a blast with it.
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    Toasty - The Division 2 & All DLC 85% off

    Picked it up for $3. Will see how I like it. Not too impressed with UPlay platform. Haven't dealt with it since Might & Magic X Legacy.
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    Borderlands 3

    I tried it over the weekend and got to the part with the Valkaries and whilst running for my life/shooting-and-moving I ran off the edge of a platform and died. Grrrr. I think I will pass on attempting again as it does not seem worth the reward. It will bug the part of me that likes to...
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    New Star Wars movie to be made by Ragnarok director

    This was the most interesting snippet, for me.
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    Borderlands 3

    Interesting. I got my level 50 Moze to the Blacksite and was murdered by the creatures outside. I was at Mayhem 1. Was going to go back with Mayhem off but it seems I would have gotten a smackdown again. Guess I'll give it another try and see how far I get solo. Still haven't managed to...
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    Borderlands 3

    If you haven't played before and are leery of spending a lot of money on a game you may not be into; I'd recommend picking up Borderlands 2 for 4.99 to try out (or spend a bit more for GOTY edition with DLCs; still under $10 usually)...
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    Remnant: From the Ashes

    Thanks for the heads up on this Comixbooks . This isn't a game I would typically pay attention to but the above videos piqued my interest enough that I bought it on Saturday. It's pretty good game; great graphics and atmosphere and smooth game play. The enemies can be a little punishing which...
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    Borderlands 3

    Interactive Skill trees have been made available:
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    Grim Dawn Alpha starts tomorrow

    Pretty impressed with this. I have been taking a hiatus away from GD. Time to get back at it.
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    The best gaming mouse EVER is back It seems the size and shape are the same but it is lighter due in some part to smaller pcb and internal components. A user was able to mod his with weighted putty to get it to a more...
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    Dimensions of keyboards ,,

    You are probably going to need to look into TKL (ten keyless) keyboards if space is a premium. I think most normal TKL keyboards will be right around 14" in length. There are compact ones that will shave another 2" off the length, like this...
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    Gearbox Borderlands 3 rumors

    C3W33-RZ6ZJ-TFJ6C-TTJ33-RFHX5 100 Keys!!!! W3KJB-H9CBW-XRBRW-JTBTJ-9JRXK 25 Keys!! 53KBB-KXXRC-RZ66Z-WFJBB-WSRZ3 Zero skin + 5 keys WT5JB-T9KZB-XFT6W-TTTTB-W5WJB 5 keys twitter code; good until 4/15. This one did not seem to work for me.
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    Grim Dawn Alpha starts tomorrow

    Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods is in the Top Selling games on the Steam front page right now; even at full release price. Congrats to Crate! I am holding off on buying this as I just recently bought Ashes of Malmouth and haven't even made it that far in the game despite having close to 1100 hours...
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    Swiss Gear Backpacks @ Buydig

    I noticed they show the velcro strap on the attached cardboard showing different features of the bag. I checked the laptop sleeve again, thinking I had missed it or it was tucked away somewhere. It would be a nice feature to have but not a deal breaker for me. Perhaps this was omitted during...
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    Swiss Gear Backpacks @ Buydig

    Thanks Penguincomp for pointing out this deal! I got my blue pack yesterday and I am impressed with the build quality and materials. Its very comfortably carrying my work 15" laptop with extra battery, mouse, paperwork, wallet, etc. I am going to get some good use out of this pack.