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    Linux thin-client HTPC?

    Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to install something like freevo on one of these minimal linux-thin clients. They are very attractive because they are so small, and have no moving parts/noise and are inexpensive. I would imagine that USB ports are good enough for extending storage...
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    I'm guessing its not possible to prevent someone from spoofing the sender? Would the best way to deal with this be to ignore it?
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    Does this mean that the home machine has been infected with a virus or does a zombie machine have the username and password to the AOL account, or is someone just spoofing the return address. If you look at the headers, its recieved from I'm not sure if I'm reading the headers correctly.
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    Not sure if this is the right place to put it, but I can't seem to find any information on this sucker. Its a returned email. Any idea on whats going on? From: amavisd-new <> To: <> Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 14:43:41 +0200 (CEST) Subject: VIRUS...
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    PHP and Textarea

    Nevermind. I got it. For future reference, call nl2br();
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    PHP and Textarea

    Hello all, Just a quick, and easy question for you experienced people out there. I have a php script that takes the form input and throws it into a MySQL database from a 'textarea' Now, the question I have is how to spit it all out again, formatted. Linebreaks and everything. Even...
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    Dell’s UltraSharp 2005FPW widescreen 20-inch LCD monitor.

    any ideas on what the resolutions are for the 3 sizes, or the physical sizes of these windows.
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    Dell’s UltraSharp 2005FPW widescreen 20-inch LCD monitor.

    Anyone know how big the PIP box is, and the resolution that it has. Someone mentioned playing their Xbox on the PIP box as being a better alternative, and that sounds like a good idea given that its not incredibly small.
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    PHP Map interaction

    Thanks for the suggestion.
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    PHP Map interaction

    Hey Does anyone know of useful PHP map interaction libraries. I basically need to plot a bunch of points on a map using cities or something, even x-y coordinates or lat-long would be usefull. thanks
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    wget with .rb or ruby files

    whoops. Looks like all I needed to do was upgrade from wget 1.8 to wget 1.9.
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    wget with .rb or ruby files

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to grab .rb output files using something like wget. Wget doesn't seem to support the .rb extension. Basically, the .rb script generates output that I want to grab and parse in php. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Give me your reccomended Linux distro choice:

    *sigh* Isn't there an entire thread on what everyone's favorite distro is?
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    Installing apache on mandrake

    What is your question? I know in debian we start and stop apache by typing apachectl [start | stop | status]. Check if you have a /var/www/, thats where you would put stuff. If it isn't there, check your /etc/apache/httpd.conf
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    Debian Question

    gdm and xdm don't allow root login to X for security reasons. You can also get rid of gui login by removing which ever one you happen to use. If you want a rootshell in gui, just SU, or get rid of either xdm and gdm, login as root, and startx. As the previous poster said, resolution is changed...
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    "Windows is starting up" is REALLY slow

    there is also an option in bootvis to optimize the startup time, you should do that.
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    Friend got DSL, now computer is acting weird. I'm stumped.

    Haha, you have no idea. You can throw a system on the net, and it'll be affected by a worm/virus instantly without viewing any websites. For future reference, make sure you run live update, or whatever program your AV uses to update. Nobody is talking to you like an idiot, you should appreciate...
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    X200 2.4.22 softkeys don't work

    I recently decided to upgrade and change some kernel configurations. While this has helped me deal wtih some issues, it has created other ones. One of the biggest changes I made is removing apm support and adding acpi support instead. However, I notice now that none of the softkeys work. The...
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    httpd logging options

    This might be a dumb question, but, I was just curious as to what apache logging options are around. The only thing that I could find was this , and it wasn't very helpful. The actual reason that I'm asking about is because I want Webalizer to work beyond access.log, since that obviously gets...
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    Up From Zero DVD

    got it from BT
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    XHOUR12" Liquid Neon Cathode Light blue 7.50

    svc for regulat cathodes.
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    doom3 reserve 10bux?@bestbuy

    I'm going to get Ninja Gaiden... it looks soo good. Too bad limited live support.
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    Up From Zero DVD

    I downloaded the documentary made by the french brothers. I don't know if its the same thing, but its pretty good. It aired on TV a while ago.
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    DNS failure FreeBSD

    Thanks a lot.
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    DNS failure FreeBSD

    Yup, Verizon provides two. Another quick question, How would you go about setting a static IP for a freeBSD box for an interface. In linux you use ifup ifdown and /etc/network/interfaces. Sorry, just playing with freebsd.
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    DNS failure FreeBSD

    Thats it. Thanks guys, really appreciate it.
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    DNS failure FreeBSD

    Hey Guys, I'm just starting to play with freebsd. I've done an install and got one of the network interfaces to work. I can ping IP address, but not hostnames. I think there is an issue with DNS. I have the DNS server set to, which is my linksys router. I set it through the...
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    Power Switch /Reset Switch question.

    when I plug the machine on, it seems to be in standby or suspend mode. Fans are spinning and such, however, nothing actually starts to work until I hit the "power" button. Anyone care to explain?
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    Power Switch /Reset Switch question.

    Okay people, ready for a really stupid question? Here we go, how do I convert my reset switch to a power switch. Thanks in advance.
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    postfix + verizon

    Has anyone been able to get postfix to work with Verizon as the relay? I can't seem to get auth quite right. If you have, can you please paste your configuration file. Right now I'm getting: This is the Postfix program at host I'm sorry to have to inform you that the message...
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    How can I restart in DOS with XP?

    download and install dos 6.2 :)
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    apache main dir

    Bump... I get connection refused errors with subdirs now... please help.
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    apache main dir

    Okay, I brought this up a little bit earlier, what happened was I couldn't get my apache server to display sub dirs properly, so I added a back slash. Now it won't show anything in the main directory... what am I missing. httpd can be found at Thank...
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    router box with bandwidth limiting features

    freebsd with traffic shaping?
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    free lube(not for bikes )

    KY is giving away their free lube fluid. http://***
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    FreeBSD router + webserver?

    Thanks everyone, but there should be no issues with the fact that the machine that is supposed to regulate everything regulating itself? This machine also has to be in the traffic shaping ring.
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    FreeBSD router + webserver?

    Well, the plan was to just use this box for a FreeBSD router, and traffic shapper. However, it is a celeron 400, which is over kill for a router. Any reasons why I wouldn't run apache on it? Since this machine is on 24/7, I'm probably going to turn it into a bt downloader aswell. Should there be...
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    Want to setup a linux box for file sharing!

    ^^ Samba is more flexible, imho, except with windows XP auth... I think. Anyways, make sure you build smb modules into any other linux boxes you put on.