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  1. mashie

    (WTF Amazon?) Would you use these or return them?

    It takes a lot to kill a copper SFP, I wouldn't be the slightest worried.
  2. mashie

    WoW Themed Fractal Design case

    That is a nice old skool mod.
  3. mashie

    Anyone done a full body mannequin case mod?

    Well there is this one made 16 years ago:
  4. mashie

    Cerebras’ wafer-size chip is 10,000 times faster than a GPU

    Indeed, the article in the OP is for the model 1-2 years ago. It is quite interesting that the biggest issues building these wafer sized chips wasn't to make the chips themselfs but how to supply power and cooling.
  5. mashie

    AMD Threadripper 3970X Successor

    I have seen some speculation that CES 2021 might be when they are announced.
  6. mashie

    Smallest case with a 5.25” bay?

    True but if you are going to stuff 16 2.5" drives in a case today they are most likely SSD's and those are 7mm most of the time.
  7. mashie

    TechGuide: Hisense launches Dual Cell TV with the black levels of an OLED and the brightness of LED

    It's still LCD though, it will be interesting to see how much light two vs one layer of LCD crystals can block.
  8. mashie

    Windows 95 is 25 Years Old Today!!!

    3.1 was a nice upgrade from 3.0 as the interface got the 3D look applied to all the buttons and window frames. 3.11 was an even bigger upgrade as that was when you really could start doing LAN connectivity out of the box.
  9. mashie

    Windows 95 is 25 Years Old Today!!!

    Thinking about it, it was probably a Swedish version of Windows 98SE I found on floppies when I was doing a summer job at an IT company clearing out one of their cupboards. Shame I didn't keep it, it seems to have become quite a collectable now.
  10. mashie

    Windows 95 is 25 Years Old Today!!!

    I remember doing a Win95 install using floppy disks once, it was painful shuffling 100+ disks. On my own computers I never used Win95, I did NT and then jumped straight to Win98.
  11. mashie

    The Z Build 2.0

    That is a lot of radiator porn, did you get it all working in the end? I really like the black tubing, it has a nice industrial look.
  12. mashie

    DM-01 HyperCase

    Well even the OP is calling it a case mod and all my scratch built cases were also case mods.
  13. mashie

    DM-01 HyperCase

    This is case modding at its fines. Looking forward to see how this one is turning out.
  14. mashie

    Smallest case with a 5.25” bay?

    Thats ok, they have only existed for 20 years or so. ;) The sexist bay converter on the market right now is this, 16x 2.5" drives in 2x 5.25" bays.
  15. mashie

    Are there any boutiques left?

    That's the one, the good old Lian-Li 20th Anniversary case. I snapped some pics with my phone after doing work on it last night (swapped PSU and installed 3-to-5 bay): The red SATA cables will be swapped out for black round ones at some stage.
  16. mashie

    Are there any boutiques left?

    The old Lian-Li's were great and built like tanks. I'm still rocking a 15 year old PC-777b as my daily driver.
  17. mashie

    Gone but Not Forgotten: 3Dfx Interactive

    I still have both of my Diamond Monster 3D II 12MB that I bought back in the day for glorious 1024x768 gaming.
  18. mashie

    Xeon Platinum 9200 at Scale: Penguin Computing’s new 7616 Cores-Per-Rack Solution

    And of you use EPYC instead you can get way more cores in a rack.
  19. mashie

    Ubiquiti Sanity Check

    This is indeed what I would pick as well and what I will have at home once the Dream Machine Pro is officially released in the UK. A single pane of glass for end to end configuration/monitoring is great.
  20. mashie

    Little-known Japanese CPU threatens to make Nvidia, Intel and AMD obsolete

    Well they reached their goal to make the worlds fastest super computer:
  21. mashie

    Is this fixable or done for?

    Considering the force required to rip off the connector I would be surprised if the internals survived. Was it running when you dropped it?
  22. mashie

    Whats the deal with Seagate?

    I have 8 x 10TB Seagate IronWolfs running here is RAID6, working great and has for years.
  23. mashie

    RGB 5050 LED Strips for lighting Home Theater speakers to look like AMC Prime.

    That diagram is my system which has been going strong for over 3 years now. The only issues are that I can't run Audyssey on the height speakers and once week or so I have to manually align the two volume settings as they can get out of sync after a while. I don't change DSP modes so they are...
  24. mashie

    Texas Instruments makes it harder to run programs on its calculators

    This reminds me, I really should get some new batteries for my TI-85.
  25. mashie

    Unreal Engine 5 Revealed! Running real time on Playstation 5

    It will be interesting to see how the game developers can harness and use all that power.
  26. mashie

    Watson's Creator Wants to Teach AI a New Trick: Common Sense

    Common sense isn't very common.
  27. mashie

    Toshiba Releases List of SMR Drives

    Well I'm glad I went down the route with Seagate Ironwolfs this time around, no SMR mess there.
  28. mashie

    DRAM is stuck in a 10nm trap

    I guess you don't follow server hardware. They are already using 128GB DDR4 sticks.
  29. mashie

    Copied 1.5TB from 8TB Seagate to 4TB Evo 860. Just checked and it's all gone - how?

    Did you try to access any file that had been copied across before they vanished? Have you tried to use the new SSD to create/use/delete files at all to see if even the most basic functionality is there?
  30. mashie

    securing sponsorships

    How much do you like begging and how desperate are you to sell your soul? I had a couple of sponsors back in the day but to be honest it wasn't worth it.
  31. mashie

    Optane persistent memory

    Pricing is in the arm+leg region and you need the extra expensive Xeon CPUs if you want to have more than 1tb of memory.
  32. mashie

    New Forum Software Feedback

    I must say this is the smoothest forum software I have ever used on a phone.
  33. mashie

    Switch From Windows to Linux

    Lol, it's a laptop, not a tablet. Also I only have touch screens on telephones. These are after all productivity tools. And yes everything works.
  34. mashie

    Switch From Windows to Linux

    I have been running Xubuntu for years. The first thing I did when I received this Lenovo X1 Extreme gen 2 was to nuke the Win 10 install it came preloaded with and replaced it with Xubuntu 19.10.
  35. mashie

    Nvidia Shield Pro with Atmos & Dolby Vision

    I see no need to upgrade my two 2017 Shields for this. Atmos is already working fine in MrMC and my TV doesn't support Dolby Vision.
  36. mashie

    NordVPN Encryption Keys Stolen

    I use Private Internet Access and it is great for when you don't want to advertise your IP.
  37. mashie

    Cost advantage of HDDs over SSDs will last more than a decade

    Enterprise 3.5" SSD's are currently available up to 30TB in size, they are anything but affordable unfortunately. I would like to see 8TB SSD's next year at the pricing of current 4TB SSD's but prices are unlikely to drop that fast.
  38. mashie

    Cost advantage of HDDs over SSDs will last more than a decade

    Next stop is 192 layers and I see no reason why it won't move on to thousands of layers going forward.
  39. mashie

    Adding drives to Raid 6..does it matter if I already have data or not for speed and "safety"

    I did this a few months ago and it is no difference at all in speed regardless if the drives are full or empty. I first added 1 10TB drive to a 4 x 10TB array as a test, I then added 2 10TB drives to the then 5 x 10TB array. The time it takes is the same so next time I will add all new drives...
  40. mashie

    AMD Rome EPYC Zen2 reviews

    I was hoping to see an updated version of the 7371 but with 32 high speed cores instead of 16. Maybe it will come later as the 7371 wasn't available at launch either.