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    Theoretical Question: CLI Argument Passing

    Let's say I have an entry point to my application, and it's a main() procedure in class A. The class A does some work, creates an instance of class B, and the instance of B does some work and creates an instance of class C, and so on... D, E, F, until some class K. Basically, I'm about 10...
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    Attitudes towards Computer Science

    I just wanted to post this picture, because I think it's both funny and true. The Sipser book makes it more hilarious, since that's exactly the book I used in my models of computation class. What do you guys think?
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    i7 920 users, any change to voltage required to reach 3.2 GHz (965 speeds)?

    Question as in title. Was wondering if you guys hit 3.2 without having to adjust voltage and any other settings? I've only done overclocking back in the AMD X2 days, and back then it was pretty simple, you essentially had: - an FSB/Hypertransport speed, which scaled the memory (and with the...
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    How to remove folder categories in Windows 7?

    Previously, my folder used to work fine (there were no categories), just one heading that said "File folder", and then all of a sudden, these new heading popped up "GIF image", "JPEG image", etc. I just want to keep the standard folder view. How do I change this back?
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    When switching from Enhanced IDE to AHCI, do you have to reinstall Windows?

    I'm currently running Windows 7 x64, and I installed it in Enhanced IDE mode on my Asus P6T SE. I heard that AHCI might give a little performance boost, so I was going to try that, but when I switch to AHCI mode and then try to start up Windows, at the end of the startup, it just bluescreens and...
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    Any decent free Windows 7 RAMdisk software?

    I'm looking for opinions on RAMdisk software with the following attributes: -free -stable -compatible with Windows 7 64-bit I've done a bit of googling, but haven't found anything really compelling. Do software that fit the above requirements exist, or am I simply too ahead of the times with...
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    Asus P6T SE EAX12V connector - 4 pin or 8 pin?

    I'm doing the finishing touches on this build, but I've currently got an issue with the EAX12V connector at the top of the motherboard. There is a little black cap that's covering the left 4 pins, while the right 4 pins are exposed. Now, my power supply manual says that if the motherboard wants...
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    Corsair HX620 in Antec P183 Case: Should PSU be flipped over?

    The problem is that the PSU is the bottom part of the case, and in the normal orientation, the PSU has a fan blowing downwards. Should I be flipping it so that the fan blows upwards instead?
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    Does the X25-M mount in a case like the P183 without any additional accessories?

    Does the Intel SSD (2.5" as opposed to 3.5") mount like a regular hard drive? 2 screw on each side, fits in bracket drive mounting bracket, etc. I'm intending to use one with a P183.
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    Why is no one selling the Panasonic XR55/57 receivers anymore?

    Have they gone the way of the dodo? No longer profitable? No one's buying them?
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    Lian Li V1110 Opinions?

    I'm sort of interested in this case, as well as the Lian Li A20, but the A20 is more expensive. I can get the A1110 for a bit less than $300 (which I'm willing to pay for if it's a really nice case). Aside from the bit-tech and OCIA reviews, I haven't been able to find much else. Can I get any...
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    Vista problem with WPA?

    My friend tried Vista on a laptop and said that he could never get Vista to work with WPA-PSK with TKIP (trying to connect with a Netgear router). He said it couldn't connect to another router with WPA as well. I don't have a laptop but am curious of two things: -Does Vista and networking just...
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    Best laptop under $900? Not one penny more.

    Hey guys, My parents said that they would buy a laptop today (and it is needed tonight), so we were going to pick one up at a brick'n'mortar store like Future Shop, Best Buy, local stores (in Canada). Could I please get some suggestions for the best laptop at under $900 CAD? -Looking for a...
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    Onix X-LS Encore Impressions

    So, I finally got my X-LS encores yesterday, so I'm just going to give some initial impressions versus my previous Insignia setup. -These speakers seem to project a lot better than the Insignias. At a longer distance away from the speakers, they'll sound much better than the Insignias which...
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    ListView Events (C# .NET 2.0)

    I have a question about the ListView events, since they do not seem to do what I'd like them to do. Essentially, I'm populating a ListView with a bunch of strings, and then selecting different items. Every time an item is selected, I'd like the ListView to notify me, regardless of whether or not...
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    C# .NET 2.0 (Windows Forms) - Form.Show() shows blank form

    When I create a System.Windows.Form form1, and I say form1.Show(), the form shows up correctly for a split second before becoming blank (all the text boxes, buttons, etc., don't show up anymore, replaced by an entirely white background within the form). The mouse cursor also becomes the wait...
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    InterlockedSList: atomic pop item and get count?

    I'm just curious if there's any method at all of doing an atomic pop item / push item and get count from an InterlockedSList. I'm trying to use this lock free data structure as a multithreading optimization in a buffer that gets constantly written to and read from, as a means of potentially...
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    How to program middle mouse click button on MX Revolution?

    The problem I'm having with the MX Revolution is that there is no middle click button. It's just a scroll wheel, and while the scroll wheel is nice, I'm really sorely missing my middle click button. So the question is this: I have a button right below the scroll wheel. By default, I think it's...
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    Redrawing a control covered by another window and is uncovered again (C# .NET 2.0)

    I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out which event is related to "having your control covered by another window and then having it uncovered". I thought at first it would be the Invalidated event because my understanding is that if there's a portion of the control that needs redrawing that...
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    HScrollBar logic quirks

    Basically, what I'm trying to do is get a horizontal scroll bar to redraw an image inside a picture box, though, I'm not quite understanding how the Value property of the scroll bar is acquired. I know that the value depends on where the scroll bar position is currently at, however, from my...
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    Inherited User Controls

    In order to override the OnPaint method of a PictureBox control, I'm trying to create an inherited user control that overrides just that method. The reason why I want to use a user control is because it's supposed to show up on the designer menu so I can drag and drop it in. Unfortunately, I...
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    Jumping ship from M-Audio to another soundcard maker

    For all those times where I've recommended M-Audio products to people based on drivers, I regret this. With XP, it wasn't terrible, and the user interface was lightweight, so I could somewhat appreciate it. With Vista, however, M-Audio just takes the cake. I've been sitting here waiting half a...
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    Time to replace fans?

    I've got two 120mm fans in my case that are making noise. First of all, let me say that I have an Antec P180, with one of their "Tricool" fans on the top vent (the extra vent going up) and a Panaflo 104 CFM fan on the CPU heatsink. It was one of the x1A fans, although I forget the letter -- it...
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    Vista ignoring fan speed settings for fans on DFI Lanparty nf4 motherboard

    I'm getting the problem where my ITE Smartguardian fan speed settings are not being applied in Vista with the Vista x86 version of that program. This program is right here. I'm not exactly sure how I should automate my fan settings so that when I turn on my computer, they adjust to the proper...
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    AMD shows off 3.0 GHz Barcelona with 3x2900 XT?

    Link with photos Could this be something good? Maybe we'll end up seeing faster cores after all.
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    M-Audio Revolution 5.1 Vista 32-bit Drivers

    Here's a big thanks to M-Audio for finally supporting my card with Vista drivers. This is the last step I need before I can give Vista a try (which I will, as soon as I get back to school). In fact, I'm very surprised they didn't come out with the Delta series (Audiophile 2496 / Audiophile 192...
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    Debugger not catching a specific WM_KEYDOWN event in OpenGL application

    Basically, the issue is that I'm running Visual Studio 2005 and when I press many different keys such as F1, F2, F3, W, A, S, D, etc., the debugger will break (because I set a break point) at the if(msg.message == WM_KEYDOWN), after I call PeekMessage(), however, for F10, it will simply stall...
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    AfxBeginThread() vs. _beginthreadex()

    I've done a bit of searching and I have a basic conceptual idea of where you use the two, AfxBeginThread() in an MFC program and _beginthreadex() in a CRT program. I've read that if you use _beginthreadex(), you may run into some memory leaks for certain MFC resources -- but which ones in...
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    How to save SpeedFan fan speed configuration?

    Everytime I load up SpeedFan, I have to change the fan speed back down to 50%. Does this program not have any automation at all? I've looked everywhere.
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    Problem linking basic MFC project

    The code is the following, and gives me a linker error telling me to define the entry point. I thought MFC automatically defined InitInstance() as the entry point (I am new to this). I am currently trying to compile/link within Visual Studio 2007 Beta 1. #include <afxwin.h> class...
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    Thecus N5200 NAS arrived... but need some help...

    My Thecus N5200 just came, so I put in the hard drives, plugged in the power, and turned it on, but I'm unsure how to get it working on my PC. I don't have a router at the moment. All I have is a PC with dual gigabit ethernet and the N5200 has 4 LAN ports + 1 WAN port. One of my PC's gigE is...
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    8800GTS 640MB 3DMark06 SM2.0/SM3.0 results/screenshot

    Can anyone give me more data references for the above? Please keep this to 640MB 8800 GTS video cards only. The full score is not required, just the SM2.0/SM3.0. I appreciate your cooperation. The data is being used in the follow-up thread I have here: LINK
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    Framework Design: Multithreaded Data Request Threadpool Model

    I'm looking for some feedback on a multithreaded data request model. My idea can be summarized in the following image: I'm sure someone will ask me why I'm interested in doing this -- well, partially for fun, and partially as a component of a personal project that I'm working on. My main...
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    Thread Handling Issue

    I am trying to create a mechanism where I have a Threadpool class that fires off a bunch of threads, and has them print their thread number (the sequence that they were fired) to the console when they're done their work using an event handler. Unfortunately, I get a linker error when trying to...
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    Binary file bit-comparison

    This is probably a very simple question, but it's just that I haven't done it before. I'm looking to read a binary file, check every bit to see if it's 0 or 1, and write "0" or "1" to the console sequentially. The problem I'm having is that get() seems to return character ASCII values (not...
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    WD5000AAKS reviews?

    Has anyone been able to find any reviews for this drive? I've only found this one:;2136212652;pid;3469;pt;1 It is rather brief and has no comparisons or benchmarks. Certainly this new and improved WD5000KS with less platters but higher platter...
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    Will 2 of the same soundcard play nice at the same time?

    I currently have an M-Audio Revolution 5.1 outputting digital via RCA coaxial. I would like to output digital to another component at the same time. Would another one of these cards (also with the digital output selected) play nicely with the current one? I'm not sure if anyone has tried this...
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    Disabling superweapons in CNC3 Skirmish?

    Does anyone know how to accomplish this? I've been looking around and maybe I'm blind, but I can't seem to find the option. I thought it would be under "Rules" but the "Rules" tab is surprisingly empty. It only allows us to select the number of starting resources and the game speed. What the...
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    WD Raptor 150 Power Connectors

    I have one of these drives and it has both a SATA connection as well as a molex connector. I've plugged both of these in and have been running my hard drive like this for a while, but recently, I read that you're not supposed to plug both of them in, just one. Is this correct? I was just...
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    Inexpensive ($1000 or less + hard drives) way to build a data center?

    I was thinking of building a data center which would consist of the following components: -4x500 GB hard drives -RAID 5 card -an enclosure that stores all of these hard drives with ethernet port The goal is to be able to connect it all to my main computer's ethernet port and be able to carry...