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    5 Vega Frontier Edition cards (Individual listings)

    So, just doing my bit to saturate the used GPU market... selling 5 Vega FEs.. i mined Monero for about 6 months for a bit after the cards were launched. I stopped mining since i live in Japan.. I was gonna wait until mining profitability returned... but i got lazy and the cards have just sat...
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    graphics card testing methodology

    thank you, I have sent him a pm with the link to this thread. I try to make no assumptions, but you're probably right if I had to guess..
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    graphics card testing methodology

    systems with identical hardware specifications, can have drastic performance deltas. a way to attempt to minimalize the potential for that can be by using constant methods for benchmarking. are they re-imaging the systems with a baseline image and then installing the necessary GPU drivers? are...
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    graphics card testing methodology

    bump for a respone :)
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    graphics card testing methodology

    bumping for visibility :(
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    graphics card testing methodology

    to add to the point, here is a post from a [H]member having this type of issue.
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    graphics card testing methodology

    it is irrelevant in most cases, however I have seen previous drivers cause issues even when doing a complete uninstall of previous drivers in addition to using driver clean up utilities. I also don't think I'm striking their methodology, I'm merely inquiring.
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    graphics card testing methodology

    did i post on this on the wrong section?
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    graphics card testing methodology

    I was wondering what HardOcp's testing methodology is: here is one for example: This latest review here...
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    MSI GTX 980 Ti SEA HAWK Overclocked 4K Review @ [H]

    when did this become a trend?? I don't recall reviews here pretending there was no AMD. AMD was also excluded in the main review, i didn't realize it earlier! this pretty much says it, (from the first page of the review): alright it's settled then, no need to include it any further...
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    MSI GTX 980 Ti SEA HAWK Overclocked 4K Review @ [H]

    no fury x... many sites are reporting perf improvements with the new drivers your exclusion of amds product and lack of frame rate varience is why i don't take this site seriously when it comes to reviews..
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    mods, please close. I posted in wrong section..
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    LTB gaming rig for a friend, he's looking to spend ~$1500. he's wanting to drive 3 1440p monitors, so GPU(s) is a priority. computer doesn't have to be built, it can be a collection of parts. case is optional depending on size. PM me your offers for consideration :)
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    Vitamix Refurbished Blenders: 6300 Series $262, 5200 Series $247 | 25% off+Free Ship

    got a 5200 as well and use it almost everyday, it pays for itself :D
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    Ducky Shine 4 now in stock!

    Was this supposed to the on sale?
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    Official Madden 15 Trailer Released

    paid advertisement?
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    Facebook Buying Oculus VR For $2 Billion

    as soon as i noticed it wasn't April 1st, i cringed so hard.. well I will be cancelling my pre-order of the dev kit 2 for sure. I can just imagine something like this "a Facebook account is required to active your Rift, sign in or register" :mad::mad:
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    Tomb Raider @ Amazon $5 [Steam code]

    purchased :)
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    Blockbuster’s Last Day to Rent Set for Today

    rent everything ... lol :D
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    Battlefield 4 Beta Performance Preview @ [H]

    My latest take on it is that i played about 4-5 days ago Specs: 2500k@ 4.3ghz/win 7 / 8 gig DDR3 / 6950 crossfire / latest beta drivers out. installed on SSD with plenty of room left. Was getting bad FPS 40ish but constant stuttering every few seconds (never more than a 10 second...
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    Xbox One Reveal 2013 Highlights

    It's hard to believe their whole presentation was such a disaster. I am almost sure they didn't have a test screening of the event to gauge how much of a fail i'd turn out to be, but their level hindsight has left me puzzled. Half of the presentation was about TV and Skype... Kinnect looks...
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    Enermax Launches The New Fulmo ST

    i like his fake enthusiasm when he says "maxeemun of THEN FANS!"
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    IT Resume Thread

    I just got my dream job in Okinawa Japan :D :D :D i start on the 30th this month I'm sooooo happy! Wanna thank everyone for all the great examples and tips, was helpful ^^
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    AMD Catalyst 12.8 is Now Available

    I installed these drivers and noticed a performance hit in BF3 I checked CCC and crossfire is now disabled telling me that the crossfire bridges need to be connected (they both always have been) tried restarting.. same thing, anybody having this same issue?
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    Max Payne 3 IQ & Performance Preview & Reviewers Guide @ [H]

    12.6 beta and 12.6 cap 1 i had 12.4 before with 12.6 cap and it behaved the same way. many people also have this same problem on the steam forums
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    Max Payne 3 IQ & Performance Preview & Reviewers Guide @ [H]

    crossfire makes the cutscenes in this game just some glitchy screenshot some 10 minutes ago... there's a bunch of people in the steam forums that have been complaining of that. makes it impossible to watch
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    Max Payne 3 IQ & Performance Preview & Reviewers Guide @ [H]

    the patch didn't fix the buggy texture cutscene panes :(
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    Max Payne 3 IQ & Performance Preview & Reviewers Guide @ [H]

    I'm running 2 6970s with 12.6 beta and 12.6 cap the game runs smooth, but when the cutscenes are playing, some of the panes will be some random static image from that level, or a black screen, makes the cutscenes pretty much unwatchable, but the game runs smooth other than that, I was wondering...
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    IT Resume Thread

    I think i killed this thread.
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    Speed comparison of OpenVPN and SSH tunneling

    SSH overhead is fairly small, you'll be ok
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    IT Resume Thread

    My girlfriend lives there. And yeah i know there's a lot more jobs stateside or overseas (afghan) but i love her and i'll mop floors for a living if i have to just to live there.
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    IT Resume Thread

    Is there anybody here that currently works in Okinawa Japan, or maybe knows somebody in Okinawa that is looking for an IT guy, I just got out of the Marines and I'm trying to find a job there. I attached my Resume but google docs kinda screwed up the format a bit...
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group

    Passed my 640-802 today with a 966 Was a lot easier than i expected, You can TAB all the commands and even use the "?" if you forget something, I don't know if i should go for my CCNP switch now, or get some easy msft cert weee, celebration time >:D
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    UFO Caught On Tape, We Are All Going To Die!

    Really guys... I thought [H] was above this junk
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    My 600T (rev3)

    your 8 pin motherboard cable is not single sleeved.. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i'm just kidding, this is a spectacular job.. fancy water setup!! really impressive ^-^
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    Real-Time Dynamic Destruction Physics Demo

    It looks fun i wanna play with it ^^
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    Rumor: Valve Working on a Steam Gaming Console?

    AMD Gpus will be used for all 3 upcoming consoles (xbox/wii/playstation) I would bet Nvidia made Valve quite an offer for them to feature their hardware
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    Ikea Designs $86,500 Prefab House Kit

    bathroom is in the bedroom? no thanks
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    OCZ Vertex 240gb SSD - $199

    I've read a lot of people complaining about having ocz ssds die on them, I haven't had a problem with mine though, i do have some questions though, is there any data on what the failure rate is for ocz in contrast with other companies?