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  1. Legendary Gamer

    I blew up my 3600

    I figured some of you would find this humorous. I had achieved what I believed was a stable, all core, OC of 4,250 Mhz on my 3600. System Specs: AMD 3600 6 Core/12 Thread Processor set to 1.42V on the core Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming 32 Gigs of RAM running at 3600 Mhz, RAM set to 1.35...
  2. Legendary Gamer

    AMD CPU Settlement is up AMD already lost the money, now it's time for you to jump on the bandwagon and claim your pound of flesh. They are refunding up to 300 dollars per processor you purchased.
  3. Legendary Gamer

    EVGA B Stock Sale

    Some decent deals in here and some not. 99 Bucks for a 970 is a decent, cheap second hand video card.
  4. Legendary Gamer

    Cheapest 2080Ti available

    For anyone who is interested... Hell, I am even mulling it over... It's a Gigabyte Wind-force for 900 bucks
  5. Legendary Gamer

    Pretty Sweet Micro System

    In the event that you haven't seen this thing, I'm loving the hell out of it. After the latest BIOS update I have this tiny PC running my RAM at 3200 Mhz with a 51 Buck Athlon 200GE...
  6. Legendary Gamer

    The Death of Bioware

    This is an interesting read if anyone is interested, essentially outlining how development from Dragon Age to Mass Effect to Anthem was a cluster and then some resulting in games that were hits (DA 3) or dropped utterly (Andromeda) and now Anthem that will likely never see much more life than...
  7. Legendary Gamer

    Intel Flavor?

    This, is awesome! I am loving it. He even mentions Kyle, and more!
  8. Legendary Gamer

    RTX market penetration

    I know it sounds dirty ;) If these figures are accurate, Nvidia isn't selling shit... Or the issues including hardware malfunctions and returns are as high as Kyle has been told they are. Figured I would post the link for you guys to mull over...
  9. Legendary Gamer

    Existing 10nm Intel Processor

    I knew Intel had one in the wild, and I was firmly of the belief it was a turd. Found the following article and it would appear I was correct. Let's hope Intel's 10nm+ has a better showing than this one did at the end of the year for mobile and in 2020 for desktop...