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    Fan controler for large 172 MM fan

    I was browsing Frozen CPU andcame apoun this, . Anyway long story short, I don't think standard fan controlers you buy would be up to the task for this fan simply because of the wattages involved. I don't want to have to listen to 54 DB of fan...
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    basic OC gone wrong need help FAST! >_<"

    I finally decided to put windows on my linux box. (big mistake) So I decided to OC it and play with it a little seeing as how I'm planning to do the same with my next project. Anyway, it's a Barton 2800, 333 bus, on an Asus A8n7x Nfroce 2, With budget Mushkin 400 ram, and a Saphire 9600 XT...
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    CPU block

    Hello I am currently in a quandry about which CPU water block to sellect for my new project I am undertakeing. I am in the stagees of gathering bits and peices and materials and designing. I want alot of preformance out of this rig, but I also want it to be relitively silent, thats why I am...
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    Large Radiator ?

    Hello I'm a novice at water cooling, I have put 1 rig together and was happy with it. But with my new rig I am designing I want to push farther and harder and have some actual overclockability in the rig and it's components with out going to phase change. I've started looking at large...