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    Enmotus working on SLC/QLC hybrid NVME SSDs.

    These will use the QLC flash for long term storage. They have been working with Phison, who's controller will seamlessly move things back and forth in the background. Pricing or the ratio of SLC to QLC is not yet known, but drives are already been sampled to OEMs...
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    Ryzen 3900x build: feedback sought

    My suggestion would be the dark Rock pro 4 from be quiet for your cooler. I have the non pro version on my 1700x and I love it. In fact you should look at be quiet's line of cases and power supplies. They are supposed to very quiet
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    Corsair RMA success story

    I also had a good experience. There must be something wrong with the AX860i. Mine was a refurb from Newegg. It failed after 9 months. Got it replaced but the replacement failed after 4 months. This time I asked for an HX1000i which I just got 2 weeks ago. Need to take out my spare and put it in.
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    Dell - SE2717HR 27" IPS LED FHD FreeSync Monitor $119.99

    Instead of spending the extra on a visa mount, might as well get this that is vesa compartible and 144hz
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    Samsung 860 Evo 1TB $127.99 before tax

    Both Amazon and Newegg have both the M.2 and 2.5 inch versions on sale for $127.99 before tax. I picked one up to replace my 500gb 850 Evo and get rid of some cables in my case. Only about $10 more than 500gb NVME but twice the capacity (with no appreciable real life difference for gaming)...
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    NVME vs SATA m.2?

    Thanks guys
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    NVME vs SATA m.2?

    So with black Friday coming, I'm hoping for deals that allow an upgrade (sidegrade) from my 2.5 inch SSD (850 Evo 500gb) to an m.2 SSD to get rid of some cables in my cramped rig (also getting rid of 1tb hdd for general storage). With about similar pricing would you do 500gb NVME or 1tb sata...
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    How impractical is a $3000 build?

    Since you still have room in your 3K budget and you really want an ultrawide, here's the same monitor but with 144hz instead of 75. I promise you, you really really want high refresh rate monitor.
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    How impractical is a $3000 build?

    So maybe you should research a monitor first and find one you like. Honestly with the monitor you have selected 1080ti could be Overkill (just noticed it's 1080 ultrawide, not 1440P). You can look for a 3440 x 1440 ultrawide wide 144hz refresh to fully maximize use of the 1080ti. If you have the...
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    How impractical is a $3000 build?

    My 2 cents. If you have the money and need the parts (to play at a certain resolution and refresh rate) then it's not impractical. That said, I would suggest a couple of changes to you pcp list. You don't necessarily need 32 gigs of RAM for gaming. I would get 16gigs and add the money saved to...
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    Nvidia surround max refresh rate

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    Corsair site 20% off till 10/5

    Not sure what all this includes (or excludes) but it works on the Elgato stream mini. Code: BUNDLEUP2018 Site...
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    Cooling new rig....purchase Jan/Feb 2019...thx

    Your post is vague. Are you asking for suggestion on cooling or suggestions on different parts? If it's about cooling, be more explicit. If it's for more pc parts, see the third pinned post titled "Answer these questions first". There you can specify what exactly you want suggestions on. The...
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    The Verge Ridiculed for "How We Built a $2000 Custom Gaming PC" Video

    Could this just be a troll video to garner up some views, or publicity?
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    Computer Cleaning - Recommendations?

    How about something like this? It should have plenty of power to blow whatever away...
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    Newegg: Team Group 480gb SSD $76

    Coupon Code EMCPVRX46 good till 7/4 Other SSDs are 15% off with Coupon Code EMCPVRX48, also till 7/4...
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    Thoughts on this build?

    I will echo the thought that all that cpu is not necessary for just gaming. I would save some money going with a 2600X and B450 and put that towards a 1440P monitor and the gpu ro drive it. I used to own triple T260s. If money is not an issue you should definitely upgrade your monitor.
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    eBay: $15 off $75 code

    Thanks for posting. Got a refurb ax860i from newegg ebay store.
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    Another PPCS sale

    Father's day sale, 10 to 15% off until 6/17.
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    Would you swap 6700K for a 2700x?

    This is coming from someone who does little to no productivity work, so mostly ignore me. But I've seen recent youtube videos from hardware canucks and gamers nexus where for some specific programs the 8700K was better because of hardware acceleration using the igpu, even though it lagged behind...
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    Thermaltake Core V21 $35 after MIR.

    Getting this case for a build. Very versatile MAtx case. $60 - $25 Mail in rebate @ Newegg
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    Amazon one day sale 4/26/18

    Link Example - Gtx 1050ti for $180
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    Friend's Micro Center Westmont build

    I echo the idea that 32gb of ram is too much if all he's doing is games, web browsing and streaming. 16gb will do just fine. There's no need to future proof ram. If more is needed, he has additional slots. Otherwise, by the time games start using 32gb of ram, DDR5 will be the standard and he'd...
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    Sata cable in pcie slot

    Is it a bad idea to plug in a modular sata cable into the pcie slot of the power supply? I know pcie probably supplies more amperage, but if the peripherals attached to the sata cable are only drawing what they need, shouldnt be okay? Or can it provide more current than is needed? Thanks for...
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    Warm...Dell 27" S2716DG 2k 144hz GSync for $399

    I didn't purchase the tool either. There a site that has settings and profiles. I tried the one for this monitor and felt it better than the out of box
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    Warm...Dell 27" S2716DG 2k 144hz GSync for $399

    I got 3 of these between thanksgiving and Christmas for my sim racing setup and i really love G-Sync. Unless I'm looking at the counter i dont notice when my fps drops from 120 to 60. Definitely need the color caliberation as others have stated.
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    dead deal

    Thanks. In for one for Xbox One. I sold the digital copy i got with my 1080ti for $40 and was just going to wait for a deal like this. This way kids can play too (no one touches my gaming pc, no one!)
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    Multiple EVGA 1080 ti’s in stock at MSRP

    I wonder how stock/production is affected if samsung is now shifting gears to concentrate on gddr6 production for next gen gpus.
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    Warm?: Refurbished AX860i for $140 @

    They have other refurb PSUs and peripherals too. Shipping to me is about $5...
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    Pcie riser vs multiplier

    I just went with two regular risers, but one that is longer to make sure i dont have clearance issues. Just gotta wait 3 weeks for it come from China.
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    Pcie riser vs multiplier

    Would be any performance loss or issues with lag with using a pcie 1x multiplier like this one []? I'm working...
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    Upgrading to Stream on Twitch

    If you're still having issues, I'd suggest trying out the 'process lasso' app, and setting the affinity for OBS to specific cores/threads on your cpu.
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    Upgrade question for gaming/streaming

    My twitch ID is iManny99
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    Upgrade question for gaming/streaming

    Sorry for late reply. I stream center monitor or something close to it. I only stream iracing. That Samsung is awesome.
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    VPNs after net neutrality

    Thanks for the great explanation without making it political (unlike others). So hypothetically if comcast decides to throttle netflix, because they buy blockbuster, would using a VPN be able to get around that? This is the question i should've asked in the OP, as i saw the deal on PIA VPN in...
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    VPNs after net neutrality

    Excuse my ignorance, but isnt the ISP going to see the VPN's IP instead of yours? What stops them from blocking known VPN IPs, or even blocking the VPN IP that your account is showing up as, since its not the one they are assigning you?
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    VPNs after net neutrality

    So with net neutrality gone, are VPNs still useful? Can't the ISP just block the IP address if they want you to see only their approved/partner content?
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    Upgrade question for gaming/streaming

    I bought three of this dell monitor over the past month. Bestbuy had them on sale for black friday and other times. I basically bought one every two weeks. It looks good, though I'm still trying to figure out why I'm getting a some stutter. I'm guessing its the usb powered monitor I'm also using...
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    Upgrade question for gaming/streaming

    Hi, I'm actually in the middle of tuning stuff for twitch and testing. While a second system would've probably been the best performer, I still like having everything on one machine and not dealing with two machines (two mice, keyboards.... unless I pay for synergy). Besides its easier for me to...
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    Nvidia surround max refresh rate

    Hi guys, Is there a 120 Hz cap on refresh rate when nvidia surround is enable with (or without) G-Sync? I have three Dell S2716DG monitors and I can enable 144Hz for each monitor individually in extended mode, but I can only go up to 120Hz with surround enabled. Also, the "make custom...