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    Powering 12VDC Monitor from PSU ?

    So I found this old Viewsonic VG512s 15" (1024x768) monitor that runs on 12V and I want to run it from a computer PSU, that's doable isnt it ? The monitor says 12VDC 3Amps which any PSU can deliver on the 12V rail, so it's just tapping the power from a Molex, Yellow 12V going to the mid pin...
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    The best games ever!!!

    ...for your Wife/Girlfriend :D Really, check out all the other categories in the left menu, I'm sure there's something your Wife would just love :)
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    LEGO Keyboard (Functional)

    Check out this cool working LEGO keyboard :D Link to website (with vids):
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    Minor cosmetic search bug

    When searching and getting no results it says... "1. Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms. %1$s" Adds the "%1$s" at the end.
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    640K oughta be enough!

    Just wondering, but how long is the Patriot Lucky Draw Giveaway supposed to be running ? It was posted over 5 months ago. :D Just asking while 8GB is still standard. :)
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    Cheapest P&S with GPS ? (height & compas)

    I'm looking at getting a P&S camera with GPS and want the cheapest available that includes Height and Direction (compas). Looking through all Cameras just to see if they have GPS (with direction and altitude) is a pain, some cameras may have GPS but doesnt include compass and altitude. The...
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    Amazing DeBlurring of images, check it out.

    This is pretty cool, works not only for synthetic blurring, but also for real blurring when camera is out of focus. The guy made a program for download, check out his page here...
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    Raspberry Pi Supercomputer

    64 Raspberry Pi's built as Supercomputer :D Website
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    Headphones with built-in MP3 player ?

    Way back in the 1970's I had a pair of headphones that had built-in Radio, how come in this modern age I cant find a pair with built-in MP3 player ? MP3 players are so small and cheap that it should be standard, and some headphones like Sennheiser and Beyer's already comes with detachable...
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    I may have a weight problem !

    ...atleast that's what the Weightloss ads on the frontpage says. Link directs to Link properties say:
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    Using unsupported cpu in MB ?

    So, I got enough spare parts from dumpster diving to build a complete rig, but the MB only supports certain cpu's, would anything happen if I tried using an unsupported cpu ? like frying anything or would it just not boot ? Parts: ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 (cpu list...
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    Any lists around of Games that does NOT require internet ?

    Any lists around of Games that does NOT require internet to play, or even start ?
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    Posted Via Mobile Device

    Are there any particular reason why we are reading that sentence everytime someone does just that ? I dont get the purpose of it, so I'm kinda curious :)
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    Intel 250GB 510 Series SSD Drawing!

    A drawing I made of the Intel SSD.
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    DIY USB Y-Cable ?

    I want to power a digital picture frame from usb and got it working, sorta, when it's just showing a pic everything is fine, but when it transition from one pic to another I get some flickering, as if it doesnt get enough power (it does the job though, I just dont like the flickering). It...
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    Mixing single and double side ram ?

    I had 2x2gb ram that was bought in 2009, some crucial ddr3 1333 plain ram that were doublesided, but now I bought an additional 2x2gb kit with exactly the same part number (CT2KIT25664BA1339) which are singlesided, and that annoys me, as I dont know if it will cause any problems/slowdowns, I...
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    USB Compass, why cant I find such ?

    I'm looking for some sort of a USB Compass, I would have imagined they would come as some cheap USB Gadget, but all I can find are some small development boards for robotic users, at insane prices of $150->$400, and that's without any cables or software, you have to figure that out afterwards...
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    Projector as dynamic backlight for LCD, doable ?

    Would using a projector as dynamic backligth for a LCD look good or look like crap ? Imagine a full hd projector and and a full hd lcd monitor, you strip the original backlight from the lcd, put something thin and white in it's place, like a peice of paper or thin plastic that the projector...
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    Which SSD for Packard Bell Dot Netbook ?

    Which SSD would fit in my Packard Bell Dot netbook ? I've never had any portable computers before, lol, so dunno which size would fit in my new netbook. I've found this disassembly manual where there are pics of the guts and the current 120gb harddrive, could anyone tell me what size i...
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    TV commercial standards ? (lenght, format)

    Anyone knows where I can look up standards for TV commercials, like lenght and format. Like the web has it's standard sizes for banners, I believe TV stations has their standards also, like different price classes vs lenght, and in which format they require the ads to be in, uncompressed AVI...
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    First Intel setup, worried about temps :(

    Ok, so what's going on here, this is my first Intel setup (atleast since Pentium 133Mhz with MMX technology :p ) and the temps seems way off, I'm setting it up right now, installing stuff and such, so havent run it at full load yet, but... The temps show 23°C idle on my new E2200, both in...
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    lol, Zykon Gameware K2 gaming keyboard

    Anyone tried the Zykon K2 gaming keyboard ? Not pretty but maybe handy, the keypad can be had for itself as a K1 version. Their Z1 gaming mouse looks good for small hands like mine.
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    Guinness World Records Gamers Edition

    Guinness Book of World Records is coming in a Gamer Edition, all about electronic gaming only. There's a 18 page preview available here Anyone getting this ? to beat records so you can have your name in the 2009 version ? :D
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    CryEngine2 to be used in a MMORPG Pretty awesome :eek: Wonder how the lag will be though.
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    DPreview aquired by Amazon Will this change the trustworthiness of DPreview ? Like every new review getting the "cool product" stamp followed by a link to where ppl can buy it ?
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    New: Canon PowerShot S5 is

    The new Canon PowerShot S5is is out... For those who wonders what happened with S4 I've been told that the number "4" isnt used much in Japan, look at Mazda 3, 5, and 6, there were no Mazda 4, it's said to bring misfortune or...
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    Fan dying on my cnps9500, ghetto replacement ?

    Recently I've encountered some weird "cricket" noise from my pc, it started with only like 2 mins every hour, then every 15 mins for a couple of mins, to now where it's 5 mins of noise and two mins of silence, I have narrowed it down to be the fan on my cnps9500, past two days it has gotten...
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    Ports Of Call

    Remember the old DOS game "Ports of Call" ? I just found out that a 2007 version, "Ports Of Call 3DsimII version 1.30 was released on March 9th, havent seen it mentioned here so just wanted to give a heads-up for those who enjoyed the old game and would like to give the new one a...
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    Former idle temps now my load temps (Warning: horror pics)

    So, I hadnt had any temp monitoring programs launched for like 1½ years, so I started Asus PC probe to have a look, and my cpu was idling at 52°C, ouch, I removed the front cover of my Lian Li and saw alot of dust totally covering the filter, after removing it my temps dropped...
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    "We screwed up Duke Nukem Forever"

    Interview with Scott Miller... "We fully admit we’re screwed up the development of DNF, and it’s now an industry joke." Full Interview
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    C=, Pic of the guts

    If you get one of these dont post in the "Rate my cables" thread :p Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core processor QX6700: 2.66GHz 8M Cache ASUS P5N32-E nForce 680i SLI motherboard 2* 150GB 10000 RPM SATA Raid 1 and 2* 500GB 7200 RPM SATA Raid 0 harddisk 4GB Corsair Dominator...
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    Joost invitation please ?

    I hear people have begun getting invitations for Joost If anyone here can spare one I would be very grateful. :)
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    Movies of the new Canon EOS 1D Mark III coming April.

    I really want this thing :eek: (Got 350D now) Check out the 10 FPS in action :D Also shown is the new L lens and the new 580EX II More movies...
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    Control your mouse with your head

    Search turned up nothing, so here goes... Just read a few posts (somewhere else) about PCBILITY, with that you can move your mouse by turning your head, works for games also, a webcam is needed though, it tracks your head movement and moves the mouse accordingly :D
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    Default Password List inside.

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    Got kids ?: Spongebob console

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    Gimme my cpu :(

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    6.8 Ghz on CES 2006