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    Music/Video Machine Critique

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    Music/Video Machine Critique

    Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it. I think I'm going to go with the Pentium D 420, but of course the next problem is motherboard. What is a good mobo to use with that proc? I am also ditching the raids. Edit: How is...
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    Music/Video Machine Critique

    Does anyone have a suggestion for *which* p4 to go with that would more or less equal in power the athlon I had selected?
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    Music/Video Machine Critique

    I'm putting together a computer for my father and I need a little help with the hardware since I haven't really kept up with hardware for the past year or two. Anyway, this machine will be for music editing and a little bit of video editing. Note that I did not select a graphics card since...
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    Forgot to turn off PSU

    If you're saying what I think you're saying I don't think there's going to be too many implications
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    How's this for a slight upgrade?

    Thanks for the ideas on ram, probably won't be able to get the hyperx, but maybe :) Any thoughts on case? Any thoughts on choice of cpu/motherboard?
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    How's this for a slight upgrade?

    I was planning to get something like this for Jesus's birthday: Mobo: MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum CPU: A64 3000+ or higher RAM: ?? Case: ?? I need thoughts on what I have decided on and ideas for best brand of RAM and a good case that's not overly expensive. If it makes a difference, I would...
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    you CAN flush doom 3 toilets.

    Thank you ted... :p
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    D3 - Locker Codes?

    There was a thread posted on genmay. You can check around on the games forum there if you would like. But no, I don't have them
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    Do not play when you are drunk...

    Yea I crashed my guy but the ground kept moving. I wanna be drunk everyday :(
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    Help me chose: iPod 20GB or iRiver 20GB MP3 player

    ipod cleaner interface = win :)
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    BORED of DOOM 3

    Your post lost all validity due to the ...'s, spelling errors, and grammar errors. Congratulations :)
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    Violence in Doom: How long till media up in arms again?

    It's a joke site...this was debated many many moons ago :p
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    Connect PlayStation 2 USB headset to PC?

    Well at least the old socom ones worked with no drivers. They're just logitech sensed them just fine
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    No DOOM 3 on the Phantom.

    I don't know how I'll live anymore without Doom III on my beloved Phantom :(
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    Connect PlayStation 2 USB headset to PC?

    It just works.
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    Doom wads

    I actually did right after posting. We'll see if they like it enough to put it up :)
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    Doom wads

    Actually it's from an old FIC motherboard. My friend and I were messing in the bios, decided not to save everything, and that message appeared.
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    Doom wads

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    Doom wads

    Then stop posting
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    What's the dumbest thing you've ever done to your computer?

    Stuck my finger in the cpu fan. OUCH it hurt and the fan broke 4 of its 7 blades....dammit
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    todays million dollar typo brought to you by...

    What amazes me is that it's still not fixed
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    Free Game

    Shouldn't you be b7'd by now?
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    Does anyone know where I can get the forum arcade version of this?
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    What Are Your Computers Named?

    My main is called Badger, while my mmpc is called Playa
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    Hey the [H] is back!

    Yea, not only are they back, but they look like shit! OH well.
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    Lineage 2 COOL !

    The game is definitely not for people who can't get past the initial 20 levels, but after that it gets FUN, especially if you have a competent clan leader. Fight lots of greens instead of whites. Little-no downtime = win.
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    OMG Best Buy carded me to buy FarCry

    Do you represent the teen population? If so, I REALLY hope I leave my teen years soon. You make whatever generation you represent look terrible. Leave. </thread>
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    OMG Best Buy carded me to buy FarCry

    Wonder if this whole carding thing is promoting anymore piracy... :p
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    Lineage 2 WHo all plays it?

    Lionna Name is Otacon Level 20 (or should be...damn death!)
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    Programmers : Why do Interfaces exist?

    basically what I was trying to say :p
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    Programmers : Why do Interfaces exist?

    I'll use a reallife Java example (bare with me, i only know java) You have Comparable interface. You make 3 classes: x, y, z You want to have a program that is malleable enough so that you can use compareto on either x, y, or z depending on what's fed, so you put as the parameter an object...
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    New HL 2 Movies

    Already posted, front page even. In fact, both yours and the other one are on the same screen at 1024x768 resolution. Thanks for the thought though
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    Windows and File Deletions (lack thereof)

    Why can't windows have a button that says "I understand the risks of a file being used, delete it anyway" because 99% of the time when I get the message about a file being used IT'S NOT! This has been beaten to death probably, but is there any foolproof way of deleting/moving/whatever a file...
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    hardforum pms box not showing messages!

    also make sure its set for the whole time, not like last 30 days or something
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    Anyone buy Breed?

    If the final game is even remotely like the demo, then HELL no I will never buy this game. EVER. Terrible voice acting, terrible gameplay, and it looked like you are having a seizure when you climb a ladder.
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    Watch your language servers

    Meh, I play games like this and don't really mind the cursing, but don't you think that the excessive "OMG YOU FUCKING FAGGOT I PWNED JOO BITCHES FAGGET!" would kinda make gamers seem like tards? Not like they don't have a tarnished rep as it is. I think that cursing is retarded in excess and...
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    Lineage II Beta

    The Chronicles EXPAND the world of Lineage 2, therefore they are expansions. </discussion>