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    Waiting on a backordered 1gb GTX 460 - Cancel and go for a 5850?

    My MSI 1gb GTX 460 is on backorder right now, and I am debating cancelling the order and getting a XFX 5850 instead. Is the 5850 worth the extra 60$? I'm using a Asus Crosshair IV Formula, so CrossfireX is my main reasoning.
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    Where to go from 1gb GTS 250?

    I game at 1920x1080 only - using a 40" Sony Bravia The GTS 250, is doing the trick for now but I would really like to boost the settings and get games looking reaaaalll nice. I play Battlefield Bad Company 2 mostly right now, and Im stuck with medium settings.. which still do like nice. I...
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    Where to go from the v1000?

    I bought my v1000 two or three years ago, and I've never been in love with it being silver. (Bought it used on impulse, rather than waiting to find a black :mad: ) I've been out of the loop for quite some time, and don't really know whats out in the market currently. My requirements are...
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    Which AGP card? 4650 w/ HDMI, or 3850?

    The 4650: The 3850: I recently upgraded from my Viewsonic a70 (Hells ya, beige 17" CRT) to a HP w2408h LCD. I was just planning on picking up whatever AGP card the shop had laying around that...
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    Lian Li V1000 - RATTLES D:

    Ive had this case for a couple days now and it is UNBEARABLE. It rattles INTENSLEY all over. Has anyone dealt with this problem?
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    Antec TrueBlue 480w enough for 3850 AGP?

    Here's a review of the PSU Now, Im planning on picking up a HD3850 AGP pretty soon, and was wondering if my current PSU will do the job? Not a whole lot else is there, 1HDD, DVD, and the Athlon XP thats in there.
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    How would TF2 run?

    So I was playing TF2 at a friends house this weekend. His PC devours that game (Q6600, 8800GTS 640, blah blah D:) Anyway, does anyone have an idea how TF2 would run on my (very outdated) PC? Athlon XP 2800+ 1gb RAM FX 5700 Ultra Wouldnt expect anything all that great, just playable is...
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    Places to find mesh locally?

    Everyone and their dog know's of MNPC's mesh, but I have zero way of ordering any. Before I go scour every last hardware place in town tomorrow, can anyone give me ideas of what stores may have some? Anyone know if Canadian Tire, or Irly Bird has mesh?
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    Running Cat5 along the outside of my house - Okay against weather?

    I'm planning on running some cat5e outside, along the side of my house and into another room. (Cheaper than a Xbox 360 wireless adapter :p ) I have plenty of other cables doing the same, (cable etc.) but I am not 100% sure about the idea, as this standard cat5 seems a little wimpy compared to...
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    Asus P5N32-SLI Deluxe compatible with Pentium Dual Core E2160?

    I know the Asus P5N32-SLI Deluxe isnt compatible with Core2Duo. Does anyone know anything about the E2160 compatibility?
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    Which heatsink for socket A?

    I'm looking for a new heatsink for my AXP 2800+, the stock cooler works decently during most of the year but gets a little too hot for my liking during the hot summer months. I'm looking at these four heatsinks: Coolermaster Hyper 6+...
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    Leak testing - How to color the water without expesive additive?

    It's time to leak test all of my gear, I wont be here for most of the weekend so I'll be needing it to stain the paper towel to see leaks easily. I know there are plenty of colored additives but I don't wish to buy one, and none can be found locally. Any poorman solutions?
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    Cleaning WC components - How?

    I just bought a bunch of used WC stuff. At the bottom of the Res. there is some sort of growth/buildup that makes it looks 'smoky'. I was wondering how I should clean this out. I've tried running water through, but it doesn't have the power to lift it off. It does rub off though. (I...
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    System turning off after start-up.

    Today I swapped out my Zalman 7000AlCu for the stock cooler, on my AXP 2800+. After POST, the computer turns off. I try again, nothing happens. I fiddle around, and eventually it turns back on. At the "Choose Last Known Good Config, etc" screen, I select Start Windows normally. Turns...
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    Black Ice Pro 120 Template

    Anyone know where I could find a Black Ice Pro 120 template? I've seen one for the BIP II, and 120 fans, but not the BIP.
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    Anybody know anything about these parts?

    Pictures of the hardware can be found here. I'm looking into buying that stuff of a fellow [H] member. I'll be using this stuff for a first time WCing of my AXP 2800+. (I'll be buying a Swiftech Apogee) Anyway, I just want some basic info on the...
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    Athlon XP 1500+ OC'd to 2800+ speeds

    While swapping out my 2600+ to test my old un-used 1500+, I failed to lower the FSB to 100Mhz, from 166. After DXDIAGing and noticing what I've done, I decided to stress test. After 1/2hour of SP2004, and a low load temp of 42. I'm quite happy. The load temp of the OC'd 1500+ is the same as...
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    Questions about TV Tuner

    I just ordered a TV Tuner from a fellow [H]ard member, and I have a few questions. I don't actually know the brand/model of the card, but I have some pics of it. First thing I...
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    Dead MoBo or CPU? (Possibly RAM?)

    I was working on my MythTV box last night. (The one with the crazzily desgined MoBo) And when I powered, on I got no post, and no video. The CPU fan, and video card fan both powered on. The MoBo is a Sono VK 2208 The CPU is a Athlon XP 1500+ RAM is 256mb of PC100. Any ideas? I'll try...
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    Who designs a motherboard like that!?

    I picked up a Sono VK 2208 Hawk for a Myth TV rig I'm making. After installing it in the case I look at it. Apparently that thought it would be a good idea to put the RAM next to the AGP slot. I won't be able to put the video card in (FX 5700 Ultra) that board. So, I'm in need of a...
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    Dremel VS Other Rotary Tools

    For a few years I've been using a Dremel Multi-Pro I've noticed that it's starting to die. I asked my Grandparents for a new rotary tool, and they got me a Mastercraft w/ a ton of extra stuff. :) How do Mastercraft rotary tools match up to Dremels? Edit - This is a spin saw kit...
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    Antec TrueBlue - Way to turn off the LEDs?

    I'm doing a PurePwnage case, mod and am changing the lighting in my case from blue to red. The main problem is the PSU, which has blue LEDs. Anyone know of a way to turn them off? Need more information? Just ask.
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    PurePwnage Case Mod

    When - Over the holidays What - PurePwange logo as the window (With black mesh behind) Most of the case will be red Jeremy Headband on the front Suggestions? Where - Workshop Why - Joined the PurePwnage Gamer Army. Onto the worklog! Masked and sketched. (Modified the logo...
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    8800GTS vs GTX. Extra 200$ worth it?

    Before anyone posts links to NewEgg. NCIX is local (Canada) and I will be ordering from them. Both would be a giant upgrade for me. (Using a 6800 in current rig) I'll be gaming on a Dell...
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    Stability issues - Even while not OC'd.

    I've been having some stability issues. Everyonce in a while, while doing something my PC will just restart. The last time was while playing Oblivion. Once I had loaded up windows I checked all the temps. Video card - 48 (VF700-AlCu) CPU - 40 (7000B-AlCu) And Ambient - Which was 30 I...
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    How do I get this damn heatsink off?

    Got it.
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    Modding a PSU

    In my file server I have an extremely loud PSU. The fan in it is a little 80mm. What I plan to do - Remove the currnet fan in the PSU. Cut up the PSU's casing, adding in mesh windows for airflow. Mount the PSU in a 5 1/4 drive bay with a 120mm fan placed in front of it. (The fan will just...
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    Setting up a LAN PARTY, internet needed?

    In the first LAN Part we had we had everyone hooked up to hubs, which were hooked up to a router, which was hooked up to the cable modem. This months LAN we have rented out a local Judo Dojo, and will be using that. The bad thing, there's no way to hook up to the internet. Q - Could we...
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    Hot deals at Radioshack!

    Ultra Wizard for 9.99$ AR Ultra Aluminus for 29.99$ AR Wizard Case With 500W Power Supply 29.99 AR...
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    Decent socket A mobo?

    First off, don't tell me to upgrade. I have a s939 rig, the sktA rig is my LAN rig. Basically, I need a new MoBo as my ASROCK isn't good enough. I'm looking for a new board. Something that looks nice, (So preferably not an ugly brown) and...
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    Free HotMat Mousepad Apparently it's legit. Check it out! Ships worldwide. Edit - You have to sign-up with one of their sponsors. I guess I'm out.
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    How would you compare this to other cards like it?

    I'll be recieving this card shortly And I am wondering how it stacks to other cards like it. EG other models of 6800's, X800s (Primarily the X800 GTO) and let's say a 9800 PRO.
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    Which Arctic Cooler to use? I will be getting an Arctic Cooler to use on that card due to to the crappy stock fan. There are two different ones for 6800's. Accelero X1 And...
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    Question about XaserII A5000D

    I just noticed that XaserII's were only 30 bucks here So I decided I might buy one. The only big knock I have against it, is that 800mm fans are used. Question - How much room is there to mod in a 120mm fan in the front and back?
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    TT Bigwater 745, good for someone starting out?

    I may be buying a Thermaltake Bigwater 745, along with a dangerden waterblock for skt A. I know I have seen a lot of bashing of the Bigwaters, but I just need something to start out with. (Will be my first time WC'ing) How is the Bigwater745 for a noobie?
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    For gamin which is better, WiFi or Wired?

    I'm fairly sure wired is, but can anyone clarify why? Any articles on the subject?
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    Antec Minuet 300, how much room for stuff?

    After scrapping the idea of getting a Microfly I startef looking at the Antec Minuet 300. The one thing that is making me hesitate is the room. How much room is in there for a video card? Could I get something like this...
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    How would the performances differ?

    I'll be getting a Athlon XP 2600+ for my socket A system, which I will be overclocking to 2.4GHz (Aiming for. I might stay at 2.2Ghz) In my 939 rig I have an Athlon XP 3800+, which runs at 2.4GHz. They'll both be running at 2.4Ghz, but which will have the better performance.
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    Easiest way to OC a XP 2600+?

    Mobo - Asrock K7S41GX CPU - Athlon XP 2600+ HSF - Zalman 7000B-AlCu I recently bought (Waiting for it to arrive) an Athlon XP 2600+, and was wondering the easiest/safest way to OC it. I heard overclocking a 2500+ to 3200+ speeds is easy, so it should be the same with a 2600+ right? Any...
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    How much for a Radeon Pro 9800?

    What is a reasonable price for a Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb? How bout a 256mb?