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    Received by 3090 FE today - having weird issue with my z390 asrock taichi mb - "b2" error code

    This one has me stumped. Installed my new card today, fired up Apex Legends and played it for about an hour or so - all of a sudden the game hard locks / graphics frozen / audio stops, can't do anything. I look at my motherboard LED error code and it has "b2" - I reboot....and it won't POST -...
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    3570k HT unlocked?

    this is.....interesting
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    does it make any sense for me to upgrade?

    Currently have an Intel i5-3570k cpu, 8gb ram + nvidia 580 gtx + 1920x1080 120hz benq monitor. For me, it seems like I get ok FPS for most games, so am not feeling extreme need....but part of me thinks I should upgrade to the 7xx series...or perhaps maybe it would be better off just to wait for...
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    Lost Planet DX10 + Vista Ulimate x64 = no workie?

    When I try to launch the LP DX10 demo, it says "This application has failed to start becuase d3dx10_33.dll was not found." what gives - does vista automatically have dx10 installed, or do i need to download it from someplace?
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    m2n2-sli deluxe (wireless edition) problem : beep codes

    so I'm building my new system I have the asus m2n32-sli deluxe wireless edition motherboard am2 4200 2 x 1gb corsair ddr2 800 ram (cas 4) pny geforce 7900gt building new system. when i boot up for the first time i get 1 long beep followed by 2 short beeps. did some googling, which...