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    HIS R9 270x - No Reserve
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    HIS Radeon R9 270x IceQ X² - 2GB GDDR5 - 1000MHz

    I have two of these up for sale. They're good cards, especially in crossfire. All original accessories and box included.
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    Best way to limit leechers

    Very very easy using mod_rewrite. You would match based on the request starting with index.php. If it doesn't match then you would rewrite the request to index.php.
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    Simple psexec UI

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    MSI Z77A-GD56 Motherboard - LGA 1155

    Thanks for the heads up, it is the 65.
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    Microsoft volume licensing issue

    When you try to activate and it fails, you will be given a phone number to call.
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    MSI Z77A-GD56 Motherboard - LGA 1155

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    PCIe slot dead?

    I've actually had this happen once. I was playing around with GPU voltages and tried a voltage that was too low. Kind of weird because I never though I could damage anything by undervolting it too much. Anyway long story short the pci-e slot was damaged but the video card still worked in other...
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    Keyboard & mouse stop working

    Glad to hear you got it figured out.
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    Need help asap! OS issue!

    That makes a lot more sense.
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    Microsoft volume licensing issue

    Even if it didn't work, if you have legit licenses there's always a number provided that you can call. I've had to do that a couple times when reinstalling /w oem keys. I've never had an issue, and in my experience Microsoft just activates anything that people call in for. There doesn't seem to...
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    Logitech mouse 12,000 DPI improves on old features

    It's a wonder how anyone even played games with the old ball mice.
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    Need help asap! OS issue!

    That's kind of weird. Are you sure you're using clean media? Maybe the malware is spreading from a usb drive or network share.
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    How did X11coin fly under the radar?

    A lot of the really big hashers are just renting through betarigs and what have you.
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    Most of my clients use Sophos. It's pretty reliable, easy to use, has lots of features for centralized control. In general I find it less intrusive than other corporate packages. With that said, we did have some performance issues with it. One part of its "end-point" security package is a tool...
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    Sony BDP-BX320 Decent?

    I would be hesitant to invest in any of these all-in-one packages. Like others have said, apps and smart services are more of an after thought. For the most part these companies just want to put the features on their label but don't give two shits about real-world usability. A dedicated machine...
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    Hardware Firewalls?

    What he said. No need for a hardware firewall. The benefits of such a device are primarily for corporate networks where complex security requirements demand better performance and functionality.
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    Laptop HDD overheating?

    Get an SSD. Rotational media is for peasants.
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    Windows alternative to the MacBook Air? (i.e. best ultrabook?)

    I'd hold off on the surface pro 3 until some more people get to play with it. There was some reports of sluggishness and apparently the maximum performance profile isn't available anymore. Definitely would make me wary of using it for any gaming at all.
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    Watch Dogs

    Well, I'm officially going to scratch this one off the list. PC gaming is in a very sad state these days.
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    Looking for a mini rack?

    Maybe I'm spoiled, but I don't touch off brand racks. You loose too many features, especially if you're going to stick the rack some place where cooling and airflow are issues. Plus I love using 0U pdu's ;)
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    Looking for advice on improving a very simple but critical backup situation.

    It obviously depends on the data, but I've had excellent success with Carbonite even in very low bandwidth situations. One of my remote offices backs up via satellite link. It's slow as balls, but as long as a schedule is set on Carbonite and nobody is backing up their mp3 library then it runs...
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    Best way to limit leechers

    Given the layout of the site, I think my original recommendation is a good fit. mod_rewrite + some simple PHP.
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    Dead Island: Riptide, The New Vegas of Dead Island?

    Yea, I'm going to give it another go. I liked the original Dead Island quite a bit.
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    Watch Dogs

    I hear ya, but at the same time I've seen the other side of it too. It's not like these guys plot to put out a total piece of junk. Usually it's a result of management forcing tight budgets and obscene deadlines down everyone's throats. Honestly if you want someone to blame, blame John Q Public...
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    How to repair a joystick?

    Usually it's more effort than it's worth. How much is your time worth? In any case, I doubt anyone will be able to guide you much on here. Take it apart and try and figure out what's going on.
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    Star Wars Attack Squadrons :O

    I would kill for another Jedi Knight instalment.
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    Dead Island: Riptide, The New Vegas of Dead Island?

    Have they fixed a lot of the bugs in this game? I played it way back when it was released and ended up stuck about a 1/4 of the way through because of a bad save. Somehow the save ended up with state information from before the save point, so I couldn't progress when the game got bugged. Really...
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    Watch Dogs

    That's not the case at all. The problem is how complex and time consuming game development is. You could spend 8 years in beta if you refused to release a game without any bugs.
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    A way to always start DNS queries from the top?

    One thing that I can think of is the case of a roaming laptop connecting to an office via VPN. In a lot of cases the VPN interface can provide DNS servers internal to the office network that may serve domains not available externally. If the VPN link is slow it may happen that an attempt to...
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    A Picture I Took 2014 - Contains NSFW Images

    Yea, you're right, definitely has that cgi feel. Still kinda a neat photo though.
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    Best way to limit leechers

    Amazon S3 costs a fortune for storage and bandwidth.
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    Kimera Industries Cerberus: The 18L, mATX, USA-made enclosure

    Not sure if you've locked down a place for production yet or not, but protocase would be a pretty easy route to go. They do the cases for blackblaze and specialize in low quantity runs.
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    Best Open Headphones for $200?

    Stay away from anything Corsair. Nothing but problems for me. Not that they're really a top contender in the headphone market anyway...
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    In Win 901 Case

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    Cross Desk for client

    Looks sick. Can't wait for the next round of updates.
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    Multiple PSU in single case for Bench Supply - Ground Question

    Most AC rectifiers bond the 0v to the ground anyway. You can test continuity between the AC side ground and the 0v on the DC side of the PSU.
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    How many of you leave the your case sides off? (Open Air?)

    I prefer the cleaner look and reduced noise of having the case closed.
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    Some pretty awesome setups in this thread. I'm gonna have to bookmark this and revisit it for my basement build later this year.
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    How many of you have reached >80% on 8GB?

    Out of curiosity, what are you doing that uses that much ram?