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    IT Admin Leaves Backdoor Accounts for Benefit of New Employer

    True story - I used to work for the parent company of Denali, 3MD Inc. at another one of their businesses, Hard Drives Northwest / Computer Stop.
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    Mazda Claims There Is No Demand for Electric Vehicles

    I drive a Nissan Leaf for my commuter car. I'll never go back to a gas car for daily driving. Mazda is being stupid here and is going to be left behind.
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    How can I get marked as an official company rep?

    How long does Kyle usually take to respond? Or should I try pinging him again?
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    How can I get marked as an official company rep?

    At the title states, I'd like to be verified and marked as the official rep for Plugable Technologies. I'm assuming one of the moderators can do this. Thanks!
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    [Newegg]Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro 4 GB HBM 215usd (AR+ Discount)

    Yea drivers were cleaned. Since this is causing a post code error, this seems like UEFI bug.
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    [Newegg]Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro 4 GB HBM 215usd (AR+ Discount)

    I grabbed one! A huge upgrade over my EVGA GTX 960 SSC. My card is causing issues in my ASUS P9X79 WS motherboard though so a PSA for older motherboards there might be issues. It causes my motherboard to not wake from sleep properly resulting in a ASUS Q-Code of either 01 or OE. Swapping out...
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    Anyone have experience with Roku Smart TVs?

    The TCL Roku TV I have in by bedroom actually appears to be running the Roku software natively as the Roku interface is where I select different HDMI inputs, change TV settings etc.
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    The Mini Van Custom Mechanical Keyboard

    So many haters here. Do some research before crapping all over it first maybe? There are layers with alternate functions. It can do anything a full size can do, you just have to learn and remember them. Is it the most practical thing ever? Probably not, but for some it's a way of life.
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    Silent fan and water cooling noise???

    ??? like coil whine?
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    Will the H100 work with LGA 1151 (6700K)?

    Should work no problems at all!
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    Best speaker ever?

    This subject is so subjective it hurts.
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    HD audio to 3.5 mm microphone or combo jack

    You could build a DIY header if you lookup the pinouts and are comfortable soldering. AC'97 and HD audio front panel layouts - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    need an XL mouse pad recommendation

    Thanks for the tip! Will likely be grabbing one. :)
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    Best Mech. Key for office work when used to Blacks?

    You could also get an o-ring kit for a MX Black keyboard which would reduce the clack some.
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    Which gtx 1080 card to buy?

    I'm waiting till the first round of these cards hit the market and have their issues resolved.
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    How important is QVL?

    I see QVL as a guideline for guaranteed stability. Non QVL RAM often works just fine.
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    Best 1TB SSD for $200? OCZ Trion 150, maybe?

    My experience with OCZ SSDs has never been great. Those enterprise ones are super tempting.
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    USPS Delivery of the Day

    If I caught my USPS man doing that there would be quite the complaint being delivered to the post master...
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    Possibility of double-memory GPUs?

    I think a lot of people start with a low-mid SLI capable card and think they'll just add a second later and double performance, but adding a second won't really be enough most times since SLI doesn't scale like that.
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    What was the very first video card you ever bought?

    Nvidia MX 420 I think...
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    Motherboard reports all HDs as bad

    chkdsk isn't really a good way to check... What about running the manufacturer's diagnostic utility or a dedicated SMART app.
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    I need a good open world replacement for Fallout 4

    I loved Morrowind and Oblivion, but I never got into Skyrim for some reason.
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    evga 1080 sc fan clipping

    I'd contact EVGA and let them know what's going on...
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    Galaxy S7 edge cracked glass

    Do the replacements have some change in the design so it won't happen again?
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    Help me choose a mechanical keyboard?

    Saying a switch is better is pretty subjective when it comes to mechanicals. It's all about how the switches feel to the person using it IMO.
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    Stargate Franchise To Be Rebooted

    I loved that episode. I bet it was fun as hell to shoot it.
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    Intel X86s Hide Another CPU That Can Take Over Your Machine

    I agree. It's interesting that since the management engine has been around so long that people are just now starting to make a big deal about it.
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti DirectX $409 New

    I'm holding out for a 1070. If I found a 980 for like $300 then maybe.
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    What was the best console of all time

    I never had a OG PS till way later in life, never got into it sadly.
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    Car Vent Phone Magnet $4 Prime Shipping Code

    I don't see this working in a lot of cars. My Forester's vents are super loose and would tend to rotate downwards with the weight of the phone.
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    MacOS 10.12 has new AMD Polaris drivers. (Rumor)

    I think it's a good move on their part personally.
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    Stargate Franchise To Be Rebooted

    I kinda liked SGU... but I can see how a lot of people would HATE it.
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    Ergonomic keyboard that isn't "weird" with mechanical switches?

    This one seems to be quite popular and isn't too "weird": ErgoDox EZ: An Incredible Mechanical Ergonomic Keyboard
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    What was the best console of all time

    N64 was my console of choice growing up and still holds a special place in my heart.
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    Stargate Franchise To Be Rebooted

    Stargate is in my all time top 10 scifi. Maybe even top 5. Can't wait to see what happens!
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    iPhone 7 May Keep Headphone Jack And Support Dual Sims

    To be fair, many flagship Android phones don't support SD either.
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    Most stable USB Wifi adapter for gaming

    That's been my personal experience, the buildings I've been in sometimes even have isolated circuits so the powerline adapters didn't even work, but I have a coworker who swears by his setup.
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    Best Bass headphones

    DT770 80OHM here. Can confirm.