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    Neptune Pine: Smartwatch. Reinvented.

    Looks pretty awesome.
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    39" inch 4K Ultra HD HDTV UHD 2160p LED TV DISPLAY - $600

    Seems like a good deal on a 4k panel
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    Infinium Labs Phantom Game Console

    One is actually listed on eBay. I never seen one before
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    $800 for Home Automation/Security. What would you get?

    I have budget of $800 -$1000 Here are my requirements. 1. Four IP Camera's w/ DVR functionality 2. Controllable from three HTPC's, In wall Touch Panel's & a iPad/iPod 3. Ability to Turn off/ Turn on lights via INSTEON Dimmers & Switches [4 Zones] 4. Huge plus If it can integrate into WMC7...
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    Rock shape speakers recommendation

    Anyone use outdoor rock speakers? I will be placing a TV outside on my patio. Looking for something within the $100 - $150 range. Suggestions?
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    Touch panel integration, best practices?

    I have FOUR 15" Elo Touch Screens & TWO All-In-One Touch Screen PC's (Think HP TouchSmart) Whats the best way to integrate these into my Windows Media Center 7 ecosystem? each touch screen will connect to its own dedicated PC. I setup consist of 5 A/V Receivers, 2 Windows 7 HTPC's...
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    Digital Cable Advisor now available!!!!!!!!!!!
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    [Official] [H] 16G of ram thread

    Alright if you have 16GB of Ram in your system, Post your specs! ;)
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    Rob's HTPC Setup (CableCard, Touchscreen LCD, etc..) PICS!

    Last month I purchased a m9300t desktop with Digital Cable Support from HP & 1 ATI Digital Cable Tuner. First thing I did was remove the internals of the PC and transferred them to a Ahanix MCE701 HTPC case ( a series of upgrades then followed. -...
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    Gateway One ZX190

    (Hope there isn't another thread about this) So what does everyone think about Gateways new PC? Looks almost like an iMac. Pretty sleek, I like it
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    8 slower cores vs 4 faster ones.

    :D What would be better for Video Editing, a faster single Quad-Core processor (Q6600) or 2 slower Quad-Core processors (2 Xeon E5310 - 8 Cores total) Basically I'm trying to decrease the time it takes to render video. I currently have a E6600 and when I edit HD footage it brings my system...
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    Critique my budget video editing rig.

    I'm going to be editing some standard def. video & possibly some HD footage. I already got a Case, Hard Drives, CD/DVD Burner. All I need is a PSU/Mobo/Ram/Video Card Here is what I selected. Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 (rev. 1.3) Intel P965 Express ATX Intel Motherboard...
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    Gamers Dream PC!

    Im thinking of buying this Good deal? or would this 4.8GHZ AMD system be better...
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    U320 SCSI Removable Disk Modules

    Hello all :D Do any of you have any good recommendations for a good U320 removable SCSI HDD rack? I got 3 SCSI drives that I want to make hot swappable. I was considering these: but they are kind of pricey at $125.00 each...
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    Hot? - Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor E6700 - $399.99

    $399.99 @ Microcenter Newegg's price is $522.00
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    Apple TV question

    Does anyone know if it possible to stream media that’s not in iTunes? Like Divx movies I ripped myself that are stored on my PC? Or do I import all my files onto itunes then stream? Maybe I answered my on question already, I dont know because I don’t use iTunes Thanks :p
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    Adding run prompt to taskbar. Possible?

    Is it possible to add the run prompt to the taskbar in WinXP? I searched google and didnt find much info Thanks!
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    Oh no! not another “Please Review My Build Before I Buy” thread

    I’m in the process of building a new computer. I just wanted to know if everything was compatible before I hit the “Submit order” button Here is what I will be using from my old computer MegaRAID SCSI U320, PCI Express Raid Card, 128MB...
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    Recommend me a Power Suppy for 9 SCSI 10k RPM Hard Drives

    Hi :D So I am in the process of building my “super pc”. So far I have 9 Atlas 146GB 10k SCSI drives, and I also plan to have 2 – 3 Sata Drives. All this is going to be enclosed in the new Stacker 830 case. What kind of power supply will I need to power all this stuff? Will something like...
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    Dual Scsi raid?

    Hi people, I’m in the process of building a Conroe based system. This is the motherboard im most likely going to use MSI 975X Platinum Socket T (LGA 775) Intel 975X ATX Intel Motherboard I currently have 5 HP ATLAS 146GB...
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    Motherboard recommendation for my 2.4GHZ Xeon's

    Hi all, I have obtained a pair of Xeon’s 2.4GHz 533MHz CPU’s (512k L2 Cache, Socket 604. Model SL6VL) I’m looking for a Motherboard that has PCI & PCI X slots. I would like it to have a PCI Express slot also. Any recommendations/suggestions? Also heres a stupid question. Will...
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    Too much thermal grease?

    I recently purchased a ZALMAN CNPS7700 hoping to get my CPU temperature lower, however after installing this heat stink my temps didn’t improve. Could it be that I applied to much thermal grease on my CPU? How much should I apply on my CPU? (it’s a LGA775 P4 3.2GHZ) should I apply a small...
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    Loss hard disk space after reformatting?

    Hi, I recently purchased a 250 USB external hard drive for my Mac, I formatted the HDD and I ended up with 233.56GB of disk space. Thats quite a loss. Is this normal to loose that much space after formatting? Thanks in advance.
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    Cheapest place to buy WInXP pro.

    any one know a site that sells winXP pro for cheap? ebay? edit: Hi viz :rolleyes:
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    Must have pc software.

    Im almost done building my new PC (just waiting for my memory to come in) I was wondering what "must have" software should I install? for instance - Nortin Anti Virus 2004 - Free version of zone alarm - winamp ? - Firefox - spybot search and destroy ? - Nero 6 Ultra edition - Nortin...
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    Building new system. Need advice

    Hi, long time reader first time poster. Im planing to build a new system (mainley for video editing and some light gaming) I was looking at the frys ad in local paper and they have this cpu & mobo (P4 3.2Ghz) combo for $219.19. I was thinking of buying this, I was wondering if this was a...