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  1. sappyse107

    Folding with Nvidia cards = WOOOOOOOOO

    When I was messing around with multiple cards last year/early this year, my 1070 was getting around 700-800k a day. Now, its about 1.2-1.4 mil. I thought they rescaled the points to be even more unfair to those in the past, but instead its Nvidia who have made the change. CUDA support! The...
  2. sappyse107

    Time to retire

    It was fun, but I hit my goal;) just kidding obviously but I amuse myself when I can. I already messed up and went higher than #107 on the folding team.
  3. sappyse107

    Asus B350-F vs B450-F

    It has been a good long while since I really dove into the details on chipsets, or even cared about a CPU beyond its frequency for my stupid engine software. Thanks AMD.... So I have had a B350-F and a 2600X for a year now, and its been solid. The 3200mhz CAS14 RAM ran at its advertised...
  4. sappyse107

    Video card load causing line noise

    I don't know where else to post this and my guess is either its just how electricity works, or it is the power supply. The line noise is with the mixer I have setup for some synths that is plugged into the same outlet that the computer is on. Its quiet like I would expect with the computer on...
  5. sappyse107

    Lookin for GHZ only for older software

    I do a lot of engine simulations for cam specs and need GHz. cores mean nothing, technology as a whole is useless for this software so i am looking to go with cheap and overclock with good cooling. water/peltier is even acceptable for this. Was thinking FX4170 but its been over a decade...
  6. sappyse107

    ATI IXP150 compatibility

    I can't find anything for the ATI chipset and ram compatibility. I am not looking for overclocking, just the cheapest 1 gb module that will work on the SY-P4RC350 without causing lockups.
  7. sappyse107

    Upgrade to dual processor, reinstall XP pro?

    Id like to know if adding a 2nd processor requires a full reinstall of XP pro. I remember something about the kernel being different and it wasnt possible to just add the processor and have it work, but I dunno what OS I read that for (2k or xp). Id like to know before I start installing all...
  8. sappyse107

    Need something small, no clue where to start

    My athlon 700 MB took a shit on me, so im looking for something small to do a simple task. Its been years since I have really kept up with what is available so I am hoping someone on here can help me out. I only need 2 bays, 1 for a cd burner and the other for my AX44 audio input box (both...