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  1. SonDa5

    SK Hynix Gold 2xP31 RAID 0 1TB + S31 1TB Mobile Notebook Ryzen 5 4600h

    I'll post some photos and benchmarks of this budget entry level gaming notebook featuring CPU by AMD Ryzen 5 4600h paired with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650. This is considered a modern entry level gaming notebook. Built by Acer with selected storage and memory upgrades by me. This notebook is...
  2. SonDa5

    ACER Aspire 3 Ryzen 2200u with Samsung 860 EVO M.2

    I got this notebook for under $300 on sale. I tried a samsung 970 EVO and it would not recognize it in the BIOS and when doing a clean install of Windows 10 no drive was found and I couldn't find any drivers to recognize it during install so I tried a 860 EVO M.2 and it was recognized in the...
  3. SonDa5

    Ryzen Beyond the Lid

    Intel gave the gift of delidding.... What performance gains are to found in delidding Ryzen if possible? I've been thinking about this for 2 days now.
  4. SonDa5

    Msi 290x lightNing Bitspower full cover h20 block $139.99

    This block was higher than Ek a few weeks ago. Comes with high end Fujipoly thermal pad. Only water block maker that I know of that includes Fuji poly thermal pad with block. LoOKs like legit high end block deal for high end video card...
  5. SonDa5

    MSI Lightning 290x $389.99 with AMD Gold Space Edition 3 game bundle After MIR + instant 10 percent off coupon.
  6. SonDa5

    TigerDirect 4790k PreOrder with Free TShirt and $10 off $10 off code BRY129391 $339.99 plus S&H. Not really a hot deal but for those that want this CPU ASAP it is an option right now. To be honest I have had some bad experiences with TD and I would...
  7. SonDa5

    Intel Z97 take this MB and shove it...

    If 4790k isn't released soon (Monday Morning) I'm returning my Z97 MB to the retailer I bought it from. Anyone else having the same thought?
  8. SonDa5

    What game have you logged the most hours on?

    I've logged over 1,600 hours on UT3. Kind of depressing and epic at the same time. No TV soap operas for me just many fun hours of gaming.
  9. SonDa5

    Gigabyte Z97X SOC Force kicking Ass
  10. SonDa5

    4790k Delid Summer 2014 Bash!!

    Can't wait!!!
  11. SonDa5

    RIP MCP 655

    Think it lasted about 3 years. Died all of the sudden wasn't sure why my system wouldn't boot, system was unstable during windows 8 updates and I blamed MS at first, Lol. I thought my mb died. After some trouble shooting figured out my Swiftech MCP 655 siezed up and died. Had about 13...
  12. SonDa5

    iPad Mini $299 + $100 Gift card and $50 in holiday coupons

    Buy Apple ipad mini in store and get a $100 gift card + $50 in holiday cash $10 coupons. If you buy something for at least $1 more you get $60 in holiday cash coupons. Seems like a good deal for new Apple Ipad product.
  13. SonDa5

    Sapphire 290/290x TRIXX Voltage ControL Missing

    I'm thinking about returning my 290x. I bought the Sapphire brand and at the time I ordered it the Sapphire WEB site stated that the card supported TRIXX voltage control. Got the card and even on the box it states the same thing. So I'm getting close to my 30 day return window. I like the...
  14. SonDa5

    290x World Champion at benchmarks!!!

    NVIDIA fans I know it is hard to except but the 290X is the best gaming card money can buy right now. Granted the 290x is so new and with BIOS and Voltage control and driver improvement the 290x can only get more wins as the world's #1...
  15. SonDa5

    290X PSU Power Output Tests

    This is the first time I have done a power out put test, if I have made errors in my calculations please correct me. :) When I got my 290X I didn't check the PSU requirements and assumed that my Seasonic Platinum 660XP PSU could handle it but when I found out AMD required 750W PSU I worried...
  16. SonDa5

    EK 290/290X Block

    Got mine mounted in my mini-ITX build and it is working decently with single Monster 240x radiator which is shared with 4770k. 290x prepped with Fujipoly Xtreme thermal pad on memory IC and Fujipoly Ultra on VRM. CL Liquid Ultra gpu die. The block with the back plate which...
  17. SonDa5

    290x/290 Performance

    Post your ASIC scores, benchmarks, over clocking tweaks, cooling mods, ect. My card Sapphire 290x. ASIC score 72%. Stock clocks on the 290x 3dmark11 with stock heat sink scores over P14000. Have EK block and will water cool this card soon. Just...
  18. SonDa5

    Single AMD R9 290X Requires 750W PSU

    I have a 290X that I am going to be running in my sig rig below and I'm concerned my PSU may not be enough. From Sapphire's WEB site: Seems awfully high for a single video card. I have a...
  19. SonDa5

    290X with Swiftech MCW80 and Aluminum Heat sinks

    I got lucky and acquired a 290x and will be getting an EK acrylic and copper block for it ASAP but in the mean time I am going to water cool the GPU and slap some aluminum heat sinks on the PCB hot spots. Here is the card and parts that I will be working with. I really DON'T like the stock...
  20. SonDa5

    New Egg shows 290 as available now but...

    Its not available. 290X has been showing coming soon for a long time. What is the hold up? I'm thinking there must...
  21. SonDa5

    How did that Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H Amazon deal go?

    Did it work out for anyone? I have shipping confirmation. Should receive in next few days. :)
  22. SonDa5

    AMD Rewards is on right now

    Gold level gets 3 free games with purchase of HD79XX series cards.
  23. SonDa5

    Amazon Burrning out Z87X-UD4H $70 deals

    Lots of deals on this MB at Amazon right now for around $70. The MB MSRP is around $229,99. This MB is great deal at around $169.99 at this price its a steal. Good luck getting one...
  24. SonDa5

    The Truth about Ultra Durable 5 Plus Gigabyte Mother Boards Then with the release of the Z87 chipset Gigabyte added the word Plus to the Ultra Durable 5 line of mother boards. Ultra Durable 5 standard was IR3550 VRM parts. The mathematical logic of the word plus is to add to the existing...
  25. SonDa5

    Haswell Delidded

    I got out of The LID. Into the light. Pure Razor IHS removal. Delidded no IHS direct core mount. Same water cooling as before. Same BIOS settings as before. Coolaboratory Liquid Pro TIM between DIE and Block.
  26. SonDa5

    Asus PCE AC66 not compatible with Z87 Chipset

    Tech from Asus just emailed me about problems I have been having with instability in booting and poor signal quality. I was told Asus is in the process of revising the card with a new chip that is compatible with Z87. This is it...
  27. SonDa5

    4670k & 4770k purchased anwhere operating performance thread

    I don't care what store you bought your 4670k/4770k at. Please post batch number, location made, cache speed vs over clock speed, operating performance results and what mother board you are running it with. CPU-Z and real temp screen shots under Prime or Intel Burn test are appreciated...
  28. SonDa5

    Gigabyte Z87X-OC $194.83 Delivered

    Deal is dead.
  29. SonDa5

    First GTX 760 3dMark11 score posted at Even with an over clocked Haswell at 4.8GHZ its not looking like an earth shattering performing video card. I know many people here will think this synthetic benchmark is insignificant but to me and...
  30. SonDa5

    HD7XXX BIOS Editing Utility being developed

    From Russia with love thanks to Dragonheart from Techpowerup. Still early but showing good results so far. Lots of good HD7XXX over clocking info in that thread.
  31. SonDa5

    Sapphire Vapor X HD7950 Double Deuce WAR Custom Edition Water Cooling

    Found some time today to enjoy some custom water cooling tweaking. Bummer that nobody makes a custom water block for the Sapphire Vapor X HD7950 but I have found a way to water cool it by modifying a XSPC New Edition HD7970 RAZER water block. I got the name from a similar mod that I did to...
  32. SonDa5

    GTX680 owns Titan in 3dMark06

    World record 3dMark06 score is owned by a GTX 680. Titan lacking there.
  33. SonDa5

    MW3 Edition Logitech G9X $32.99 at Amazon

  34. SonDa5

    Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 $59.99

    If you need a good wireless gaming mouse the G700 is one of the best.
  35. SonDa5

    TRIXX 4.6 out
  36. SonDa5

    Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced with Corsair H60

    Made it fit. :cool:
  37. SonDa5

    Sapphire HD7870 XT $244.99 after $15.00 MIR + Free Bioshock&Tomb Raider

    Not really hot but definitely warm. This is the Tahiti version. Can be cross fired with a HD79XX series card. Total discount of $25 off the MSRP price of $269.99. Doesn't really seem like that hot of a price considering...
  38. SonDa5

    [Build Log] MiT X 5 Water Cooled Micro ITX Worklog

    MiT X 5 Pronounced mighty x five. Have been thinking about building a mini itx build for awhile and finally decided to do it. My build is small and large at the same time. Here is the initial parts list. WATER COOLING 1 x Alphacool NexXxoS XP³ Light - Acetal Edition CPU block 1 x...
  39. SonDa5

    As HD8000 nears Are only HD7000 DUDS left?

    I'm seeing alot of low ASIC scores being reported on new HD7000 cards. Is AMD selling old stock of HD7000 cards that had low ASIC scores? Or is AMD still making fresh crisp high quality HD7000 gpus?
  40. SonDa5

    HIS IceQ2 HD7950 BOOST Edition

    This card looks beast. If you are looking for a well made HD7950 built on a reference HD7970 PCB with many high quality water block choices this card looks like a great choice. TPU review: