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  1. Skylinestar

    Pentium G3240 stock thin cooler on i5 4570. Safe?

    I'm upgrading from intel Pentium G3240 (53W TDP) to i5 4570 (84W TDP), yet maintaining that same thin intel Pentium stock cooler (no copper core). Should I be worried about heat dissipation? Tuniq TX2 thermal paste applied is pea sized. When idling, HWiNFO64 shows CPU package 48°c, motherboard...
  2. Skylinestar

    Tyhpoonburner can't determine my RAM chip

    Undefined and not determined. Any idea how to find the memory chip type besides totally removing the ram heat spreader?
  3. Skylinestar

    Is buying USB-C cable still problem today?

    In the early days of USB-C, there were a few reports about buying a cheap chinese knock-off USB C cable that could damage your components. Even a branded Oppo wasn't that good either. Is it still a problem today?
  4. Skylinestar

    Win10 poor Loudness Equalization

    Today I tried Win10 loudness equalization (in Settings > Sound > Speaker Properties > Enhancements), hoping to hear louder footsteps in games. Oh boy, the eq is extremely terrible. It's not the dynamic range compression that I was hoping for. It's just too terrible for me to describe. Not sure...
  5. Skylinestar

    crystaldiskinfo - is my ssd life ok?

    Here's the screenshot of my old Crucial SSD. Is it ok? Haven't encounter any data crash yet, but wanna be safe.
  6. Skylinestar

    Is 5.1 / surround sound gaming still relevant?

    In the past, quadraphonic was highly praised. Then came 5.1/7.1/Atmos. Most gamers use headsets. Perhaps the mic is the main issue here (feedback). But if you don't use a mic, does traditional surround sound gaming still relevant? Will you do it? I tried Doom3 with headphones and with 5.1 audio...
  7. Skylinestar

    Stability test 8+4+8+4 dual channel ram?

    Hi. I currently have Corsair Vengeance 4GB x2 DDR4 in my Skylake rig (refer my signature for pc specs). I've ordered Adata XPG 8GB x2 to addon (still waiting for delivery), making it 8+4+8+4, which is a possible dual channel configuration per intel website. FYI, my CPU is BCLK overclocked, so...
  8. Skylinestar

    Microsoft magic keyboard

    I don't know what magic Microsoft did to the old keyboard. This Internet Keyboard is almost 17 years (based on the date 02/01 under the keyboard) but the keys still clack like new. Why can't Microsoft be serious about keyboard in this age? Why focus purely on those ultra slim wireless chiclet...
  9. Skylinestar

    How to run java JNLP in Ubuntu 16.04?

    Hello folks. First of all, I would like to say that I'm still a n00b in Linux. I've tried to google as much as I can but finally I'm at the dead end. I'm trying to setup java to run JNLP file (called consult-client.jnlp for this example) in Ubuntu, with Chrome being my default internet browser...
  10. Skylinestar

    $36 intel inside sticker RM141 is approx US$36 That's one expensive sticker for intel fanboy.
  11. Skylinestar

    What to do with 9yo thermal paste?

    Bought this Tuniq TX2 during the intel Core2 Duo E8400 & Xigmatek S1283 cooler era (approx year 2008). What can I do with it right now/future? Keep or throw into the dustbin?
  12. Skylinestar

    Suggest OS for low end rig

    I'm planning to build a spare rig from old parts: - Intel Pentium E5200 2.5GHz cpu - Biostar G31M+ LGA775 motherboard - 2x 1GB DDR2-800 ram - WD 80GB SATA hdd WinXP will definitely run fast on it. But I'm thinking of Ubuntu too. I've heard Linux has lower system requirements than M$ Windows...
  13. Skylinestar

    Will games be more optmized on AMD in the future?

    Will AMD have better support on PC games than nVIDIA after dominating console market? We all know that the future consoles are all based on AMD chip. Will this force game makers concentrate more on AMD, hence better optimization on AMD (mainstream 1080p gaming)? What does the recent "PC Gamer -...
  14. Skylinestar

    Should I retire my 4-yo Corsair GS700 PSU?

    I have a 4 year-old Corsair GS700 which was purchased in year 2012 for my P45 build with Intel C2D E8400 & AMD HD6850. I have retired the rig & built a new Skylake (i5 6500) rig, hoping to pair with a new AMD Polaris 10 (480) or NV Pascal (GTX1080) graphics card. Since these newer cards have...
  15. Skylinestar

    Less worry on Intel C236 (Xeon) than Z170(i5) ?

    Z170 mobos are plagued with memory compatibility problems (depends on luck too). Error 55 on the debug code, IRQL not less or equal, etc. Hitechlegion even has a YouTube on it. Is C236 (the Xeon version) motherboard more mature and better build ? Less worry? Rock stable? Is it also plagued with...
  16. Skylinestar

    Is Internet boring?

    "The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission thinks that local settle for less because there is nothing to do on the internet." Source: I know most of you...
  17. Skylinestar

    Safest smartphone case

    Safest smartphone case, designed in Malaysia: [sorry, how to embed youtube link?] What do you think? :D
  18. Skylinestar

    Motherboard rear audio jack distortion

    I'm using Biostar TPower i45 motherboard, which has the Realtek ALC888S audio. Recently, the motherboard rear audio port (green stereo out) is giving me distortion in music playback. The distortion sounds as if the speakers are playing out very loud and distort due to clipping. When the...