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    Storage suggestion

    Hey all, curious if anyone has any experience with the WD blue ssd. Looking at getting a 2tb 2.5" to store my games and what not for a new build. They have decent reviews on Newegg and are priced ok $220. Is there something better for cheaper in the same size or should I pull the trigger? TIA
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    Fan & Pump control from BIOS or Software

    As title says, I'm curious about the two routes to control fans and pumps. What does everyone prefer? I've been out of the game for a long time, my current case has a fan control knob on top which should date it quite well. My pump has a speed control dial in the back that I haven't adjusted...
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    Filing and leak testing

    I searched but didn't find an answer. Last time I did a fill and leak test was with my swifttech pump which uses a 12v molex connector and has a rpm adjustment on the back via a rheostat. How do you fill and bleed these new (new to me, lol) pwm pumps if you won't have a pwm signal from your...
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    UV Question

    So as many people are doing, I'm getting ready to upgrade to the latest and greatest and I'm planning out the build. My system currently runs distilled water a silver plug and UV lights with white UV reactive soft tubing. I have had zero issue with build up, scale, corrosion, etc. In the 7 years...
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    Drive Setup Question for new build

    So like many people I'm getting ready to upgrade once the new stuff lands later this year, RTX 3090, Zen 3, etc. I have no experience with nvme drives but am thinking about a 512 gb/1 tb for my main drive with either a 2 tb nvme or 2 tb sata drive as my storage (music, game install backups...
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    3D printing suggestions

    Hey all, I need to 3D print a modified button for the release mechanism on my BeQuiet 801. I have the solidworks file done. Does anyone have any recommendations on places to have it 3D printed? I know of shapeways, but they are expensive. TIA
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    BeQuiet 801 AirFlow Edition

    I really fell in love with the looks of the BeQuiet windowed 801 and I especially like how the side panels attach and detach. Only problems I have with the case are the lack of color options (need a white case for that storm trooper look) and the restricted air flow. I know they are going for...
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    Power Supply Repair

    Just had my Seasonic X1050 crap out. Verified it was the power supply by jumping it without anything connected and it would not turn on. Beyond that, I don't have any experience with PSUs. I bought it in June 2012 so it's out of warranty. Is it worth messing with or should I just chuck it? Got a...
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    Modding Material Suppliers

    Hey all, was wondering if you guys have any suggestions on where to buy modding supplies. In particular, I'm looking to get a very specific style of mesh or grill material. I have a be quiet silent base 801 that I'm going to cut the top on and add in an exhaust vent (140mmx3). I found some...
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    How limiting is my CPU on a planned GPU upgrade

    So.. I've been wanting to upgrade my current GPU (970 GTX) to a 2080 Super or 2080 Ti or whatever is released this summer. But the rest of my system really doesn't "need" to be upgraded in my opinion. How many frames, or what kind of percentage in performance do you guys/girls think I stand to...
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    Upgrade Path Opinions

    My good people, don't really post much, have been out of the game for awhile so to speak, but will be coming back soon. I have purchased a case and have most of my parts picked out (yet to purchase). I will be returning to an AMD system most likely but I am unsure what to do for a GPU. My gut...
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    Custom Paint

    Was curious if anyone out there has any recommendations on where I could ship a case to have it professionally painted. Can't go powdercoat cause I want plastic painted as well. I have a bequiet silent base 801 that I want in white. Looking for somewhere close to Florida if possible. I contacted...
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    eVGA E-Leet Tuning Utility

    Anyone use this yet? I like the idea of having an all in one utility for tuning, except on the graphics tab, the only available option to tune is voltage (using v1.10.4). I find that odd considering I have an EVGA 680 GTX, if it was another brand maybe. Not sure why all the other options would...
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    Additives for cleaning/flushing a loop?

    Anyone one have suggestions on what to put in a loop just temporarily to clean/flush it. I just put together my first build and everything is ready to go, just waiting on a new PSU because my Seasonic came DOA from newegg. I was able to hook up a second computer just to run the pump, get the...
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    Did I fry my Seasonic X1050?

    So I've built a new rig after five or six years and I decided to go water cooling. I bought a jumper so I could purge the air and leak test before firing everything up. Well, I had some issues at first and I thought it was just cabling. But I eventually got the pump running by itself with just...
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    Corsair 600T Custom Water Cooling Build

    Hello All, Been on the forums for quite some time and have built numerous computers over the years, but nothing beyond plug and play. I fell in love with the Corsair 600T white case, but also wanted to go with water cooling for my next build. This left me with no choice but to attempt my first...
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    GPU blocks stock vs aftermarket

    Ladies and Gents, I'm building a new rig soon, first time water cooling, etc. You've read that a million times, lol. Anyways, my question has to do with full cover blocks. I think I'm going with the eVGA 680 and I was wondering if the stock full cover water cooling solution provides any...
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    240 enough for...

    Hello all, This will be my first time I give water cooling a go and I was wondering what your thoughts are on a 240 sized radiator for a Evga 680 hydro and a 2700k. Will that result in low temperatures for both parts? This will all be going in a Corsair 600T case, so I am limited to either...
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    Apple 27" Cinema Display with PC/360

    Hi all. I am contemplating whether to purchase an ACD 27". I saw the display in person at BB and it is the only thing that comes close in quality (IMO) to my NEC 20WMGX2. I like the glossy screens, colors are more rich (again IMO). If I were to get a ACD 27" which converter would be better: an...
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    Spyder3Express Question

    So I am thinking about purchasing the Spyder3Express. I am currently using an NEC 20WMGX2. I frequent tft central and what I gather from reading reviews over there is that monitors can greatly benefit from proper calibration. Will the Spyder3Express be enough. The express version doesn't factor...
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    System Freeze while using winrar

    I hope this is the correct forum, I assume it is CPU related (Could be a hard drive thing though). If I am trying to extract a RAR file (3+ GB) everything else (web browsing, opening music, opening folders) runs slow or not at all in some cases. Running Win 7 Pro, Phenom I X4. Any ideas? I...
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    Need a new Storage Drive ASAP - Ready to Buy - Please Help

    So I am on Newegg right now and I need some more storage. I had my eye on the WD WD1001FALS. Is this a decent drive for simple storage needs? I wont be running any RAID with it, just straight storage. Thanks, Josh
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    Simultaneous Network Connection - Help Please

    I just moved into an apartment complex with my best friend. He has road runner hooked up to a linksys wireless n router in the living room. I have both my PC and a 360 that I want to connect to the internet in my room. I saw these new simultaneous dual band routers from Linksys...
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    New Chipsets?

    Ok, so it seems as though I have seen the same chipsets available for as long as I can remember. Does anyone have any info on any new chips in the works? I would like to know mainly what nvidia is coming up with. I know AMD has the 890 I think or something...
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    So I may be joing the Dark Side...

    I have been contemplating recently about doing a fresh build from scratch, but I was thinking about using this i7 thing I keep hearing about. Supposedly it simply obliterates my poor little Phenom... I have never built an Intel rig and I have been in the hobby since the Athlon XP days. I...
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    Windows 7 and Far Cry 2

    I am running v1.02 of Far Cry 2 and after about 30~60 min of play I get this. Any ideas on how to fix? I am not expecting much as Windows 7 is beta and the game runs beautifully otherwise, but if there was a simple fix, that would be shhweet.
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    First try at Dual Boot, need help

    Hey all, I just purchased a second drive and I got a copy of Windows 7 from Microsoft. I have three drives total, one with XP, one with Windows 7, and one storage. They are all SATA. I can change which one the computer boots to via the bios, but I dont know how to make it give me an option...
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    Which Voltage Reading do I trust?

    I am trying to overclock my phenom, and it is not stable with voltage set to auto. So I decided I would bump the voltage a little, currently, I have 1.3v set in the bios (v 0502) and it reads 1.28v in both everest and cpuz. I had it set to 1.28v in bios before, and it read 1.26 in everest and...
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    Laptop Suggestion

    Hey all, I want to get my Dad a laptop for Christmas, but he just needs it for surfing the internet. What is a decent laptop for under 5 bills?
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    Far Cry 2 Benchmark crash

    Anyone else have problems running the benchmark utility? I can play the game fine with everything maxed, but every time I try to load the benchmark utility it just comes up with an error message.
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    6 days left on step up

    What do you guys/gals think I should do? Are either the gtx 260 216 core or the gtx 280 really worth upgrading to? My guess is that there would probably be no difference that I would actually feel in games. I game at 16x10 and mostly fps or racing, some flight sim. Whats the verdict?
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    Hard Drive Temps?

    This is my first time venturing into this subforum. I recently installed Everest because I want to manage some temps while overclocking and I thought it was a nice feature that they include the hard drive temps. Right now, while surfing and some mild downloads I am getting 44C on my 80 Gb...
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    Anyone seen this yet? Hopefully this will be for 24" monitors what the NEC 20WMGX2 was for 20". This display is based on MVA apparently while the 20" was AS-SIPS. I have been hopeing for a 24" that beats all others, Im betting this may be it, of course, it will come at quite a price. If anyone...
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    Mosfet Water Blocks

    I just put together a new rig, but I think I want to go water cooling. Right now I get the following temps with no overclock using a Thermalright Ultra-120 on the CPU. Idle: CPU - 31°C MCP - 53°C GPU - 47°C Load: CPU - 39°C MCP - 59°C GPU - 70°C I am running the setup in my sig...
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    Best External Temperature Displays

    Hey all, I just recently put together a new system, and I want to overclock. However, I dont want to have to alt tab, or check recorded values after I am done stressing the computer. I want to have a real time monitoring setup where the following are output to a small LCD. CPU Temp MB...
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    Bios Setting Question on ASUS board

    I just put together a new system and I have an Asus M3N72-D with two options in the bios that I am unsure about. Can anyone shed some light on these? -- Memory Hole Remapping - Enabled -- I am having problems getting my ram to run at the rated 1066mhz as you can read about in this thread...
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    Why cant I even reach advertised specs

    I am currently running what you seen in my sig, but for some reason, when I try to set my memory (newegg link) to 1066 (as it is rated with AM2+) I get some crashes in games (crysis, lock on) and the occasional BSOD. Below is my CPU-Z and as you can see, I should be able to hit 1066, although...
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    CUDA question

    Ok, So apparently this CUDA thing is to combine different GPUs (series 8 and above) so that one processes physics and the other visuals? If I have that correct, will I benefit with the ASUS M3N72-D which has an onboard 8 series gpu and then my evga gtx 260?
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    Tell me about my Processor

    Hi all, I recently purchased what you see in my sig, and I am not familiar with the stepping or revision and all that. I have read through different threads about different processors and people say if you have such and such stepping its really good or not good for overclocking. So can anyone...
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    Options locked out in drivers... Need help fixing.

    I am running 177.41 on a gtx 260. Some of my options in the Performance and Quality section are no longer adjustable. For example, anisotropic filtering is set to application controlled, and I cant uncheck it. In addition, other things like trilinear optimization and anisotropic mip filtering...