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    Build Update - Gaming Rig - Suggestions Please

    Folks, I'm out of the loop as far as new hardware goes, but am looking to upgrade my PC for the upcoming Half Life Alyx and Cyberpunk 2077 releases. I also play a fair amount of PUBG, but that game is so buggy and error ridden that I know there's no way to guarantee good performance on any...
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    New HTPC Hardware Advice?

    Some months ago my HTPC began having serious issues. Basically all the hardware in there is 5+ years old (it's got DDR2) and I didn't have the budget to replace the hardware at the time, so just used my chromecast for a while. Now I do have the budget, though I'd like to keep things as...
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    Replacing HTPC Guts

    Sorry to be lazy and post here, but I'm so far out of the loop on low to mid-level new hardware it's not even funny. I've got a HTPC that's running a chip I don't recall sitting in an EVGA 750i SLi FTW mobo, vid card is a GTX 670, and I have an old PCI Xonar D2 sound card sitting in there, all...
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    **DEAD** GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 980 TI 6GB XTREME GAMING EDITION, The Division Game $534.99

    I straight stole this from Slickdeals, here, so I'm not claiming credit or anything. "Newegg has the GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 980Ti 6GB XTREME GAMING EDITION (GV-N98TXTREME C-6GD) [] + The Division Game (06G-P4-0998-KR)[] - $50 Rebate[] - 10% discount code...
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    MSI GTX 780Ti GAMING GTX 780 Ti 3GB for $669.00

    As linked, ripped from Slickdeals. Must add to cart to see price. If you buy and have a slickdeals account, please giv rep to slickdeals poster.
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    Hot? Intel 4770K for $289.99 FS w/ Prime

    Intel 4770k at Amazon It's part of a single day sale at Amazon, the rest of which can be found here and inlcudes the Gigabyte Z87 LGA 1150 4 Way SLI Dual LAN ATX Motherboard (GA-G1.SNIPER 5 for $329.99 I don't know the normal deals that happen on this chip and MB, so if the deal...
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    Free Neverwinter code for Ingame Stuff

    As stated in title, I have one code that gets you: Archmage's apprentice companion Potion of Accuracy x10 minor potion of force x10 Potion of Lesser Healing x10 Portable Alter x5 Identify Scrolls (Bound) x5 I don't know what this stuff is, but it's free to the first person that PM's me asking...
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    Six Monitor Vid Card Solution? WWYD?

    What would you do given the following? Around mid 2011 I built a stock trading rig for my dad that had three monitors and the following specs: Case: Silverstone Raven RV-02 PSU: Corsair TX650 CPU: Intel i5 5200 (overkill, I know. I suggested a lower power CPU but he wanted the system...
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    Watching vids stored on another computer on my HTPC with no wait?

    Noob question. I'm not even sure how to search for this, and I'm sure it's somewhere out there, so apologies in advance for, I'm sure, re-asking this question: I have my HTPC and my Main rig all connected to the internet and each other in a homegroup through wired connections to my router...
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    20% Sitewide at ThinkGeek

    Use coupon code: BLUERUPEE Now is the time to get that TaunTaun sleeping bag you always wanted for 20% off. Should be free shipping on orders over $75 too.
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    SeaSonic X750 750W 80 Plus Gold Full Modular Power Supply $90 AR + F/S

    It's back! I got this PSU at around this price a while back and it's a great unit. Some of the best quality on the market, well built, and hard to pass up at this price. Courtesy of Slickdeals:
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    From SD:DeadSpace 3, Crysis 3, Army of Two PreOrder+ $20 promo credit =$60

    From Slickdeals, not my find: I'm in for Deadspace 3 PC. I love that series. In the...
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    Asus Xonar D2 to Receiver. How do I do this?

    I have almost completed my htpc build using old parts and dropped my Asus Xonar D2 in there. I want to run audio to a Sony STR K502p receiver. My problem is that there are three outputs on the sound card; One for front, one for side surround, and one for rear, and then just the typical Right...
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    Lenovo Multimedia Remote Keyboard N5902 (Non-backlit): $30.00 via FatWallet

    It wouldn't let me easily go to a page just for that deal, it's surrently the 5-6th deal from the top. Lenovo N5902 Coupon Code: USP1JA331503 Seem to be a little finicky in terms of range, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper, and smaller, than the apple keyboard and trackpad I was thinking...
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    Where did all the [H]ot deals go?

    Is it just me, or are there not been many [H]ot deals out recently? I see the occasional screaming deal on something, but the last thing I recall seeing was the 50" Panasonic plasma for $489 on slickdeals. Maybe I got spoiled by the deals around christmas, but the post-christmas sales were...
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    Logitech Harmony 700 - $59.99

    From FW: Picking one up for my HTPC build and to control my surround sound system and TV. I couldn't pass it up at this price.
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    Yet another "What Remote?" Thread

    I'm making a HTPC with the following: Case: Lian Li: PC-AO5B (Until I can get a Silverston GD08B) Mobo: MSI P35 Neo 2FR CPU: Core 2 Duo e4200 VidCard: 8800GTS 512 Storage: To be determined, waiting on holiday price drops OS: Windows 8 with Media Center installed Now, what remote do I...
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    If Bang & Olufson Made a Case

    This would be it. I want one. It's be such a shame to ruin it with cables coming out the back though.
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    HTPC from old Parts. Workable?

    I want an HTPC, have a bunch of old parts laying around, but don't know if the processor has enough power to play back HD content. I've got: Core 2 duo E4300 MSI p35 Neo2-FR Mobo 4 gigs of RAM. May be matched, can't recall. ASUS Xonar D2 Galaxy 560ti Corsair HX550 What I would...
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    GTX 670 Sound via HDMI, No Sound From Subwoofer

    I have my computer and main monitor in one room, then around the doorjamb I have my living room with my crappy 32 inch Vizio and my Sony surround sound system. The receiver is model number TSR-K502P. There where five speakers and a subwoofer included when I purchased the receiver. So that I...
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    GTX 670 Mirrored displays at different resolutions?

    I moved in with my Lady and am trying to set up our apartment. Equipment is as follows: System in sig with GTX 670. Primary display = Korean 27" Monitor 2560x1440. Single input: Dual Link DVI Secondary Display= Crappy Vizio 32" 720P TV connected via HDMI Primary display is in front of...
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    i5 3750k vs Q9550

    So, I'm still rocking my q9550. I skipped Sandy Bridge, but am planning on upgrading sometime in the future. No rush, a GPU upgrade is coming before a new mobo, processor, and RAM, but my main question is how much of a jump in performance would moving from the mobo, processor, and RAM in my...
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    Media Server or Media Server/HTPC rig from recycled parts

    I'm going to be upgrading soon, leaving me with a good few spare parts. I've been wanting to rig up a separate machine with a RIAD setup to back up my computers and store all my movies and music. This is the primary goal. I've also sort of wanted an HTPC, and if I can wrap them all into one...
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    New Rig Advice

    Current system specs are: Intel q9550 XIGMATEK Dark Knight SD1283 CPU Cooler. 2x2 Gigs G-Skill DDR 1000 @ 5-5-5-15 Galaxy GTX 560 ti EVGA 750i SLi FTW Seasonic X650 Silverstone FT-02 WD Raptor 150 gig Seagate 1 tb Samsung 2tb Random crappy DVD Burner I'm starting to plan this a ways out since...
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    Can a Corsair HX520 power a 560ti or a HD 6950?

    I'm looking at upgrading my video card once the prices shake out over the next month/month and a half, but I worry that my PSU will not be able to power a newer card, the 560ti in particular. Having to buy a new PSU to power a card would push my upgrade schedule back at least a month, which...
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    Need a System Update: Advice

    My system is as follows: Intel q9550 @stock clocks 2x2 Gigs G-Skill DDR 1000 @ 5-5-5-15 EVGA 8800 GTS 512 EVGA 750i SLi FTW Corsair HX520 I need to give my system more capacity to play current games, not at the higher settings necessarily, I'm under no illusions, but I'd like to be...
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    Blackberry Playbook, Businesses buy 2, get one free. Not hot, right? Because the playbook sucks. But, like my HTC HD2, pretty decent hardware that's crippled by a crappy OS(Windows Mobile 6.5) can get a community of people behind it that will do a custom Android...
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    Monitor Issue. 1/4 of screen lighter than the rest.

    I built a new computer for my dad so that he could stock trade more effectively. He had three monitors already, and I used a Radeon hd 5670 to output to all three of them. The oldest of them is a Soyo 24" that serves as the central display. A few days ago it began displaying 3/4ths of the...
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    Feedback on a i-5 build please

    I've been out of the hardware loop for some time since I'm paying for school out of pocket, and am building a trading computer for my dad. He'll be beginning with three monitors, with the idea of being able to upgrade to six if he wants to later, and possibly adding another graphics card. This...
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    System Build Recommendations. 3 Monitor Support.

    I need to build a system for my dad, as his ancient machine just kicked the bucket ad is not worth repairing. He does a fair bit of online stock trading, would like triple monitor support and already has three monitors. I doubt the monitors he has have mini display port input, so I'm assuming...
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    Did anyone else's 8800GTS get borked by windows update?

    Today I realized I hadn't run windows update in a oouple of weeks, so I did so. There was a driver update for my 8800GTS 512 which I selected, hoping maybe I'd get a little more performance on civ5. Upon reboot, no output to my monitor. I tried pulling the cable from one output on the card...
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    Mac Book Pro, securely erasing HD, how to?

    My g/f has a macbook pro, circa mid 2006 that's finally bitten the dust. Apple says it would cost $1300+ to repair, so she got a new one. She'd like to sell the old one to someone that can use it for parts, but we want to wipe the data first. The caveat is that her optical disc drive is...
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    Windows 7 x64. Files keep reverting to Read Only.

    I've had Windows 7 x64 for a while now. I'm trying to do some wholesale track info editing with a program called Tune Up so I don't have to manually edit track information for thousands of MP3's in iTunes. I'm having problems with that and I think it relates to the folders holding th MP3's...
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    Xonar Install Problems, Help?

    Are there compatibility problem that I can't find on google wqith Xonar cards and the EVGA 750i SLi FTW motherboards? This is the second Xonar card I've bought that will not let me install the drivers. It says the extra power cable is not connected and aborts the install. I first purchased a...
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    Where are the soundcard deals?

    I've been cursed by a win 7 lack of driver issue for my very old sound card. I see deals for everything else out there, but not for a good sound card. I realize that the two best companies out there are ASUS and Creative, but these guys produce a lot of sound cards..... Are they really...
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    Opinions please. Need a new sound card

    At long last I have to get a new sound card. There are no windows 7 drivers for my SBLive XGamer and it's causing issues with my microphone while playing left for dead 2. Ideally, I'd like the card to cost as little as possible as my budget is around $75, if I could spend less, that'd be great...
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    Cutting Mobo Tray Holes in PC-A05B.

    I have an older Lian Li PC-A05B. I'm cutting some holes for fans in the top and bottom of my case, and while I'm at it, I want to cut holes in the mobo tray like found in the PC-A05BN. I can't find a clear picture of the motherboard tray. I don't feel comfortable cutting the holes without a...
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    Warm? 3-Pack ViewSonic VX2433wm 24" 1080p LCD $500

    Pulled from BensBargains. Not sure on the quality of the monitors, but that's a lot of pixels for relatively little $.
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    nVidia Rep in the forums?

    I tried to register in the official nVidia forums, but am having problems getting it to register my account properly. I was wondering if there was an nVidia rep in these forums. I'm growing increasingly frustrated with my SLi system, particularly because of nVidia's shoddy software. The...