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    1070 to 2070 Super upgrade?

    Is this a wise upgrade? Can the 2070S do ray tracing at 1440, 60+ fps? Is there anything new coming in the near future?
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    Elegant air-cooled silent simplicity

    Just like the title says
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    3rd Party Fan Control Software

    Is their any good (free or paid) fan control software? Or should I just use MSI Command Center and Afterburner?
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    Fan replacement

    Why are replacement blower fans so hard to find? Where can I get a blower fan for a Nvidia GTX?
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    Silverstone FT05 availability

    I have only seen 1 or 2 retailers that have the FT05 in stock. Is it being discontinued? Is there a replacement in the works?
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    Which blower fan?

    I am looking for a GTX 1070 with blower fan (it's for a Silverstone Raven RV02-e.) Any recommendations? How does the Founders Edition compare to non FE aftermarket units with blower fans? Also, are the aftermarket FE the same as Nvidia's FE?
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    2600K & Hyper 212+

    I just replaced the stock cooler with a 212+. Idle temp went from 33c to 23c @ 650 RPM. Pretty damn nice for a $23 cooler.