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    AMD working on Malta dual-chip card

    Odd, considering their 79XX release. They got a good jump on the next-gen market on that. I doubt it's a business strategy at this point.
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    My 7970 Gets hot :(

    what programs would be ideal for that and what are acceptable vrm temps?
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    My 7970 Gets hot :(

    Interesting. But at that rate if I'm taking the cooler off, I may as well just spring for the waterblock and do it all in one go. I should mention, it is even more surprising that i hit temps like this because of where the computer is. It is in a basement with very low ambient temps.
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    My 7970 Gets hot :(

    I recently attempted to bump up the clock speeds of my 7970 but I own a reference design MSI card. I left the fan speed on auto simply because the sound is almost unbearable at anything more than 50%, and I was seeing at least 80*c at load. Is this normal? I will be watercooling some time...
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    Monsoon Fittings?

    for compression?
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    Monsoon Fittings?

    Any other affordable brands out there? I was looking at BitsPower and EnzoTech but neither (that i saw) had any multi-packs.
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    Monsoon Fittings?

    Has anyone used them? They're decent looking with the CF accents and I like how they come in packs of 6 for cheaper. I'm planning my first WC build and I don't want to buy garbage. I'm talking about these...
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    Videos on watercooling

    Great videos man. I was actually looking for something like this. I'll be putting mine together sometime in the next month and it will be my first build. Definitely helpful. Also, Reality, I like the idea, but as far as aesthetics go, it really varies from person to person.
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    Corsair Obsidian 650-D case fan controller issues

    Yes, the fan speed controller on the 650D is awful. I had mine fail in ~6 months. Fortunately i did not have any issues with noise after I swapped the fans over to the motherboard, and i noticed it before my pc overheated.
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    Sapphire toxic 6GB specs

    and it still has a s stupid setup for its outputs. great job!
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    So 3+ month after official release, AMD where is my driver?

    I think they are taking a while simply because the amount of people with xfire are very slim compared to people with just one card. I am not by any means saying this is smart, because it is anything but that. I am running one card and haven't had an issue with my 7970 yet.
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    Why all the crying about the 7970?

    It seems like all that I am seeing is people whining about the 7970 being too expensive. While i agree that it is, both options are at this point. This is the part that bothers me, however. If Nvidia has released a card that performs almost identically to AMD's solution for this generation, and...
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    Buyer's remorse 7950/7970?

    Picked up my 7970 brand new for $500 on thursday last week. I'm totally fine with it. now 7950 owners on the other hand... i would feel crappy about. I had one that was malfunctioning so i got rid of it and went for the 70. If i hadn't, I would be trying to dump the 50 asap.
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    7970 owners, are you upgrading to GTX 680?

    why? in most cases they perform within +-3fps. Why would you put yourself through all the trouble to get a card that performs almost identically?
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    GK110 Specifications Approximated

    because posting all the rumors about GK104 wasn't enough. Now that it's almost out, lets start a shit storm of rumors about something else.
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    Gigabyte Gtx 680 out in the wild.

    justifying my impatience! I just ordered a 7970.
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    So will the 78xx's actually appear monday?

    Preview cards have been out for a couple weeks now, so it should be any day now.
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    Powercolor AX7970

    Found an MSI R7970 brand new on ebay for $500. Went that route instead.
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    The def did drop the 580 prices, things r shaping up.

    but under that logic, why not lower their price to a tad under the 7950 and dominate that sales bracket?
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    Powercolor AX7970

    as long as it works like a 7970 should. and the warranty isn't shit, I will probably go with that. For the price, why not?
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    vid card suddenly overheating

    a nividia card? overheating? Bull shit.
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    Powercolor AX7970

    Has anyone tried out this car yet? It's the cheapest on newegg right now. And i am wondering about the warranty? on their site it says that all cards have a 2 year warranty, but newegg gives you the option to spend an extra $60 for the "extended 2 year." Is that for a warranty through newegg?
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    Some SLI VRAM confusion.

    That is pretty lame... and is chasing me away from the 590. Effectively it's the 1.5 580 in sli with less shaders/ equipment. Ugh, this wait has got me by the balls here. I guess if i can wait like 10 days I'll probably be satisfied.
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    Some SLI VRAM confusion.

    I think i understand that putting two 3gb cards still only limits you to 3gb of usable vram.. right? If that is wrong please correct me. Now my confusion comes in with the GTX 590. It is labeled as a 3gb card, but from the assumption above, and considering that it is 1.5gb per core, is it...
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    GTX 680 specs leaked

    This news just makes me more confident in buying something else in the mean time. It will be interesting to see how SLI 580's stack up against the 680 after the release/ price drop we will see.
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    No more rumors!!!!

    i agree. I will be waiting on intel igp for a while. I really don't want to blow the cash on a 580 now and regret it when the 680 comes along and the 580 prices drop more.
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    GK104 = GTX 680 (confirmed), paper launching soon [SA]

    Wasn't there some noise about march 12th being significant?
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    You knew it had to be done ....

    I will buy it if it isn't insanely overpriced (gl nvidia...) Otherwise I'll just take advantage of the inevitable Fermi price drop
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    GTX 590 or wait? Or find a temp.

    I don't really plan to OC anything, but there is a slim chance i could do a 3 monitor setup.
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    GTX 590 or wait? Or find a temp.

    It's hard for me to want to go red again. I have been out of the game for a while and then built the machine I am on now. I bought a 7950 that wasn't even stable at stock clocks. I am not saying that AMD is garbage by any means, but after being out of it for a while, that was a terrible first...
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    GTX 590 or wait? Or find a temp.

    bah i guess you guys are right. Waiting is tough. I am just worried that we won't see them this month.
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    GTX 590 or wait? Or find a temp.

    right but doesn't the computer still technically use all 3gb because it is being streamed through the same pci-e port? I am still bouncing around my options, but I would like to go green this time around. Didn't have great luck with my 7950. And under your logic, isn't keppler rumored to only...
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    GTX 590 or wait? Or find a temp.

    116 views and nothing? Is the $550 worth it? I feel like the power of the 2 gpu's would be close to the performance of the next gen. any other thoughts?
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    GTX 590 or wait? Or find a temp.

    Consider that I could get either a GTX 590 for the same price as a 7970, but the 590 would be slightly used. Which would be a better idea? I don't care about temp/noise. I am only using one monitor at the moment. My real question comes into what happens in the future. If i plan on doing a 3...
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    Sapphire HD7970 Toxic 6GB

    You can pretty much tell from the pictures, there aren't. Looks like a dvi, hdmi, and 2x Display. Or so it seems.
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    NVIDIA GK104 Coming Soon?

    so is there any truth to the march 12th date? It was posted earlier today I think, but can't find the thread now.
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    Nvidia : Kepler will be unbeatable

    this. If their card really is so incredible, why not show it? It is most definitely a scare tactic. and a cheap one at that. Don't get me wrong, I am not voting red either, I just think all of this waiting is a bit stupid.
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    New HD7950 Problems

    go to your power saving settings, go to advanced, and find the PCI-Express tab. turn it off. I had similar problems and it fixed some of them. Sapphire 7950 OC. I would have 3d mark crash. Now it doesn't. But bf3 still does:[
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    Eyefinity or 3D?

    I am kind of stuck right now. I currently have an ASUS VH242H and don't know which route to go. With the amount of cash i have right now, I could get rid of the asus and grab a nice 3D monitor, or i could keep it and get two more matching monitors. I really only game on this machine, which is...
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    GPU card length - now and later

    I don't think that case manufacturers have info that reaches that far into the future. I would guess that they just give you that headroom for the most extreme possibilities and to ensure the case last a long time and goes without the need for replacement.