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    Windows disk management or storage spaces mirroring? REFS (Resilient File System)?

    I have a desktop that I wanted to implement a 2 drive mirroring, so if 1 drive goes bad I can still get my files from the second then replace the bad drive and have it join back that mirror. Window has two ways to do a 2 drive mirror using disk management using dynamic disks or storage spaces...
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    34" useless after windows scaling?

    If a 1440p 34" UltraWide is scaled up to like 150% to match the easy text readability of a 1080p 27" at default windows scaling at 100%. Would it make also make 2 windows side by side identical to the 1080p 27" due to upacaling? The only reason I want to upgrade to 34" ultrawide 1440p is to...
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    Should I apply better TIM on Sapphire 7950?

    ^^how much of a difference would it make if i apply better GPU thermal paste on the 7950? what results could i expect? 3-5c? or more? would it be worth the hassle?
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    Why review sites benching trash Haswell IGP graphics vs discreet?

    why all the review/bench sites are making comparisons using ONLY the IGP graphics and not discreet GPU like an AMD 7950....really who in the sweet jesus will ever use a shitty ass IGP graphics?? are they completely out of their minds? on top of that comparing the intel IGP vs the AMD IGP is this...
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    Whats the best Overclocking 7950?

    MSI Twinfrozer with its Afterburner software? Sapphire with its TRIXX software? Or Gigabyte's Windforce better cooling? but limited software?
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    remember to delete hidden recycle bin before selling drives...

    to my surprise formatting your drive will not erase the hidden "$RECYCLE.BIN" folder on your hard drives....because it is password protected for each user... its not just on your OS drive but any or what ever you can basically format your on options on...
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    Does this Netbook Exist?

    Under 12" LCD Dual Core HDMI Gigabit LAN B/G/N Wifi (300mbps) must be up to 300mbps.. ..most companies lie and limit WIFI N to only 72-150mbps 6-8+ hours battery life Thin compact size around ~$450 can someone recommend me a net-book with these specs or something close to it please :D?
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    Multiple Partitions vs. Single Partition (Boot Drive)

    What are the pros and cons of Multiple Partitions vs. Single Partition on a single boot drive? I was thinking to do this on my WD 640GB AALS (boot drive) (596GB formatted) : 80GB? Partition 1 Windows 7 Operating System (possible performance gain?) 200GB Partition 2 Applications 300GB...
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    Router QOS controlls Switch's QOS?

    Hello, I'm having a hard time understanding how this works. I have a Gigabit router which has QOS. It lets me assign bandwidth priority (low/med/high) using IP, MAC or Ethernet Port #. I have a unmanaged Gigabit Switch connected to it. My Router fully reads the PC's on the Switch. I am able...
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    Is there a Netbook with an Optical Drive?

    I'm looking to buy a really small but powerful Net-book for my work as a field tech and it has to have an optical drive....any recommendations? or a really small laptop any recommendations?
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    Monitors for PS3 does it have to be 1080P ?

    does it have to be 1080P ? i heard if its 1920x1200 it will be distorted or something?
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    Need a monitor for PS3

    i need a monitor for my PS3 it needs to be 23"+ 1080P must have HDMI can't be a TN panel it has to have HDMI because its going into my receiver and for it to receive the Dobly Tru-HD from the ps3 right it needs HDMI any suggestions? cant be the NEC EA231WMi it has no hdmi
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    IPS Reccomendations

    Size: 23" + Panel: IPS Native res: 1920x1080p needs to have HDCP and and must have HDMI. i cant use any dvi-hdmi or what ever cause of my receiver looking for a screen with these specs any recommendations?
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    1080P + IPS + HDMI monitor recommendations

    need and LCD that has these specs 1080P IPS HDMI going to use for PS3 and PC and HDMI Receiver
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    Is there a Service or Advance menu for NEC EA231WMi?

    if so what are the buttons or sequence to get on to it?
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    NEC EA231WMi has serious EDID problems

    hopefully this helps if anyone thats having the same problem as i did. ugh...although its picture perfect it was a fucking headache to get it to work properly to my receiver to get HDMI audio from my PC and PS3. Equipment Pioneer VSX-519V-K HDMI Repeating Receiver Playstation 3 Slim PC...
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    Is it illegal to Charge to INSTALL, AVG-Free?

    Is it illegal to Charge a fee to only INSTALL AVG-Free? a computer shop is not selling or distributing it but they charge a fee to install and set it on my comp is it illegal to do that?
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    Sites for making free websites?

    anyone know of sites that lets you make a website for free?
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    Guys don't turn on your monitor as soon as you get it...

    I remember getting an LCD a while ago when it was winter....brought it in it was cold to the touch and noticed condensation on the screen. But me being a nub turned it on and it came on then just cut off for good....the condensation must of fried it.. i just got my NEC and it also has...
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    Wouldn't it be better to order from a bad return policy sites?

    i mean this way you know you won't be getting some crap someone else returned because of back-light bleed....uniformity.....dead pixels..etc right?
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    good lord 2.0 gaming is horrible

    so i bought into the 2.0 hifi speaker setup........though the music sounded a tiny bit better and good sound stage...gaming and watching movies was fucking unbearable something just felt "missing" with out the other channels...i will NEVER go back to 2.0 again. over hyped peace of shit
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    can i CFX a 4850 to a 5770?

    is it possible?
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    The Q6600 is a beast

    i still can't believe this beast came out in Jan, 2007 Socket Type LGA 775 Core Kentsfield Multi-Core Quad-Core Operating Frequency 2.4GHz FSB 1066MHz L1 Cache 128KB+128KB L2 Cache 2 x 4MB Manufacturing Tech 65 nm 64 bit Support Yes Virtualization Technology Support Yes Multimedia...
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    ViewSonic VP2365wb the best LCD i can get under $400?

    looking for the biggest IPS or PVA or MVA or whatever VA anything but TN for under 400$ is the ViewSonic VP2365wb my best option?
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    whats the best point and shoot camera under $150?

    whats the best point and shoot camera under $150?
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    HP 2709m 27" LCD Review!

    returned it cons: -color banding -if you like to keep the brightness low for texts the dimmer backlight will not be uniform -slight ghosting.....but its 3ms wtf? -i read about the tearing online and thought it was just the idiots forgot to turn on v-sync....but WTF? it tears in ALL videos...
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    Whats the big problem with 16:9 and 1080P?

    why does every one here despise it?
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    Is any one here able to get 5.1 + HD4850 + vista to work?

    if so how? is it even possible? this is what i did and it don't work 1. uninstall audio drivers 2. uninstall video drivers 3. disable on board sound 4. install Catalyst 9.11 5. install the ATI HDMI audio drivers from realtek site 6. used the DVI-HDMI (that also transfers HDMI sound) on my 4850...
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    Question about connecting PS3 to LCD

    say your LCD runs at 1920x1080 native..........but i read most ps3 games are not will it change the LCD's monitors resolution according the the game im playing resolution? im just worried it will change to some resolution that is not "recommended" any thing other then 1080 the...
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    HP 2709m Semi-Glossy 27" LCD = $265 LIMITED TIME!!!

    HP has a limited sale right now 25% off monitors, not only that you get 20% instant cash back from Bing and free ship!!! you will not find a better 27" out there this is superior to the LG and Hanns 28" because of the Glossy panel. though it is TN like the others, the glossy panel will make the...
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    When using bing DO NOT USE COUPONS!!!

    damn i had no idea that using ANY kind of coupon code or promo code will make your bing cashback invalid!!! just saying..
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    When using bing DO NOT USE COUPONS!!!

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    Glossy TN's are better then IPS

    the whole S-IPS thing is way over hyped....i got a dell 2007WFP S-IPS A02 and also an old 20" HP with glossy TN screen. seriously i cannot see much of a difference in colors to justify the price of an IPS. and i have calibrated both screens perfectly. the ONLY advantage i can see is the huge...
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    oh my god newegg's LCD CAN'T return!

    you can ONLY return if the LCD has 8 dead cant just say you dont like it and return they will ship it back too you, it must have 8 dead pixels i didn't buy anything just saying'
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    HP 2709m best bang for buck monitor on earth?

    why aren't you guys all over this? this is the ONLY 27" TN that has no anti-glare coating.....the only way besides LED to enhance a TN panel is to have that coating off, it makes the colors "pop". this is perfect for people who wants to connect there PS3 and AV receiver to it because of the 1080...
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    There is no point in having larger fronts when Sub takes over

    Ok so after browsing the AVS forums seems like everyone in there is filthy rich. Every one is recommending 300$+ fronts and saying it is the most important piece in a 5.1....but from the way i see it, it is a really inefficient buy and a waste of money. I have my receiver in which i can adjust...
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    metal gear comming to xbox 360 !

    pic never gets old :D!
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    4850 HDMI Audio Solution !!!

    omfg i can't believe i got this working i thought it was my receiver BUT it was my DVI-HDMI wire i looks like in order to get the audio from the 4850 you NEED TO YOU THE DVI-HDMI ADAPTER INCLUDED !!! saved my self 80$ right there
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    Whats the biggest 16:9 LCD i can get for 300$?

    Whats the biggest 16:9 LCD i can get for 300$? I need a monitor that is: 16:9 (no room for 16:10) 1920x1080 res (that's the max res my receiver will support) HDCP (will connect to PS3) any ideas
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    Yellow liquid / grese inside my new reciever

    what is it can it dmg the receiver? it looks like some yellow grease or liquid is leaking a little bit off the transformer or generator because of heat idk whats its called its a big thing with coils rapped around it and a metal surrounding it .