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  1. Mungler

    adding an extra LED to an LED strip

    I have a d5-photon-270-reservoirpump-combo. it has a hole for a 5mm LED. It came with a boring one colour LED which obviously my first thought was to swap it for a nice RGB one. In my build I already have a 5050 RGB LED strip in my case and I was considering connecting this new LED to the...
  2. Mungler

    Where are the pretty pci-e extensions

    For the first time I am considering adding a pci-e extension to my build (for a good reason) but there do not seem to be any on the market that are anything but plain old ugly. In this day and age of braided, coloured, uv active cables, has no one started selling aesthetically pleasing pci-e...
  3. Mungler

    [Project Log] Wife said, 'Get rid of that nasty computer case' desk pc

    My faithful akasa server case has served me well for a long time, but now the time has come to move on. My wife hates the size of the case and has seen how little of the space inside is utilised so tasked me with downsizing. I took the opportunity to suggest 'getting rid of the case entirely'...
  4. Mungler

    taking the fan off of a psu

    I'm thinking of a new build. But want to sanity check what I am thinking of doing. I have done a quick mock up for illustration, below. Imagine that there are some waterblocks on the gpu and cpu and soft tubing connecting them (I'm not a sketchup whizz :) ) Contents: 2 x 240mm rads 1 x...
  5. Mungler

    the decreasing need for huge radiators

    I was browsing the interweb when I saw this article on another site about the gigabyte-geforce-gtx-980-ti-xtreme-gaming-waterforce. This is a watercooled, OC'd card out of the box but that 120mm rad looks like a slim one!! So this is causing me to rethink my stand point on water cooling...