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    Cannot get computer to POST!! Ideas anybody please!!

    This is a super long story and I am receiving many many symptons but maybe somebody here can help. I'm almost over it and am completely discouraged with this system right now but here's the story! I had to take back a faulty Asus Rampage III Extreme motherboard to microcenter because it was...
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    Ahhh Finally Cold Temperatures on my CPU!

    I have been working and working on getting these temperatures down below zero and finally did it! Now to let the overclocking begin :cool:
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    What's your Windows Experience Index??

    I wanted to see where I ranked with some of the other people on here. I KNOW I KNOW, WEI is somewhat pointless but it does however, accurately describe your system's performace to an EXTENT. I'm well aware that benchmarking is a better test but I think it's a quick easy way to tell where you...
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    Does anyone own an ASUS OC Station??

    I have been looking online for an Asus OC Station and no one seems to carry it in their inventory. I even went as far as trying to purchase it from a guy in the UK via an eBay store and that ended up falling through. Why in the hell are these things so hard to come by? Can anybody shed some...
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    Got my new reservoir in, What yall think?

    Kind of a bia to isntall, it kept leaking, had to hot glue a certain place on it. All in all though, i think it's pretty sick. Sorry for quality, came from my BB.
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    To Watercool or to not watercool?

    So I have a loop installed at the current moment that includes the NB/SB chipsets and the CPU. I have always been reluctant to install the video cards into the loop because it seems they stay cool enough (40-60) under stress. Also because it seems I am constantly removing the video cards...
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    What is chilled water cooling??

    I see in people's signature on another forum that their form of cooling is "chilled water." What is chilled water cooling? I mean I have a pretty nice loop in my case but I've always been curious if there was a way to make the water cold versus room temperature. I scoured Frozen CPU in search...
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    Anybody need GPU EK 4890 waterblock?

    My local microcenter for some reason has a buttload of EK 4890 waterblocks and that's it! No 5870, 5970, etc.... They have put them on clearance and they are selling them for about $50. I figure that to be a pretty good steal and if anybody is looking for this water block send me a message.
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    Windows Experience Index Dropped after upgrade??

    I had a pair of 2 HIS 5770 video cards Xfired up until today and I got a hell of a deal on 3 ASUS 5870s. Now when I have the 5870s crossfired x3 my subscores for "graphics" and "gaming graphics" is only 6.0. When they are crossfired x2 my scores jump to 7.8. Any idea why the x3 crossfire...
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    My Core i7 980x went kaput!!

    So I am messing around with my overclocking not doing anything too extreme when I rebooted and nothing...Not a beep, no display, only fans turning! I figure ok, well something is screwed in BIOS so I reset CMOS and still nothing. After hours and hours of troubleshooting RAM, my motherboard...
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    Audio from 2 outputs??

    Here is my situation: I have a small subwoofer and 2 speakers that I have plugged into my onboard sound from my Asus mobo, which provide enough audio when simply using the computer as normal. The sound works just fine on them. Also the these speaker INPUT to the board via 1/8" green...