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    Star Wars gaming..

    Humblebundle has alot of good starwars games up right now, cheap. I grabbed it for Dark Forces and the rest of the lot for cheap. Some nostalgia, and a few titles I generally wouldn't touch. DF alone and a friend who wants to play bfII are what drew me in.. Does anyone else miss this sorta...
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    760 or 7950.

    I'm in the looking for a new vid card. Both cards seem to trade punches, but with the recent NV pricecuts, i'm a little worried about making the right choice. Should I jump on a 760 2gb card with physx or a 7970 3gb card? choices choices. I'm leaning toward the NV card with physx as I don't...
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    Pre-fab watercoolers.. ie, antec/corsair.

    I was wondering how reliable these coolers from antec/coolermaster/corsair are. A big question i have is how resistant is the tubing compared to heat generated in the case. What i'm looking at cooling is a 965 be(c3), which is ready for an oc (3.8 currently, but heat is killing me.), but i'd...
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    Steam Summer Sale.

    Does anyone know when this officially kicks off? I'm pretty stoked to get a good backlog of games to hold me off for a month or two. I've seen a few threads about GOG starting theirs, and was hoping steam would be following suite soon. Thanks in advance.