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    Removing headlines that require an X?

    Can we turn these notifications off? I hate that they take up half my screen on my phone and PC.
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    Hot: HP 6700k + 970 $875
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    290 Backplate that touches both sets of VRMs?

    I know most of them contact the rear line of VRMs. Do any of them contact that cluster up towards the display ports? I'm really trying to give universal blocks a go and VRMs are the big struggle. My temps are currently respectable, but I'd love to find an option for $20-30 that might really help...
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    Are thermal pads electrically conductive? 7950/GPU-X Core LT woes.

    The reference cooler on my 7950 has a slight section that uses a pad, but I need to space away from the board behind it and figured the pads would work and allow it to contact this Heatkiller 60 DIY block. Here is what I m dealing with. any advice would be greatly...
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    2560x1440 GPU (No Gaming at all)

    One of my co-workers just picked up a 2560x1440 display and all he is doing is word documents, emails, maybe some video, but one of the large uses is to monitor student activities on the cameras at our schools. We would like to be able to stream this and keep it smooth as possible. We will more...
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    Reference 7950?

    Can anyone confirm if this is? I know XFX does silent revisions and a friend of mine is itching to upgrade. Swiftech and Coolingconigurator have it as reference. Model # FX-795A-TDFC
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    APD2 through (2) 7970 blocks and (2) 480mm rads?

    Currently I have (1) 7970 Komodo block and a APD2 with one 480mm radiator. Will it be ok to slap another Komodo and 480 rad with that pump?
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    Looking for suggestions or advice.

    Here is my L-shaped desk. I m wanting to put the board and GPUs in the shelving to the right of my monitors. I will mount a cable hole or run them behind the desk to the power supply, which will be mounted under the desk itself. My goal is to have a nice refined desk with good performance, quiet...
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    Cooling for I7 920 and (2) 7970s <Preferably one loop>

    currently have my i7 920 overclocked to 4.0ghz @ 1.28volts HAF 922 case (think thats right, check my sig) My 7970 is running at stock and my ambient temperatures are generally 20 degrees Celsius in the house. I ve read the waterloop guide and several reviews on the "round-ups" of gpu/cpu...