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    5 Vega Frontier Edition cards (Individual listings)

    So, just doing my bit to saturate the used GPU market... selling 5 Vega FEs.. i mined Monero for about 6 months for a bit after the cards were launched. I stopped mining since i live in Japan.. I was gonna wait until mining profitability returned... but i got lazy and the cards have just sat...
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    graphics card testing methodology

    I was wondering what HardOcp's testing methodology is: here is one for example: This latest review here...
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    LTB gaming rig for a friend, he's looking to spend ~$1500. he's wanting to drive 3 1440p monitors, so GPU(s) is a priority. computer doesn't have to be built, it can be a collection of parts. case is optional depending on size. PM me your offers for consideration :)
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    Help me bring my 6950 to life

    Bought this card in a system from someone, but the card is dead >_< I have never gotten the card to post ONCE. I can successfully flash the bios. but that doesn't seem to help. Anyways I've tried many different bios on it and still no post :( i'm gonna try to open it and see if it's maybe a...
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    bad Powercolor 6950?

    Well got this rig together Intel Core i7 2500k Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4-B3 Corsair HX 850 Modular Corsair XMS3 8GB (2 x 4GB) OCZ Vertex Limited Edition 100GB SDD Corsair H60 And a bunch of other 2TBs for storage anyways powered it on and it would start and shut off 2 seconds later. and...
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    GIGABYTE GA-P67A-UD4-B3 Problems

    I guess i'm one of the unlucky ones, I'm about to RMA this board, but i'd figure i'd ask the forum for help first. I bought this system from a forum member, and when i got it started, but would not post And then i noticed it was doing endless restarts ranging from 1 second to 10 seconds and...
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    hundreds of free product keys for games

    :cool:Back in 06 i opened up an internet cafe and two years later i liquidated it. forgot i had a bucnh of games that i never got rid off, Anyways here is the list. battlefield 1942: road to rome ALL OUT SORRY battlefield 2: special forcesALL OUT SORRY battlefield 1942 ALL OUT SORRY...
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    toes and fingers clenched, hitting the F5 key with my chin, bouncing my legs up and down, ate a whole box of cookies, accelerated heartrate. I say it's about time!
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    HP DM1Z Battery problem

    Hi [H]ard readers. I don't normally ever post but today i have a weird issue i can't figure out. I noticed the last few times that i came in my tent that my lappie was shut off. so i would turn it back on and the windows start-up options would appear. Anyways i thought someone must have just...