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    Hey, Kyle....

    ...have you seen this? Care to contact ASUS and see if you can get a sample to see if it really makes a difference, or if it's just marketing spin?
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    COD:BO - File a complaint with the FTC

    Are you upset about BO only being available through GS? If so, make a complaint to the FTC. It's possible that even an FTC investigation could pave the way for Activision to open the game up to other providers. It certainly can't hurt and would most likely be more effective than any type of...
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    StarCraft 2 Trial Key

    I have a SC 2 trial key from where I just upgraded my vid cards. First person to PM me gets it. Good luck! Key has been given out. Thanks!
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    CoD: BO Multiplayer Reveal

    The MP reveal for COD:BO was a bit of a letdown. Here are the details as I currently have them. Server Stuff - Will use dedicated servers (but not like we think of them for COD) - Ranked servers limited to 18 players max $18 /month - Unranked servers limited to 24 players max $24 /month...