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  1. Chikia12187

    B&h is offering a bundle deal
  2. Chikia12187

    Gpu heaven
  3. Chikia12187

    "Speechless" other than creative?

    gif hosting
  4. Chikia12187

    Photo shop or ?

    I stumbled across this post, so I figured my fam over here at H may be intrigued
  5. Chikia12187

    What is bottleneck

    okay; I see lots of people using this term, but I can’t find the definition or meaning via google. Any input is greatly appreciated
  6. Chikia12187

    1080 ti Asus poseidon starting at 1 penny
  7. Chikia12187

    STEAL!? not!

    If anyone need a replacement box for their gpu. Here ya go!
  8. Chikia12187

    Free copy of destiny 2 with purchase of gpu

    B&h is doing a promotion
  9. Chikia12187

    He thought he could get away with it!
  10. Chikia12187

    What would you do in my situation?

    I have an option to buy a msi lightning Z for rape price ( over msrp by a lot) or wait for the new releases of gpu by nvidia I already have a 1080 ti Any feedback is much appreciated
  11. Chikia12187

    Asus Poseidon vs MSI Lightning Z

    In terms of performance and quality, which is better bang for the buck? * looking for a MSI 1080 Ti lightning z or x if you have one for sale*