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    HD7 "schematics" leaked, shouldn't be long now...

    I am afraid that w7 will take away all I like about windows mobile from what I have heard :( hope I am hearing wrong
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    Netflix Hires Actors to Pose as Canadian Fans

    really seems like finding actual satified users would not have been that hard, I really wonder how much they got paid!
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    Evaporative Cooling

    I have been out of the extreme cooling loop for a few months now but go pretty into for awhile. I loved my phase change unit, so great to bench without to worries of LN2 and Dice of filling the pot, controlling temps, buying ln2/dice. I had my unit built for me and it was for a caseless rig so...
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    What psu needed to run the following?

    I would not really go on their info, people's advice here and online power supply calculators can give you much more accurante info it is them just covering themselves and taking in account overated/sub par PSU's i think
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    Stupid Facebook Post of the Day

    I can see where he was coming from, I'd think none of my students were on facebook :p
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    what 120mm fan to buy

    between those two I would say the Scythe SY1225SL12H is your better bet are you going to be using a fan controller?
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    What psu needed to run the following?

    I've always found the eXtreme power supply calculator pretty useful to determine watts, but quality is important just as much
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    haha, who told you? its better now, I promise :)
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    New homebuilt won’t post – won’t so much as beep.

    maybe a PCI LED post code card could help determine what the system is hanging on? does sound very weird though
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    Interpol Worried About Spike in Extremist Websites

    :( sadly I agree 100%
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    ** A Picture I Took - 2010 **

    here is a couple more from vaca in colorado:
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    Interpol Worried About Spike in Extremist Websites

    ^^this and that!!! its great to think about the reaction they were going for with this type of info and the reaction seen here :)
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    whats your power bill each month?

    around $150 but most of that is from our reptiles when I was folding my power bill was the biggest thing holding me back from expanding and the primary reason I stopped, kinda sad when i think about it :(
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    JPMorgan Chase's Online Banking Site Crashes

    well I feel better now that I got the email apologizing :p
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    Truth In Advertising

    was hoping those were fake signs but does not seem so, wonder if that helps or hurts business? but the iphone sign, pure gold!
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    What custom ROM do you use?

    I am using MR.X Sense 2.5_2013 {Build 21903.5.0.92} on my tp2
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    Intel Charging $50 to Unlock Your CPU

    exactly! thank you for laying it out :)
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    Selling In-Game Cut Scene Movies for $30?

    I am waiting for the punch line here but it does not seem to be coming :p this is crazy!
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    old school D4 pump

    I loved my D4! like the others said here, still good to go!
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    haha, yeah a new desk is on the list, the setup works at least! was a bit messy when i took the pic and a few things have changed a little since, I need to take an updated one thanks for the motivation to clean up :)
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    Digi Cam Poll: What Digital Camera do you use?

    we use a Cannon PowerShot SD1100 IS. A couple years old now but still does the trick for the most part as simple point and shoot. A DSLR is next!
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    ** A Picture I Took - 2010 **

    anyone like Phish? pics I took in 2010:
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    DIY Wooden Hard Drive Enclosure How To

    haha, very well put :)
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    the one in the middle is a 24" (2408WFP) the ones on the side are 19"
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    New low for L5640

    they tend to typically focus on stuff that has not been released yet but their general intent is to find people abusing their ES program, which could be found though current or chips not yet released
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    New low for L5640

    thats interesting, i did not know they came like that, the chip I was using was on a REII, that screen shoot was on the intel x58 DSO board or whatever the model was
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    New low for L5640

    its one specific ninja actually...but I've said too much already, haha :p
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    New low for L5640

    or worst, the Intel ebay ninjas :(
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    New low for L5640

    on the ES I had 19x was the 24/7 multi and 21x was available with just one core, this was with old BIOS though, not sure if that changed chip was capable of 4.2ghz-4.3ghz on air for 24/7 stable
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    New low for L5640

    here a cpuz from when I had it:
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    New low for L5640

    I got a couple ES L5640's prior to launch and they were 60W and had 2x turbo I think biggest "catch" is being ES and no warranty, but a great deal!
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    Determining psu needed?

    I've always found the eXtreme power supply calculator pretty useful to determine watts, but quality is important just as much
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

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    Still on Sprint SERO? You can upgrade starting Oct 1 / $50 month Evo/Epic 4G!

    thanks for the info and sorry about the mistake! I remember when the code was not necessary on the sero site and thought that someone's code might have been prtected info, Iwas wrong again :p
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    In need of Power Supply education

    will echo what everone else here, corsair psu's rock! Chimel gave good advice on going with the HX850
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    Looking for C2D board

    it sounds like a p35 or p45 board would have all you need, not really current but think can still be found new if thats what you are looking for I really liked the gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l and ga-p45-ds3l
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    Wireless Keyboard+Mouse for HTPC?

    I use a microsoft desktop elite for bluetooth for my htpc. a little bit older of a keyboard now but does great and can be found pretty cheap out there. Has mouse like capabilites on the board and tons of hot keys that work great for the htpc
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    Still on Sprint SERO? You can upgrade starting Oct 1 / $50 month Evo/Epic 4G!

    Addy711- I could be wrong but putting that info out there might put that guy at risk? Maybe I am wrong.
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    Need a "down-blowing" heatsink recommendation

    I used an enzotech extreme-x in the past and was pretty pleased with it, not exactly sure how it compares these days but it is a large, down blowing heatsink!
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    Mobile phone with music capabilities.

    I've turned my touch pro 2 into an mp3 player, internet radio player and police scanner, into addition to all of the normal phone capabilities. Windows Mobile allows for many great mp3 player programs to be used and lots of options to tweak the players and sound to your liking expandable...