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  1. dave343

    Front USB Issue with Lian Li Lancool Mesh

    I'm having this weird issue with a Lian Li Lancool Mesh II case with the front USB ports. There are only 2 ports on the top, and they are both USB 3, one is occupied by a Logitech universal receiver which I use for a trackball mouse. The problem occurs anytime I plug a USB stick in there to copy...
  2. dave343

    AMD vs Nvidia Encoders

    I've been using the Nvenc encoder for a while now and it's been pretty decent, but with the launch of the new Navi 2 cards, I'm interested in switching over but wanted to test the AMD encoder out first. With my Nvidia card, I've been using the following settings to record gameplay; Nvenc h.264...
  3. dave343

    20yrs of [H]

    20 years on the [H] - Well guys it's been awesome, hopefully the [H] forums stick around for decades more! Signed up back in college and never thought I'd be posting this 20yrs later. I've been to one [H] meetup in Toronto back in 2001 at the Skydome Hard Rock Café where we racked up an...
  4. dave343

    Embargo date on Zen 3 reviews

    Do we have any idea when, or approx when AMD will lift the embargo on reviews for Zen 3? It is expected to be closer to the physical launch on Oct 20th, or shortly after / on the 8th?
  5. dave343

    MSI already updating 3080 Trio with a Version 2 ?

    Watching JayzTwoCents recent video where he mentions that MSI has or is coming out with a version 2 of it's 3080 Trio card, but MSI did this silently. Did they change the CAPS from POS to all MLCC's and if so where does this leave user's who literally just paid $900 for one? That would be a...
  6. dave343

    10600k at 98-99c

    I just installed a 10600k on a MSI Gaming Edge WiFi with a fresh install of W10. I slapped a Dark Rock Pro 4 on it and according to HWiNFO64 temps idle on the desktop are 35-36c. I have the chip running at all-core 5GHz, AVX offset 0, 1.4v Vcore, 1.2v VCCSA, 1.2v VCCIO, ring at Auto, C-States...
  7. dave343

    X570 Chipset and Fan - GPU blocking air

    So I noticed that the position of the PCH fan on my ASUS Hero is directly under the GPU. I’m using a 2080ti and it’s sitting directly over top of the fan, covering near 90% or more and the GPU is sitting flush. If that fan can breathe at all, it’s pulling in hot air which can’t be good. Also the...
  8. dave343

    Corsair HX1000i fan staying off - 55c+ temps

    I'm using a Corsair HX1000i PSU, and while it does have the zero RPM fan feature, I don't think it ever turns on. During a normal CS:GO game, I can't even leave my hand on the PSU it's getting that hot, and yet the fan reports 0rpm still. If I can't even leave my hand on the PSU shroud, the...
  9. dave343

    10th Gen CPU's - Shortage or Demand causing almost instant sell outs?

    I've been trying to acquire a 10600K CPU for a while now, but as many have also found it's proving difficult to acquire one for MSRP, and not some jacked up price from a third party reseller, that being if anyone has any stock to begin with. This afternoon I just randomly refreshed a Newegg...
  10. dave343

    It leaked.

    While I’m using the system yesterday for a few hours I kept looking at the tank, and notice it’s getting slightly lower. But whatever... I chalked it up to bubbles making there way through the system, which I've read happens so ok. Fast forward a few more hours, it's midnight, I check on the...
  11. dave343

    What am I doing wrong?

    I ordered some PETG to practice bending before I attempt a PETG build next week. This is my first attempt at bends or hardline all together and so I ordered 8/12 and 10/12 just to practice on, but so far I’ve found 8/12 thickwall the easiest to bend, although it just takes longer to heat up...
  12. dave343

    3rd WC loop to bring down 85c temps

    My sons Ryzen 3600 system was running at 85c under load and heavy gaming, this with a Hyper 212 and 2 fans exhausting at full speed. Granted his room is the hottest in our place with direct sunlight in 34c weather but still, I’ve been meaning to slap a block on his Ryzen rig. This is my 3rd WC...
  13. dave343

    Rainbow Six Siege - Finally hit 100 Clearance with 207hrs of PvE only

    Finally hit clearance level 100 on R6 Siege which isn't a big deal probably, except I did it only playing PvE. 207hrs to be exact, with 95% of those hours only playing the house Map on Terrorist Hunt Realistic. On average I would say 12min per match, give or take, so that works out to approx...
  14. dave343

    New Fiber Internet Speed from 18Mbs

    Just upgraded to 1Gb/s fiber from 18Mb/s cable... :D This is through Bell Canada. They have been digging up the streets and putting Fiber through-out the Toronto area, and just within the last year brought the fiber from the street into everyone’s condo unit in my building. When a 14MB file...
  15. dave343

    OBS recorded playback is choppy only during the Doom Eternal gameplay parts, desktop fine?

    I recently installed the OBS recording software and tested recording of Doom Eternal, first on a 9900K paired with a 2080ti. Playback of the recording was perfect. Then I recorded the same game, playing on a R5 3600 paired with a 5600 XT. Playback of the recording was fine, *until I got into the...
  16. dave343

    9900k @5ghz - 98c

    9900k @ 5GHz with AVX 0 offset, default Vcore on an EVGA Dark MB, custom loop. Windows 10 Firefox etc it hovers around 30c, Red Dead 2 about 37-40c, but Cinebench it shot up to 98c. Normal temps? Pump is maybe running at 75% during CB r20.
  17. dave343

    Putting first loop together

    Hey guys, getting my first loop together, i thought I had ordered the right fittings and tube but the tubing is super tight to get onto the conpression fitting. I ordered EK Torque STC 10/16 (5/8) fittings, and for my soft tube, I bought 10/16 3/8 ID 5/8 OD soft tubbing. But it just seems really...
  18. dave343

    Stand up desk reccomendations

    Looking to order a sit/stand desk within the next few days, not sure which brand to go with. I'm looking to use it as both a gaming desk, and a work bench as it'll have my Praxis Wetbench case on it as well a laptop and 27" monitor. Ultimately I'm looking for something that is very stable, the...
  19. dave343

    Mesh Networking for Home - 1 or 2 needed?

    My condo walls really kill wifi with the plaster walls and metal honeycomb mesh that’s inside. I’m looking to extend my coverage and purchase some of the mesh network wifi gear but I’m curious to know how many I actually need. My first question would be if these mesh nodes can act as both a...
  20. dave343

    major 3700x boosting issues

    My 3700x is having some really really wacky boosting issues, this after trying to first undervolt, but then setting it back to auto after I got horrible results, ...yes I know... shocking, but now it won't stabilize. First things, I've read the many reports about Ryzen 3000 having high v-core...
  21. dave343

    Comparable 40-50" monitor to Asus PG65UG

    Any reccomendations for a monitor like the PG65UQ but in the 40-50" range. I sit about 2-3 ft away from my monitor now (PG279Q), and on my wall I use a 40" TV which I sit about 7ft away from, so anything massive doesn't make sense. Passing my 279Q onto my father so I'm looking for a good...
  22. dave343

    New to watercooling - First Loop look ok?

    Excuse my shitty autocad (errr I mean paint) edit's. I'm going to attempt my first water loop after years of using AIO's, and having spent months watching beginner and how to video's from Jayz, & By IFR Desgins. Does this look like a decent setup? I'm going to order the EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE...
  23. dave343

    Protection from deauth attacks

    Are there any wireless router's that currently have protection against deauth attacks. All of the devices in our place keep getting kicked off at random times, but only in the evenings / night. I live in a condo building so it wouldn't surprise me if maybe someone was having fun, but it's...
  24. dave343

    9600k @ 5Ghz

    I've picked up a 9600k to play around with, on a Gigabyte Z390 Master, and cooling with a Dark Rock 4. (non Pro) I'm currently using the Primochill wet test bench as the case, so no addition cooling, other than the DR4's single fan. Putting the multiplier to 50 without any other changes...
  25. dave343

    Sloppy QA on 2070s

    QA was asleep the day my card was manufactured... Did a repaste while I had it off... man did they go cheap on the thermal paste, repasted with AS5.
  26. dave343

    Corsair 275Q case cooling

    Just built a new system in the corsair 275Q quiet case, but noticed after assembling this may not work as well as I thought... it's getting way to hot for comfort, looking for any suggestions. The case, see picture, is designed to be ultra quiet, both side panels have the sound dampening...
  27. dave343

    CCNA - Subnetting question

    I'm working through the CBT Nuggets video's for ICND1 and currently going through the subnetting. Working through practice sites, I'm getting a majority of the questions right, however I ran into one issue that I don't understand how the site is getting there, and even thought maybe they are...
  28. dave343

    New HP Probook LCD replacement not powering on

    I have a HP Probook 450 G3 with a broken (pressure point) LCD, it's just the regular 1366 x768 res. Since the 1080p screen was an option at the time, I went ahead and ordered an AU 1080p replacement screen instead. Now I know you're "suppose" to keep the LCD the same size etc... but I thought...
  29. dave343

    Best display for $500

    Looking to pick up a new display for 70% gaming, 20% movies, 10% command line use. Don't want to spend more than $500, but I'd prefer something with IPS, although if there is a TN panel with very good color reproduction and response for gaming I'd consider. Minimum size I'm looking for is 24"...
  30. dave343

    Skyrim mods

    I have over 2000hrs invested in Skyrim but friends always gasp when I tell them I've never used or tried mods, I'm just playing it in it's vanilla state. I finally wanted to try some of the mods out there that change it graphically and otherwise, like the UI, but there is so many it makes my...
  31. dave343

    Why is there a fairly large fps gap with certain cards between reviewers?

    I've been looking at a few RX 580 reviews, and I noticed on guru3d the RX 580 MSI review has the 580 on par with the 1060 on GTA V. But over on Anand tech, the 580 trails far behind the 1060 on GTA V with what seem's like the same "very high" settings, but the 1060 is ahead by 15fps. If you're...
  32. dave343

    Ryzen 1600 Overclock

    Board is the Gigabyte K7, R5 1600@4.0ghz with 1.425v although actual V is slightly less. Corsair LPX 3000 CL15 @2933, H100i V2 cooler, PSU is the EVGA 750 G2 Gold. Not sure how much more it'll put out, at 1.38v I get the reboot after logging into Windows, and at 1.4v reboots half way through...
  33. dave343

    Setting up Corsair H100i V2

    It's been a long time since I used a water cooling solution, but I finally got it all together, I'm just not sure I have the proper method for the fan and pump/plug configuration. So as per the Corsair and Gigabyte manual's, I tossed the pump plug into the boards CPU_OPT plug. The 2nd cable...
  34. dave343

    650w enough for new Kaby Lake build with 1080

    Putting together a new system, and at first I was eyeing a Corsair 750w gold, but now I'm looking at the evga 650 gold fully mod, just wondering if it'll be enough so that the fan's don't ramp up under full load. I plan on running a 7700k, whatever board, only a single M.2 pcie SSD 500gb, GTX...
  35. dave343

    R6 Siege capped at 30fps?

    I was benchmarking R6 Siege but noticed it tops out at around 30fps @1080P. I'm running Ultra, Ultra Textures, MSAA 8x, V-Sync On.... everything is basically as high as it can go. Is there a reason it's not going past 30fps? Specs: FX 8350 380X 4GB 21.5" Asus 60hz 1080P
  36. dave343

    Monitor reccomendations for 24" / 27"

    I'm in search of a new monitor for gaming and general use. All I play is Skyrim and R6 Siege and a few other FP Adventures. I've been to a few stores and read as many reviews as I can but if anyone has recommendations it'd help me out. Here's what I'm looking for. 24-27" Ideally 1440P but I'll...
  37. dave343

    Rainbow Six Siege & Gameworks on AMD cards

    Because Rainbow Six Siege uses NV's gameworks tech, are there any differences running Siege on AMD cards? Less debris, bigger explosions, missing features, etc...? obviously it's going to be better optimized (game works) when running on nv hardware, but besides that I just wanted to know if...
  38. dave343

    New PC build - re-use ram or upgrade?

    I'm putting together a new PC and I wanted some opinions if I should re-use some 8gb ddr3-1333 Kingston Value ram i already have, or upgrade to 8gb-1866mhz Kingston hyper-x Fury. System's primary use will be for gaming, and 2nd other light general use. If it will make zero difference then I'd...
  39. dave343

    Learning Python but Online course different than Book

    A while back I signed up to to learn Python and JS. I did the JS, then moved onto Python and got about halfway done the course when I came across a book that I thought I could read and do on the go. The book is by Jason Cannon entitled "Python Programming for Beginners", and...
  40. dave343

    SOMA - Red/Green 3D haze effect issue

    Hi, I'm having a problem within SOMA where a lot of the edges seem to have this Red/Green almost 3D effect. I've left the pictures below their default size so you can see. I'm currently using a GTX 750 1GB, with all the settings set to High at 1080P, except NO AA is being used. Monitor is Asus...