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    Justifying the Transition to an Apple Setup

    I've seen a couple of replies in this thread discussing a Thunderbolt display paired with the rMBP. Is an external display really needed with the rMBP?
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    ZOMG! HD3! iPhone Killer??

    This phone would be too large.
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    HP ZR24w

    I've been waiting for to finally get this monitor in stock. Well they have but the price isn't what I expected it to be. Now the decision to bite the bullet or wait for a potential price drop.
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    BFG card busted during shipment?

    Thanks for the input. Back it goes. :(
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    BFG card busted during shipment?

    I just got my new BFG 7950 from mwave but it appears to have been damaged in shipment. :mad: The card was not secure in it's plastic casing and it appears there are some parts and capacitors which have broken off during shipment. I just want to confirm before I go through the whole RMA process...
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    Wireless USB network adapter vs. Wireless PCI card

    Is one noticeably better than the other. Obviously I'd like to get the USB card for it's mobility/ easy installation/ plug and play etc. But will the USB network adapter take a hit in speed? For reference I'm looking into the following...
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    Battery problem with laptop

    Thanks for the feedback. I went to Dell's website looking for a replacement battery ($139 for refurbished!) and I found some interesting reviews. Here's one:" "Ive had the laptop for a little over 2 years, but didn't really use it the first 1.5 years since I had my work laptop. So 95%...
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    Battery problem with laptop

    Thanks for the feedback. I went to Dell's website looking for a replacement battery ($139 for refurbished!) and I found some interesting reviews. Here's one:" "Ive had the laptop for a little over 2 years, but didn't really use it the first 1.5 years since I had my work laptop. So 95%...
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    Battery problem with laptop

    Any other opinions?
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    Battery problem with laptop

    I've been using my laptop (Dell 700m) about 5 days a week for the past 6 months. It has performed well and the battery life has been excellent. Then just yesterday all of a sudden when I unplug the AC adapter, the computer shuts off immediately, as if there is a power outage. Usually it...
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    All-Pro 2K8 vs Madden 08 vs NCAA Football 08 what's your pick?

    All Pro 2k8 for me. I have to go with the gameplay of the 2k series over Madden. In fact, I have taken a hiatus since NFL2k5 and I have gone the underground route of getting 2k updates so my NFL2K5 was actually "Nfl2k7," with roster updates and gameplay tweaks from the community. All Pro 2k8...
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    I have a pair of 555s I'm selling, PM me if intersted.
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    HTPC Editorial @ [H] Consumer

    This article assums an HTPC is being purcahsed seperately from the main household computer. In that case one can make a very strong argument that $10-$15 a month is easier to swallow than a $1500 dedicated HTPC. But for me, I just bypassed that step and converted my main PC into an HTPC...
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    Gaming mATX board FINALLY!

    Well the problem is garbage in garbage out. While VGA can be converted to DVI, it will be impossible to get 2 native digital video signals out of the board, which would have been preferable in this day and age. One for your TV, one for your monitor.
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    Gaming mATX board FINALLY!

    One thing that really concerns me about this board is it is VGA + HDMI. Which means you really can't use and LCD Monitor + HDTV combo if you plan on using the onboard video. It would have been much better had they had DVI + HDMI on the board.
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    Need TV tomorrow for new apartment..

    Perhaps a little late but I would recommend the 32" sceptre for $599 from I don't think there is any better set for the price.
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    any difference between monster HDMI cables and others? That is all.
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    Info on new Lian Li's mATX case?

    120mm fans? please... :p
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    Silverstone SG03 out

    IMO 120mm fans should be standard on all SSF cases. It's the one thing that kept me from giving the SG01 a 2nd look. Need some better pics/more details of the SG03.
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    abit released new mATX Core2Duo boards

    This will be the perfect board for that new spankin E4300. I'm wainting for a decent c2d micro atx board so I can finally replace my MSI 6150 (aka the best MicroATX board ever).
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    Program to backup/restore XP drive image?

    Thanks I think I'll get TrueImage after looking into the UltimateBootCD which I already have on a disc somewhere...
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    Program to backup/restore XP drive image?

    What is the simplest, cheapest way to make an image of my system after a fresh XP install. Bascially I like to reinstall XP every 3-6 months but the obvious pain is reinstalling ALL of the drivers and ALL of the programs. I would like to make a DVD image of my system that automates the...
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    Hannibal HTPC

    Nice case but the videocard/processor/ram they give you (even as the configuration gets into the $2-$3k range) is downright scary. Build a system around the Antec Fusion or NSK2400 and you'll be on the right path.
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    Inside The Xbox Live Operations Center

    Interesting article. One quesiton... Does the 4 million include Silver Memberships or paid memberships only?
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    is there a way to get a vga cable? alone

    wrong thread
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    Whats a good big TV screen?

    For PC use? Then yes you are correct. This is the one case where I'd recommend a 1080p LCD.
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    42 inch Plasma, or not?

    Lomic hit it on the money. Plasmas are great for TV/DVD/Consoles but I wouldn't recommend it for PC viewing. One, the resoltuion is quite low and two, you'll have to go through too much to prevent burn in. With a modern plasma it is relatively easy to prevent burn in from tv watching, but...
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    Best speakers (hifi) around $300-350?

    I recommend checking out the Fluance SX-HTB
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    Vista-which one?

    So Vista Home Premium will be the logical successor to MCE 2005?
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    How are Tv tuners for computers generally?

    ATI 550 + Beyond TV is a home run.
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    Question about new Plasma

    Let's clear up a few things. 1. Plasma is not a dying industry any more than LCDs are. And Plamas offer some of the best picture quality you can find. 2. For a disiplay doubling as a PC monitor, an LCD would indeed be the better option to go with.
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    AMD & ATI - Marketing VP Talks

    Well idealy you are going to get a CPU that matches the GPU, so when you upgrade one it'll probably be time to upgrade the other as well. For example you don't want to own an Athlon XP and a X1900XT. I think there is allot of potential for this type of solution, both at the low and high end.
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    Very pleased with My new HTPC case (Antec NSK2400)

    I just purcahsed this case for my main rig. This is truly an awesome case with incredible value. The build quality and inclusion of a good PSU make it a no brainer. There was also allot of thought put into the design. Wires route very eaily and everything just snaps into place. Also, 120mm...
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    Antec Fusion available soon.

    The main similarites being the use of mATX and cooling designed to reduce noise (120mm fans). But you are correct, the former are cubes while this is more of a tower on its side.
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    Antec Fusion available soon. This case should be out in a week and should be some good competition for the Qpack/Aria crowd. + -120mm fans -sleek design -mATX compatible (allot of good mATX options right now, though no futureproof ones) - a bit...
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    altec lansing 641's

    641s are indeed excellent speakers, classics. As a stereo music setup, they are second only to the Swans.
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    Monarch Furia @ [H] Consumer

    To me the biggest problem with the technical support was they paid EXTRA for a service that was unavailable. If you can't offer 24-hour support then simply don't have that option. To actually pay extra for a service that is unattainable would make me furious.
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    Sell Samsung 32" 720p for Westinghouse 1080p?

    The PS3 will not have 1080p games. If you are talking about Blu-Ray movies then yes that and future HD-DVD players will allow 1080p playback.
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    Sell Samsung 32" 720p for Westinghouse 1080p?

    Unless you are using it as PC monitor I don't see the point of getting the Westy. There is no 1080p content, and the Samsung will likely do better displaying 720p and 1080i content.
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    PS3 is $500 and $600 Official

    I'm not sure if someone corrected you already. When encryption is implemented by the movie studios, the lack of HDMI will prevent you from watching Blu-Ray movies at ANY high def resolutions. This includes 720p/1080i/1080p, NOT JUST 1080p. It will not however prevent you from gaming...